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what's happening to everyone poor leo from Project prepper today i'll be taking you through my everyday carry items for those of you that don't know what the EDC is which is obviously every day carry it means that items that you use day-to-day or items that you may need in case of emergency and there's no real right or wrong way to have an everyday carry kit it's just more of a preference to what your needs are for day-to-day and for if you're in that emergency situation a lot of great videos out there on every day carry items myself my everyday carry items include the center watch obviously sometimes a great brand watch it's basically like a military spec watch has you know very much pressure for example compass which I like it being on my wrist to compass that can actually you can calibrate it if to make sure you have accurate readings using the compass on the Sun to watch and I don't want to I just want to be very brief for the sin to watch as I'll probably do a more in-depth review on that later on next there's obviously the Maxpedition everyday carry I'll just pull these items away here in this little kit my meaning which I love it includes my goal zero switch 8 which is like an 8 watt power supply which is perfect for small devices that require extra power like phones tap our tablets will give you about twenty-five percent extra charge but more so for mobile phones and cell phones mp3 players etc here I've got some cordage some plastic snap lock bags there more for emergency situations i'd say more frequent used items as definite the 64 gig USB stick a USB charger that goes with the goal zero if I need to charge my phone up on the fly which I do occasionally being you know everyone using these days smartphones or iPhones you know if you're using it heavily you know internet Bluetooth you know you can drain the battery quite quick so that's why I like that little gold 0 ring back yeah little gold 08 what's which yea is my newly acquired juice xe6 18-piece toolkit actually like this little thing I've used it a couple times already obviously the plan is knife I'll use a mouse so far just cutting general things my p-3 p3 LED lenser I'm looking to upgrade maybe to a Phoenix oro light or I sell the one I forgot the other name but you know there's a lot of Advanced Micro flashlights out there on the market which some are quite impressive obviously a little bit lighter a pen pen and for some strange reason I put on fishing line on a lead pencil I think maybe it's just my main train of thought was to have the line fishing one wound up on something and also being wound up in a bleep pants I can actually use lead pencil funnier to use if I ran out of the ink of you know my pen I've duct-taped around side holes securely basically so doesn't unravel itself chapstick obviously you know it's everyone's item that they have in their pockets all the time a few bobby pins for you know for some random reason you might test something clothing or whatever you zipper breaks notepad and just like everyone love notes on youtube I thought I'd adopt the idea of duct tape around a bit of cardboard which i think is a great idea some people were very innovative you know especially the arm in the prepping world out in YouTube some snare wire these these items are coming to now that more in case of emergency sort of scenario you know small Flint with a striker most we have here we have just some really tiny sinkers some swivels some hooks a bit of a bit more fishing line I mean again these are like in case of emergency I just have them as extra actually have a two-stage diamonds sharpener by gerber that's pretty cool on to step sharp and actually being flat grind the Leatherman multi-tools it makes a lot easier to shop and especially with this little thing well smarter than you oh yeah also a couple of triple-a spare batteries for the flashlight of course and put a little bit of strength done don't know why might that make that redundant yet but yeah that pretty much covers what's in my maxpedition mini every day carry organizer these like again i use you know most of these items on a day-to-day basic basis sorry some things I don't use but it's just more in case of emergency I just clear this table here for use next is my obviously my wallet actually acquired this yella de maxpedition wallet it's actually a really good wallet really you know really a lot of dexterity brought well secured you know a nice little pockets here I actually have some spare batteries for my son tow watch actually got two in there so in case they die i can now replace them with that loan too much and I've got the cards obviously money etc etc it's pretty late to wallet there one knows water and lastly I have a poncho by three peaks camouflage poncho the thing that I like about this poncho is that their button clips down the side so you can actually unbutton it turns out to like a little oh just a hoochie top so you can use that set that up as you know like a temporary shelter I guess I wrap this up pretty well but also showing here I have some 550 paracord with a petzl carabiner and also have a little dry sack little dry bag I think see the summit summit this is see the summit yeah it is sea to summit like 10 12 bucks that are ya I basically just added this into the quote on every day co because you know when it rains you know Riley can umbrella that's real bulky you know that just fits these fit my car goes all this all these islands fit my car goes quite comfortably a little bit you know a little bit bulky on the side pockets of touch but it's not too bad especially for what I'm carrying but that's pretty much it for my everyday carry items please subscribe to my channel project prepper on youtube or please go ahead and look at the facebook page listed down below on this video any questions or queries or any way we can improve we'll make videos better we're always open to suggestions and thanks for watching

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