Episode 5, Ark: Survival Evolved, “Hunting with Grumps”

Samba hey I'm back okay what I'm gonna do today is I'm gonna go hunting cuz I need a lot of hype and a lot of meat so I'm gonna join the game now and I'll see you there okay I'm in my little base I've been building up around here I don't know how much I'm gonna build much more I'm gonna build this place I might move pretty soon but you can say I kind of built a tower and also I got my mammoths that I tamed in the last video so I like my mammoth named Packer he can take a lot of stuff around and of course grumps the greatest dinosaur of all time I think notice grumps he says grunts – that's because I had another grunts for this and he got killed by a big bird it was a real Saget story anyway mm like I said I'm gonna go huntin and I'm gonna take the dinosaurs with him and you're gonna see how good grumps is at huntin and I'm gonna go ahead and take Packer with me Oh actually I might leave Packer here I can't decide um since I'm gonna be mostly clunky and I don't want I'll just leave Packer here this time I'm gonna go with grumps cuz I like groups come on grunts grunts groups come on boy everybody should have a group sin by your life you know groups your best friend all right come on buddy let me make sure I got a bow check let's see do I have a you know I don't I'm gonna run back and get one thing I forgot but I got metal uh I guess it's a metal sphere so let me run into my base and get it to by being chaste here okay where is it well those are just little radio spheres I may not have go ahead and make one right now how about that all right sorry about that my camera locked up on me so I had to restart anyways uh back to the smithy its Kota actually called a puck and so the pike use is the word I think Tim word and uses medal and hide so I got plenty of that I'll go ahead and make a pike and these are pretty good at dealing damage when you're going hunting someone's gonna take one of those with me and let me get back to my dime so now jump okay grunts now I'm already go so wow what a big guy I'm not going after him right now I'm gonna head down to the coast and then I'll kind of cut the video in and out when I find dinosaurs and show you the battles how about fire so I'll see you juice as soon as I find a dinosaur hello got a couple of these big turtles here and I'm not sure how much meat and hide they give but they'll give us some so we'll go ahead and go after them let me make sure the aggression set it set the passive but that'll attack anything I'm attacking this is a level 19 so I don't think you should be too bad but I'll give him couple pokes and I got to get out of the way of his head now grunts okay you got a bite at me now I'm gonna cut back the grunts Gump's is gonna take a swing at him take a second swing I put in a poke okay girls takes another swing and I got a poke on him I finished him off so grunts got a couple big wax and I help finish him let me just take check grumps health level it went down maybe 10 points 15 points I just want to monitor that make sure he's not in any danger so that wasn't too bad lemme got six seven Heineman five five carat ten three meet this that's a pretty good haul and let's go after the next one we thought well here's a trike up here and let's see how what this is gonna be a level five track I think we should be able get him home grunts we got cease work to do okay so grunts is gonna go up front I'm gonna get a poke in it on his behind a couple pokes okay back he throw me really far into the ocean and groups that was so easy for grumps he took him down and one Wow and let's see how much high we get off of him seven ten twelve twelve hi that's another good haul now you see these little buggers running around here and if sometimes they'll give you Oh Oh God stop hey let's see what we get off him silly cups are old I don't know what silica pearls are but that sounds kind of cool and let's keep on hitting down what do we have what else is down here that we can get some height off of it got these little goobers I don't really like getting those Gophers grunts grunts where are you come on buddy come on buddy I need you with me I don't want to see the tooth to come there's nothing right here we got to find the next one I can change my Lulu this in the little 27 I wonder what he'll silica pearls oil and me and something else and then pitch with it would all right okay here's another turtle it's hot I'm not gonna worry about that let me tell the phone okay backing up hey I wonder if I can get this one without it really being able to get me because I got a pike and I got some link to it no no no I'm stuck I'm stuck I got stuck backed up to a rock I'm gonna cut Matt past drunks okay now we got two turtles on me OOP oh he got me she got me a really nice Friday night okay Oh another little four is after me and and I'm gonna cut back to grubs no no I got stuck around that one bro took another swing with his tail I got a stay loose boots is trying that grunts has stuck around on the other turtle okay back back back back pumps is trying to catch her cut back cuz grunts and groans takes care of that one too pretty good it really helps having a dinosaur and I got some – okay thanks kick for me for a minute okay I think I'm getting a pretty nice haul of high okay we got a couple little guys up here we got a track and we got some of these little dude steps bit stuff at you I don't like these guys at all all right it looked like a little chickens okay spit wednesday's a bit cake spit now i dodged it it's coming back whack okay I got a watch what are you spitting in Hey I'm backing Bagon Bagon God swings and good smut sit down what's a good one once they don't give too much high but that's okay I haven't seen a real a dangerous dinosaurs yet I wasn't a capturing video at the time but a car no did attack grunts at one time and he took care of that pretty well I'm gonna go ahead and get this track they just puked on the ground all right Pope okay you turn it around that's gonna come back and I'm gonna cut back across grunts electrons take a sweep they go sweep grunts I need a buddy buddy no no I'm gonna have to go in circles I'm gonna have to go he's trying to cut circles I cut back cross grunts grunts is oh oh oh no no I took your poke okay now I'm gonna back up oops takes a swing wow that almost took the trike down they'd almost took him down now I'm gonna have to work that my way back oh no oh no okay okay oops take a swing Oh oops gone good good good good good okay should get me some well 15 20 25 Wow these battles are crazy yes ma'am is there anything else crazy up here it's actually pretty quiet not seeing anything too dangerous yet either but I'm glad I've got grunts along with me just in case I did find something dangerous they'd be really good at taking care of that mom we got it now one of those turtles where's grumbles buddy come on buddy groans what getting stuck on something let's clear this out for you buddy kill that tree down sometimes he gets stuck Oh wrap what next I can't see I got a turtle come on Oh No here's one of the spitters okay he's coming okay Oh dodge it hook [ __ ] not too bad that was just a level one that was easy okay I'm not really seeing too much else around here I'll go after this guy just cuz more hide the better all right back it up let me come at me took a poke don't take a swing well there's a swing there's a back swing there's another swing and glutes took care of it easily so you can see hunting with groups is pretty easy now I haven't found a car you know yet haven't found a t-rex for sure I know I had a request to do a video of me killing a t-rex and I'd love to do it just as soon as I find one so as soon as I find a t-rex on this game I'll try to kill him I'm telling you though they're mean suckers so I don't know what would happen but that you show gives you a little idea of the power grunts right there what he can do treated powerful and I'm upgrading him you see he's a level 15 so I upgraded his melee damage 471 and right there it is held thirteen seventy well 1475 that last turtle did a little number on his health so anyways that shows you a little bit of hunting with grumps and I'll end the video now and I'll make another one pretty soon and show you some other stuff on Ark survival evolved I need y'all to do something for me though you don't want me to make some more of these videos y'all need to subscribe to the channel like my videos comment tell me some stuff you want me to do and I'll try to do it for sure alright guys I'll see you next time bye you know yeah okay well now I'll leave these totals along I was gonna go ahead and you know do something before okay really bye wait that's amat Satan ah

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