Fighting Intense Cold At The Off Grid Homestead

morning this try from the do-it-yourself road in the off-grid project we've got see if we can get this there we've got 49 degrees inside one degree outside the modem humidity went up Wow 65% humidity the fire went out last night I had it cranked up a little too high and it burnt up too fast and I had to rebuild the fire this morning that was my bad but this is way better than the RV would have been at one degree outdoors it was actually zero in 46 a few minutes ago but I first thing I did it started the fire so zero degrees outside and 46 degrees inside when I first grabbed the camera in my hand just Troy from the tell you south world in the off grade project what about a breath I yeah that was I'll cut some more firewood I've got it stacked up here now today is Thursday and if you can see down here you can see the two different colors actually you can see the round wood and the split logs the split logs is the last of the wood from Saturday so I went to Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday six days on that one tree and it'll get me through the rest of today obviously and then I cut another small tree that was down and fortunately it was it was dyed dead and down but supported by a big rock that was leaning on so I chopped up that and the part that was on the snow I left because I would obviously be waterlogged and I brought that up to the house it's why I stood out a little out of breath I'm putting wood ash on the walkways it's not pretty but it is safer for walking in this snowy icy slop it is brutally cold and my legs feel like ice cubes no joke it anybody who says that it's not cold is really doesn't know what they're talking about we have minus 20 degree wind chills right now 30 mile an hour 20 mile an hour winds and it's brutal out there though it was a up at the house getting water I went into the house this time not to the creek because it's too cold going into the house to get some more after my half mile well quarter mile one way walk and each day I'm walking a mile carrying gallon jugs of water it's a quarter mile one way and I'm going through four jugs of water since the rainwater collection has froze up solid I am sorry I'm steaming up to what door as I talked by the way I wish I had grabbed the camera but the battery was frozen and dead the battery last night was absolutely full and this morning was dead and started blinking when I was showing the power in the temperature in the tiny house there was ice on the inside of the door of the tiny house this morning again sorry I couldn't show you that the camera had to thaw out before I could use it so it was it's been cold anyway now complaining just reporting reporting how it is out here anybody wants to start a life off the grid up north they're going to deal with these conditions and I want you to know what you're getting into well I'm going to have a cup of tea and warm up you can only work for 30 minutes to an hour at a time and then you got to get inside and warm up a bit so not getting a lot done in the last few days really and I got to get the truck brakes fixed so I can get that big forklift battery over here because the truck is how I'm going to move it so I'm trying to find somebody to take me into town so I can get some materials to fix those brakes hopefully I'll get that done the charge controller is an equalized mode again I'm not going to argue with it last night they were down a twelfth point or this morning they were down to twelve point to twelve point three with no load on them so they definitely can use some more D sulfated so I'll let it do its job of course the kick side to equalise mode as soon as I grabbed the camera it stopped blinking and what flipped into MPPT it's a 115 Watts I don't know why it flips on and off and equalizing out but the voltage is 15 and a half volts so it's definitely mixing up the acid in those batteries and that's definitely going to be a good thing for them still on the old forklift batteries because I as I said before I'm not going to repeat myself but I got to get the new ones over here yet that's going to be a job so and I want to play with these that did another day or so yet they'll be my backup battery bank the old forklift batteries will be a backup battery bank so anyway right now it's what I've got Darrin oz backing to equalize it flips on and off for some reason I guess it knows what it's doing look at that my girls are pulling through for me although I'm eating about two eggs a day I'm getting more eggs than I'm eating this is a really good it's a lot of work caring for the chickens out here in the cold I have to water them two three times a day and make sure that they're well the water keeps freezing so I have to knock out the ice I've got a big flat pan and what I do is I dump about a gallon of water in it and let them drink it when I keep that I'm giving them water from inside so it's warmer and then I let them drink that and then a while later I got a freedom in water them again and by the time I go out that water's frozen salad whatever they don't drink up right away it freezes so I go through about two to three times a day I should say giving them fresh water and you can tell if they're thirsty and if they're not eating their food then you know they're thirsty I know this from experience because I've had them for years but anyway that's one one signal to watch for but you can also tell if the thirsty if there's ice in their dish so anyway it's a constant battle I've been hauling water back and forth back and forth back and forth two trips a day four gallons a day I've been hauling water so I'm hiking a mile a day carrying water jugs but that is just because so cold my rain waters froze up and I never realized how much water I was really using out here until now that the rain waters froze up and I am I have two handcart it in from either the creek or the the house of a quarter mile away well I'm down to twelve point four volts but the computer is on and the inverter is running my modem and I'm only pulling in eight watts the day is pretty much done it's four o'clock in the afternoon so that's it for solar and the batteries will drop back down to twelve point two after the Sun Goes Down the these are the old forklift batteries now they are going to require a lot of work so I am NOT upset I am NOT disturbed I know this is how it's going to be and I expect it to be so but they are better than those golf cart batteries that I was struggling with the ones that I gotten from the store as replacements for my bad ones so I probably will take them in eventually and and let them know that they were not working from the day I got him I'm sure they were on the test item and who knows how that'll turn out but anyway the new forklift batteries are here and I will be moving them probably tomorrow and I'll come over to the window and tell you why forgive me for doing all of my videos from the door or inside of the tiny house because it is so cold out to my camera I can't handle it and the camera battery dies out so sorry not a lot of work videos going on right now I am just doing a lot of work outside and then come in and tell you about it as warming myself up which I'm doing right now my hands are still a bit tingly because it was working on the truck a friend of mine went out and got something called hold on a minute let me pause I have this stuff called quick steel it comes in a tube in a plastic container and it's in epoxy and some kind of other substance it is supposed to be really good and it looks like a putty type clay-like material and you need it between your fingers I used the rubber gloves I just got recently for protection and need it between your fingers until it gets all nice and gooey and consists the even consistency and you start to feel it warm up in your hands so you know it's working and I went in there in and up I applied it to the leak on the trucks brakes and now again this is this is a disclaimer do not do this at home do not do this yourself this is not standard what I'm doing there is a pinhole in one of my lines that I am patching temporarily and because I can't move the truck right now at all anyway with that fluid coming out so that'll get me so that I can get replacement parts later but anyway I am I've put this quick steel on the pin hole and wrapped it up thoroughly and heavily and I had the engine running to help warm up the engine compartment and hopefully help assist in carrying the quick steel putty material so that's going to sit overnight the engine is the engine compartment is still warm I'm hoping that will help cure that stuff this stuff the jb weld turned to liquid goo and dripped off overnight which is quite shocking and not at all expected instead of hardening and carrying the jb weld liquefied I don't know if it's because of the colder but it didn't work for me so this quick steal creates its own heat which is a nice thing as its curing and again I had the heat from the engine compartment so tomorrow I'm going to try to jack up the new forklift battery and I want to I'm going to cranked it up in the air I'm going to turn the truck around and I'm going to slide the truck right underneath that battery I'm going to slide that right into the bed of the truck then I'm going to drive the truck right over here up behind the tiny house on wheels and I'm going to do my best to get that thing on the ground as close to the pallet as I can and then try to use the engine hoist to try to get it up in the air and see if I can swing it I might need help getting it on there let's see see how it goes but I want to try my hardest to make that work the chickens are doing alright they made it through the worst night I have seen to this date and they are by the way I keep forgetting to tell you the chickens are you now using all three chicken coops and the hens are laying eggs the bantams have taken over the ORS my finger phantoms have taken over this chicken coop over here the white hints and one of the red roosters has taken over this chicken coop over here and the silkies and the rest of the birds are in the original chicken tractor so they have finally finally spread themselves out and they are using and sleeping in the various chicken coops so that's good now I just got to clean three chicken coops instead of just one so it means more work but it also means more eggs because the chickens aren't stressed and they're they're distributed there's my birds I just watered them there's a big flat pan what annoys me as they stand in it and poop in it it's really stupid I wouldn't think they would want to stand in the water it's cold out there they just stand right in the water but there's a big flat pan I keep giving them water in that and then I have to beat out the ice and the chicken poop and rewire them three times a day but water and food equals eggs easy way to go now the wind turbine I have everything I need to put it up I now have batteries now I need help I but the problem is right now we have this minus 20 wind chill outside and we have death warnings okay it's doom and gloom on the news it makes you want to go running buy provisions I saw people talking about that in the comments but there's death warnings on the news go outside and you will die it's cold all joking aside yes within five minutes if I'm not wearing gloves my fingers go numb no joke it is blasting through my hat but I can work about 30 minutes to an hour if I'm doing heavy exercise so as soon as we get a little bit warmer day which it's looking like in about two days or so here I'm going to haul out Chris from the house if they'll help me and I hope to get that wind turbine tower up and then I will have wind power will be harnessing this free energy from the air so then I will have solar and wind and another project again when it's not as miserably cold and I can work out there a few minutes more at a time I'm going to put a porch over the house entrance here with solar panels as a roof because the late afternoon Sun is not hitting those solar panels out in the metal in the morning the Sun is over here pointing directly at the RV in winter and winter the Sun is all over the meadow in the morning it's facing the RV in midday well early afternoon late morning it's coming from this direction sort of and hitting the solar panels and then later in the afternoon around 2:00 after three o'clock in the afternoon to 4:30 the solar is hitting up here in the meadow up up by the house and the solar panels are not in the Sun then so I'm going to get some more solar panels up here by the house and get them connected for afternoon sunlight but I'm going to have to knock down these two trees here and a couple over here in order to allow that to see the all the tree branches that will block the Sun from hitting the solar panels properly and there's no point then in having that well I've got Little Harbor Freight generator running and the little battery charger so I've got a green light I'm running the laptop and the internet and my LED lights in here I will have hopefully hopefully I'll have the forklift battery over here and try to get it hooked up tomorrow with long as my new brake fix holds on that truck I'll be able to maneuver that battery around and try to get it over up against the house now be nice I'm looking at 13 point 6 volts right now on the battery bank on the forklift battery bank so they're at least a buffer for me so I can run some power into the house and do some work in the evenings for now and again it's only temporary those forklift batteries are on their way over to the house long as I put the brakes hold in the truck I'm moving that battery bank tomorrow

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