Ep. 30 – Rain Water Harvesting Off Grid Part 1 at Blackacre Ranch

foreign so that tracker sounds like it's on its
last locked legs you know it's like cutting around like a 90 year old wouldn't seem like it's that heavy
until we start scooping it up with shovels and we're like dying all right hey guys we're back grateful
you can join us if you haven't joined us before
we are trying to prep this old camp to maybe actually live on it one day anyway
it's 187 acres so right now we've been trying to get
everything ready for the buffalo to come and today's focus is on the
water and last week we started doing this base
to kind of put our 5 000 gallon water tanks on
um and today we're gonna finish it so we actually have
some road base um whatever's called flex base i guess it is
so we're gonna finish building up the wood perimeter gonna dump all that in
and kind of anchor it down a little bit it's just enough to get it going so
that's what we're up to today nathan's with us so we'll probably also check out
the well and see what else happens all right so
we just came from picking up a couple bucket loads of the base to put
in our little frame here but we only got two right now because
we ordered four so we bought four but the guy's like
you can't take that many right he just he says they're 1500 to 2000 pounds per
bucket and we got four buckets so he's afraid of breaking an axle or
busting some tires or something so he just said just do the two come
back for the others so that's what we're up to
so they close in about an hour and a half so we've got to unload the 4 000
pounds of rock somehow and uh get back there so we can
go ahead and get the other part before they close
yep so that's we got to get to work all right all right we're working with this quick
connect to get this bucket on both sides lift up oh my goodness he dropped him on my foot yes not much is oh push it tip okay so
come on all right so we're securing up our wood
frame and suggest drilling down these holes
so that way we can hammer down some rebar and secure it
then it will be a good base to hold our big water containers foreign
we got ourselves some half inch rebar a 10 foot section was i think 4.95 if we
got two foot sections they were like four
bucks a pop so we figured it's probably easier just
to cut it ourselves yeah we'll see the boards are seven
inches i figure if we go 15 inches each one that'll give us seven
inches in the ground or at least eight inches or we just go 16.

Run um okay so you wouldn't think a couple inches would
make that much difference would you i think you're getting to the clay layer
there too when we were digging it up last week
there was some play um our little master hammer put your hand up here you want to help out want to go awesome no one's not here hit him
hit him i'm nice to my brother no you're not very good swings that's nice so you'll notice these seams they just
butt up both of them i didn't overlap them
because the outside two are on the outside of the little ones and if i did
that i'd have to wiggle make some cuts and it'd be short on certain ends and
i don't care it's just got a whole rock so now that we've got those set we're
just going to put everything else in i might come by with some bracket
or something and put it around the inside screw them to kind of keep them
together but again for the most part i think this
will work so far all right we're on the last
to unload this gravel oh this is like
not easy stuff to work with all right here he comes i think so so all right so we have the brackets and
some little hex screw bolt things so jeff's going to go ahead
and drill those boards together make them a little more secure right now ah
all right we got most of it level enough if we don't do it today removing that
big container it won't be till october because next
weekend nobody's really going to be around to
help me and i don't want to move 4 000 pounds of sand and dirt
so it's fairly level it kind of compacted it we're going to see if we
get that black tank over here for the rainwater i don't know
if we're gonna push it pull it roll it i don't know we're gonna see
what works and there's gonna be a lot of dumb things we
do we'll see let's go teddy so so good okay we've got the barrel up on the pad
but the out spout's not quite where we want it so we're going to kind of push
on it with the tractor and try and help with our hands just to
rotate it up there so let's see let's see how it goes it's lined up now what we need
i think it's going to be okay up top it's gonna it's gonna be close there's
not a lot of room but i think it'll be okay up top all right we're back to check on nathan
and the girls this is the treasure so far so i don't know if you can see this that
this pipe terminates down there without a couple
it comes up and it actually has a wide joint that leads
under here that runs somewhere that way all right and this one runs that way
a y meaning there's an open end up top too so it means it comes up and then
like this okay what's capped on top or not capped
on top it's sitting on top of the cement
the y portion goes that way there is was roots growing out of it
that i pulled out that are behind you in the pipe
yeah in the pipe so mud all right so nathan's doing this and my
ultimate goal is to know whether or not this can
be salvaged if we just have to get away from all
get all that dirt out and reach maybe like the gravel base and it recharges
and refills that's great what these pipes are for
you know which one went where for what cause i don't know
but is there a way to maybe salvage this if we just cap off these pipes
put in new pipes i'm thinking that maybe we're going to put another ring of
concrete up and then get a new weld top but is it salvageable that's
what i'm kind of wondering okay so we're gonna head out finish
clean up a few things and get on the road it's been a good day we've gotten
that big black container moved over for our
water collection so that's really exciting
um we look forward to seeing you next week on black acre ranch don't forget to
like and subscribe and we'll see you later

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