EDC Bag Setup

hey guys I got a new video for you today and this is gonna be a look at my current EDC bag now I want to start off the video by saying this is gonna be a little bit longer than my regular five to six minute videos this is gonna be a little bit more in-depth so I need a little more time to show you guys what I carry in my EDC bag now I want to start out by saying that my EDC bag goes through a lot of changes everything from the actual bag that I used to carry my gear in sometimes it's a backpack sometimes it's a messenger bag and in this case this is my Maxpedition jumbo Versa pack two sling over the shoulder I carried on one side so that goes through different changes and then also the gear that I carry in there changes you know depending on if I'm testing something out or if I pick something up that I want to carry and see how it does so you know it's always good to kind of update these videos so you can see what people are carrying now my EDC bag is the bag that I generally keep in my vehicle now has some items that I would want to have with me accessible to me if I need to but it's not something that I carry everywhere that I go I do carry it on a regular basis but like when I get out of work I don't carry the back into work with me I have some EDC items that I carry on my person and those are the ones that I need readily accessible to me you know our hands reach everything in the bag it's something that if I do need it I can just go out to the car get it this is by no means a get home bag or a bailout bag or anything like that again this is just uh you know it carries a lot of comfort items and things like that now I live in a pretty big city very heavily populated so there's no need to carry water purification tablets or you know dedicated fire-making things or things like that just because I'm pretty much you know on all times ten minutes away from any type of civilization so you're not gonna see a lot of those items in this back again this is going to be more items that I need for specific things in my regular date so what I'll do is I'll do this in a little bit in Reverse I'm going to show you all the items and then I'll go ahead and pack them into the bag so you can see how I carry them so laid out over here on the bed are all the items that I'm going to be putting into the bag I'm so I'll go through and explain them as do that so let's go back to bag itself and like I mentioned this is the Maxpedition on a jumbo versa pack it's one of the larger ones in the line of burst pack be the biggest one would be the so this is the next one in size I find that this is a good size to fit in the backseat of my vehicle in between the front seat and the back seat on the floor it's easy to carry you do run into a little bit of space issue if you do pack it too much I always like to have a little bit more room in case I pick something up or anything like that so right now this particular bag the way that I'm gonna be packing it is gonna be filled up pretty much almost to the extent so I'll go ahead and show you guys that the first thing is this band down right here I usually keep this inside of the water bottle pocket here on the side towards the bottom and then just basically that's just to have a bandana to kind of soak up any moisture or anything like that that the actual bottle might give off but again you know the bandanna has a thousand and one uses so that's always good to have the water bottle that I have in there is just this Nalgene 32 ounce bottle right now it's empty just because I drank all the water that was in there but obviously you know it's a water bottle so you guys know what's good for that that goes in there normally this would have a strap that goes over but I just tuck it into the pocket just because you know I don't really like to deal with having to take that out every time I have to take the bottle on so there you go in the pocket right here in the front but I think in there it's just a bag of Wet Ones you know obviously with with small children it's always good to have to have those in handy because they do get kind of messy and you always have to clean them up and stuff like that so that's always good to have read in the front there now this bag has a small little pocket up here and basically it's just a you know an open pocket there in there I have some quick quick items that I want to get to pretty quickly so the first one is a backup blade and this is the spyderco tenacious in the all-black I always like to keep a fairly decent blade as my backup plate the reason for it is because you want to keep something cheap and you know in case something happens to your primary EDC then you have to go and pick up and you'll be carrying uh you know a cheaper blade so it's always good to kind of keep something nice and basically this is uh for an entry-level blade it's really nice it's not expensive and it does pretty much everything that I would want it to do so there you go that goes in there the next one is this item right here and this is one of these items that I'm testing out this is a Smith's and a tool it's got a a couple of sharpening options up here it's got a little compass there another diamond rod here and it's got a built in whistle and a built-in fire steel and you use the fire steel with one of the sharpens right here again something that I'm testing out oh it also has a uh a light in the back there so just I picked it up to test it out to see how it does so that goes right up there the next thing is a bottle of hand sanitizer obviously you guys know what that's used for and last but not least it's a small little bit lighter I do a lot of stuff with paracord and even though I do carry a regular lighter as part of my primary EDC it's always good to have a backup so there you go that goes in that pocket right up there now on the side right here you have one pocket in the front here so what I keep in there is a couple items I'm going towards the back there's a little flap there I have my multi-tool this is the Leatherman wingman and that's basically has all the tools that I need for a regular basis and then I have the Ozark Trail flashlight I've done a review on this already this is one of those items that I reviewed and I really really liked it so it became part of my EDC and it's just basically a flashlight and if you pull the end right there you get on more of a lantern feel to it it goes back so great little light I think it's like seven dollars at Walmart so you definitely can't beat it so inside the actual pocket I have these two battery cases and basically what I have is two doublea's and two triple a's in each one of these and the reason that I have two is because it's always good just to have a backup you know in case I want to keep on there and take with me inside work or or something like that because I think I might need some batteries and I always have another one in the back so I'm not left without batteries and then the other thing is just these two rolls of duct tape one is silver and one is yellow obviously different uses for that and then I have a pair of disposable ear plugs obviously an impromptu range visit I forgot my hearing protection it can always use that and I'm good to go so that's what goes inside that pocket behind the pocket there's a another little flap here and this is another one of those items that I'm testing out this is a basically it's what they call an electronic glow stick from life gear it's just obviously it's got a glow stick shape and then what you do is just turn it and the light comes on now I'm testing this out because as you guys can see they're they're like kind of flickered a little bit see if flickering there it's not really steady all the time so I'm testing this out to see if it if it holds up and if it stops doing that so it can become permanently part of my EDC so that goes right in there and again it's readily accessible because since it isn't a test testing face I don't wanna have to be digging through the bag to to get to it and use it and stuff like that so let's go ahead and open the bag one thing I want to mention is this bag normally comes with a rain flap right here I felt that that always kind of got in my way so I went ahead and cut it out so that's where you guys can see it on this particular bag so inside the main compartment you have the main compartment right here there's a mesh sleeve in the back and there's another sleeve in the front here so in the front seat I can you pause this bag of my triple shooting action balls but obviously these are you know have the medical usage behind them so I've got a sore throat and stuff like that but they taste really good so if you want some a little bit of a pick-me-up some sugar and stuff like that all this is I keep that in the front flap now the flap in the back I have these two items the first one is a very inexpensive very cheap rain poncho and this is a Sol survival blanket now the usage of these I keep on pace because let's say if I need to change a tire or something like that I can lay this down on the ground if it rains and whatnot and use it as that I wouldn't really be using it as a rain poncho just because I feel that if you have a poncho on and then you get in your car you're gonna get everything wet so you know I might as well just brave the you know the elements I can use this to cover the bag if I need it to so obviously those are the different uses for these and then one other item back there is they light my fire spork this is obviously in case I you know pick up some lunch and I forgot to get a spoon or a knife or a fork or anything like that I have one with me although at all times so that goes in there now in the main compartment towards the bottom I have just a t-shirt you know in case something happens to the one I'm wearing and I can always change you know it's always good to have that and then a set of mechanics gloves and then what I do is I just gonna feed them in there sandwich them together and then that goes all the way down the bottom the next item is one of those things that I just kind of threw in there just to have it in there and this is basically a small little monocular I really don't have a need for this but you know it's always fun to have it you know a lot of times people say hey look at that far away or whatever and you know now you can have a way of doing that I have a Petzl headlamp this one is it's pretty nice because it has a 10 year battery life on the batteries if you're not using it it's very small so you know it's always good to have a hands-free option for your lights again if you have to change the tire and it's at night you know you need both hands you can always resort to this and you're good to go the other item I have in there is this mountain house granola with milk and blueberries I just have this as they pick me up I know it does that say breakfast on it but you know you can pretty much eat it any time the good thing about this is you don't need hot water so you don't have to boil water and stuff like that you can just add cold water to it and you could in there and in that compartment last but not least is my first-aid kit this is actually a larger sized first-aid kit because I have this more setup for myself my wife my kids so you guys can see one two four people there I buy these first-aid kits just because they come with a lot of the initial items that you would need in like band-aids alcohol wipes things like that and then I just add everything that I would normally need like a sunscreen bug spray things like that to it and you know they're they're very inexpensive you got a lot of a lot of room with these which is really nice I mean this one's packed pretty much as as far as they can go and you know still keeps a very nice thin form factor stuff that rides on in the back right there and the front right here you have a flap right there what I keep there is two Clif bars these are the white chocolate macadamia nuts these are actually my favorite ones so go sit on top of the other right there and they don't take up that much room then you have this zipper pocket in the front first thing is you have a flap right here which is mesh and then you have the actual pocket and then you have this key keeper so the first thing that I keep is this right here this is a Maxpedition notebook cover and what I've done is I've converted this into you know it carries my pens pencils some screwdrivers and things like that so this is like an admin pouch I have a review on this so you guys want to check it out that slides right in the back there and it actually fits perfectly in that slot that's almost like it was made for it now on the key keeper here I have this carabiner and this basically has a lot of little items that I picked up from County column so you have a little flashlight some dedicated screwdrivers a Pico pry bar whistle and then you have a peanut lighter so you know all those aren't clipped on this carabiner and then that goes clipped onto the key flipper there and just got stashed into the pocket there I also have a small little sewing kit obviously you know if you pop button or seam or something like that it's always good to be able to go ahead and take care of yourself in that aspect I know a lot of times something like this gets overlooked because you don't never think you're gonna need it but you know if you're in an office environment or something at dial you don't want to go throughout the day looking looking bad like you're missing the button or something like that so that comes in handy and then I have this just this little Hank of 550 paracord and it believe this is 30 feet pick this up at Walmart it's like $4 in Walmart again it's one of those I'm testing it out this is by no means to be used as you know in an emergency situation where you really need the strength of the milspec paracord but I got and I do a lot of a lot of projects with keychains and things like that so this always comes in handy to have it but again you still can use it for paracord purposes you know as far as like tying something down on or tiny key or something like that comes in handy so that's everything that's in this pocket and the main pocket then I go ahead and close this and then the last pocket is the CCW pocket in the back back here now I have added a Maxpedition double mag holder right there it's velcro it into the hook and loop in the back there and the reason that I've done that is because I have two items that I want to have accessible to me without having to kind of fish into that into that pocket the first one is I have a this fixed blade knife this is the cold steel it's called the spike alright so this is a very thin but it you do get the form factor of a full-sized blade as opposed to a folder so it's always good to have something like that and then that just gets fed into one of the loops like there's a little fits all the way down the other one is this Gerber Irish flashlight this is more of a full-size flashlight it gives me some good throw good flood also it's a-you know the batteries last pretty good on these and then you have this little lanyard that you can wrap around your wrist or on your hand if you need to and then that just goes into the other loop right there and then when I'm not carrying my concealed carry gun which is the right now is the Glock 42 on my person if I have to you don't put it in a bag or something like that that goes in there as well and that just kind of sits in the in the back there and it does become pretty readily accessible or gonna have to then zips up nicely I don't have anything in the the carabiner here that's left open so in case I have to add something else you know I can always carry it there and then on the other side what I've done is I have another whistle here you know kind of redundant because I do have the other one in the front but it's always good to have one pretty relevant and this is more for emergency purposes you know if I get hurt the whistle sound will travel a lot further than me yelling for help and then I have this other one here again pretty similar carabiner to the other side I used to hang anything that I might need to and there has my blood type there so that is my EDC bag for the current time again you know if you are into gear and stuff like that you always find yourself testing different products and stuff like that so for the most part this is what I've been carrying lately this is again the Maxpedition jumbo Versa pack I do have a couple patches here you know I kind of rotate those out to you know depending on my mood so let me know if you guys have any questions Thanks

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