Episode #2: The Bug-Out-Bag Checklist

today we're gonna talk about bug-out bags on the surface this sounds like a lot of fun we get to play with cool gear and imagine ourselves and challenging adventures where we can prove our worth but there's a very serious side to all of this if you are bugging out for real it means that forces greater than yourself are coming to deprive you of your life liberty and property I'm reminded of the tragic story of an old-style Russian family that back in the 1930s was fleeing the red tear and they kept moving further away from it and further away from it finally they found themselves in a situation where they literally had to flee immediately for their lives they grabbed whatever they could and basically just hightailed it into the Siberian forests and the the wild part about this story and I recommend you guys look it up it's it's really an amazing tale they for the next 40 years remained isolated from the rest of Soviet society they were hiding out in the woods all this time and it wasn't until the early 70s that a group of Soviet geologists happen to just see them by helicopter and wonder what these people are doing out in the middle of nowhere well they made contact with them and basically these people survived half starved but they managed to survive the point of this story is that if you believe bad stuff is going to happen you can never really be too prepared if that Russian family had the prior knowledge how bad things were going to get and in their defense they and other Russians probably really had no idea how bad things were gonna get they just sort of reacted as things were going along but if they had that foresight if they saw the the point where things were gonna get too they could have clearly prepared a lot better they could have loaded up an ox cart with everything they need for the next 40 years to hide out in the woods or if really came down to it they may have decided just to get out of Dodge just to leave while they were still able to leave the country and find some safer ground some safer higher ground where they can stay whatever you're bugging out for hopefully it's just temporary hopefully you can just take off for a couple days maybe a couple weeks the most and then come back home return to normal and live happily ever after or it might be a situation where you're really gonna go for the long haul in a moving truck whatever the case is whether you're traveling light or whether you're traveling heavy and bringing everything in the kitchen sink you're always gonna want to have prepared well in advance your own personal pack the bug out bag and that's what we're gonna be talking about today so let's check out all the fun stuff we can put in our bug out bag probably the most important part of the bug out bag is the bag itself I don't think it really matters a whole lot what bag you get gosh there's a million brands out there I happen to use this three-day US military assault pack that's what they call it just cuz I got a good deal on it it's a really handy little pack has a lot of pockets it's some really well-built a little bit heavy but you know it's not gonna tear it's good quality whatever you do I'd recommend getting a smaller pack than a bigger pack I remember I went on a trip to Scandinavia some decades ago and I had this huge backpack with me and I stuffed it with all kinds of stuff and I was going to be there for a month and that pack got ditched at the train station in a locker within the first couple days and basically for the next month when I used was this little bag right here I kept a loaf of bread in it jar of Nutella a bottle of water and a raincoat and it served me well you don't want to be lugging a bunch of heavy stuff if you're used to that and you can do that that's that's great me personally I like to travel lighter so what you're seeing in front of you here is everything I have in that pack at any given time it's always stuffed with that it looks like a lot of stuff but believe it or not this all comes in with the pack and right at about 20 pounds so we can start out with what I consider the less used stuff but still necessary stuff and good stuff to have along I've got my medical kit here some rubber gloves little moleskin kit another medic kit it's not a bad idea to have some sort of entertainment like a deck of cards I have this little pocket reference manual which is handy material and it's also pretty fun to read here's a waterproof note pad with the pen there's some little cards navigation cards and useful information there I've got a compass a GP a mere which you can use as a mirror use it to signal aircraft or people looking for you there's another little magnifier here or some toe warmers twine is great stuff to have I've got in a little assortment of flying depending on your weather conditions and where you are I've got some suntan lotion in here you may want some bug spray to rope twine is really handy stuff there's some zip ties here and some 550 paracord get some little thin nano cord here get my automatic fishing reel your plugs are lightweight in handy this is something I consider really useful it's one of those little microfiber towels really great to have a towel and these things are awesome they're little compressed towels that you can pull white right open and it'll be like a like a piece of big tissue paper or a little mini towel they're disposable pretty handy for my toiletries kit there's a little bar soap some disposable toothbrushes a little piece of tape in there stuff that I consider more important than I really wouldn't want to be without is I've got a little mini axe here a mini saw my fixed blade knife here's a little folding pocket knife with a lot of tools on it a sharpener for that you definitely want to have some light I'm a big fan of headlamps I won't use anything but a headlamp because it keeps your your hands-free there's a couple really good brands out there don't get any junky ones and then have some extra batteries with it as well fire is really important it's so lightweight to carry multiple forms of fire starting don't be without it I've got some disposable lighters in here I use those 99% of the time but I also have a little match case with some matches I've got a little magnesium fire starter in there and here is some fuel tablets so you can use those to get a fire going depending on if you need medication or not you know keep a pill fob or something like that they'll be without your needed medication and as well you want to make sure that your traveling papers are done and ready ahead of time and ready to go this is part of my water filter kit which I keep in here some water storage pouches and is a pretty handy little thing it's a little miniature doesn't look very big but it actually works great a little miniature be the sleeping bag as far as clothes when I always have in there no matter what time of year and again this depends on your climate but we have some chilly summers here even at nighttime you can get kind of chilly I'll keep like a little law wool undergarment sets pants and top and hat there's a scarf raincoat set always want to have a set of gloves I really like my vent I'll cotton rain shirts poncho that's a neat thing to have and then some extra underwear and socks that's pretty much everything I keep in there all the time as far as a cook set I've got a little titanium pot and I keep all my cook beer in there here's a titanium spoon and fork a little cleaning thing some chain to hang the pot this is a really cool little rocket stove that's portable made out of titanium lightweight a little set like this here is kind of pricey you can accomplish the same thing with stainless steel or aluminum is lightweight – I just like titanium because I think it's a nicer metal more durable than aluminum healthier to eat from it's a lot lot lighter than stainless steel but that's up to you what you want to carry with you and we'll get into the food a little bit what you're gonna have with you now that said if all of this stuff here disappeared if it was all in my pack and I got separated from my pack this is something that I always make sure I have with me all the time I'll either keep it attached to the strap that goes across the front of the pack so I've got it right here or if I have to set my pack down or I'm away from it I always make sure I have this little canteen kit with me and I can get by pretty fine out here I've got a titanium canteen in here with a little canteen cup so that I can cook stuff I can boil water with this I got my frontier water fill turn here I have another Sawyer water filter here I've got ability to make fire with this fire striker here and then there's a lighter in here and a little towel in here there's a lot of I have a compass in here I have a little pocket knife in here pan and a waterproof piece of paper so it's a little tiny kit flashlights here but I feel pretty secure with this I can do a lot so that's a good idea don't put all your eggs in one basket even though this attaches to this it's a good way to do things and again you know as far as packs go this is a Maxpedition I like that brand a lot if I were to buy a pack I'd probably go with one of the maxim editions just because they're good quality they have a lot of pockets but like I say this works for me and it's it was cheap don't forget to match you know in addition to your GPS you'll want to be able to navigate with you so have all that stuff figured out ahead of time so like I said that's everything that's in the pack all the time and it stays right around 20 pounds on without food and water now what I like to do you can never really plan for everything depending on weather depending on where you're going depending on a lot of different variables you may want to have a lot more stuff you may want to have a lot of different stuff so that's my core pack what I like to do is keep just some plastic totes of different things if I know it's wintertime outside I would keep this tote handy maybe even keep it in your truck so it's ready to go and this is stuff that I can grab to supplement my pack all that stuff isn't gonna do you any good if you end up freezing to death or dying from exposure in the desert or whatever the case might be for myself and wintertime I like to have a big wool blanket I mean this is a huge bulky thing but if I know that I'm gonna be out there in the cold it's it's a pretty nice thing just to grab it's it's really worth its weight in gold if it keeps you from freezing I've got some heavy-duty mitts here a wool sweater um I got this a little sweater right here and then some maybe wool pants too or undergarments are always a great thing to have I'm a big fan of my big wool poncho here this is a pretty nice cozy warm thing to have and works great around the campfire too doesn't get holes in it like plastic clothing does food is a really important thing to consider you want to have the most compact latest food that you can bring with you you want to pack as much sustenance into that food something that's very high in calories high in fat high in protein and that's what you want to focus on and also this really depends on where you're traveling I recall law and experience I once had in the desert where I nearly died of thirst and well in retrospect if I was bugging up through the desert I'd be carrying as much water on my back as I could and that would be about it because water is pretty important well let's say that you're traveling through areas where you can get water it's it's not the biggest deal you're definitely going to want to put your emphasis on some food in that case so what I like to do is carry the food in a separate pack this is an old little law pack I've got and this is my my food bag I stick all my food in there and then I tied this onto my main bag and again if I were to get separated from the main bag I can always keep the food separate or if you're camping out in the woods and you want to keep your food up in a tree so the the Bears don't come sniffing out that's a way of keeping it separate what I did I wanted to see what was available today in an average grocery store just so we can see what you guys can equip yourself with so I went to our our average small town grocery store and I bought a little selection of things that I would recommend keeping your pack there they're really great so this is everything I picked up in the grocery store beef jerky is great stuff to hand I also picked up a little summer sausage but I got hungry for lunch and ended up eating it so I don't have that here but a little sausage that doesn't require refrigeration is good these pre-made food packs I just grabbed this one happens to be rice there's a lot of those little packs out there you don't want to bring canned food the can actually weighs a lot more than you'd think it would and it's kind of bulky and hard to pack too but these are great if you're going into again I place like a desert where you need to pack your water in with you then by all means bring food that already is hydrated if you're going to be going into an area where you've had plenty of water then bring food with you that's dehydrated like these little law you know split pea is very nutritious soup and then you can use your little cup titanium cup and boil this up and make yourself some soup corn nuts are great there's a lot of energy in those the Indians used to use that for trips it's a great snack to have and if you can get some pemmican too that's also good if it's winter time you're going to want to be more heavy on fat so pemmican is good if it's summertime or you just need more protein than beef jerky is good chocolate is a great thing it's it's a nice pleasurable thing to have when you're stressed out and hungry the only problem with chocolate is that if it's summertime it's gonna melt I like these little chocolate baking chips they're less sugar more cacao in them and you can just have one little shift without having to break a bar open and get in chocolate splinters all over some bread is nice it's kind of bulky there's a lot of weight in the moisture but this is bread that doesn't need refrigeration it's pretty handy stuff and there's some kind of granola bar snack bar you know in depending on if you like those or not those are handy to have here's also some other granola and you can buy a big can of dehydrated fruits as well and just put in little Ziploc bags probably the most important thing in regards to food is get food that you like if you don't like it now you're not gonna like it when you're you know really stressed out and having a hard time this is all food that I kind of like to eat anyway so it works for me a lot of people like peanut butter and jelly I can't stand this stuff so you know like peanut butter and jelly and don't bring it just bring food that you want to eat anyways and that'll make it a lot easier on yourself so I hope that was useful for you guys that's everything I keep in my pack and it's always evolving there's always new products new interesting things coming out so it's it's a thing in motion and that's again why I like to have these little plastic totes where you can keep extra stuff and supplement or add to your pack as you need it one thing I wanted to point out – I forgot to address this when we're talking about clothing is you want to be the gray man wherever you are you want to be able to fit in if you're traveling through the woods maybe it doesn't matter so much but if you're traveling through a suburban area or a big city dress and act and carry yourself in a way that even though it looks like you might be buggin out it looks like you're just another normal guy that's bugging out do whatever you can to not stand out and draw attention to yourself it's been a lot of fun sharing all of this with you guys if you enjoyed this check out our other nfpa videos and you may want to become a part of the association and there's a lot of great exclusive member content with that so again it's been a pleasure and we'll see you guys soon you

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