First Step to Prepping- What is Prepping- What To Do First


what is prepping first step to prepping how to begin prepping prepping skills for survival situations how to assess your emergency needs hi it’s AlaskaGranny how to start prepping Have you thought about the first step to prepping how will you feed your familyh how will you keep your family safe well the first step to prepping is to assess your needs assess your own individual situation emergency situation needs you need to decide how many people are in your family do you have any pets do you have animals do you have family members with special allergies medical needs do you have elderly family members small children infants special needs how much space do you have to store your prepping supplies do you have a secondary location to store some of your emergency supplies and gear do you have a Bug Out Location you need to decide what food do you want to store for your prepper pantry food to store for your emergency food survival stockpile how much water will you be able to store and do you have a water filter to purify more water what kind of containers can you store your food and water in make sure to store your food and water in safe containers so it will last food grade containers BPA free long term food storage containers water storage containers make a plan so you can stay safe how can you make your home safer harden your house to protect yourself and your family most of us in emergency situations we can stay at home many of the emergencies we will encounter it doesn’t make sense to leave our homes so we want to have lots of supplies at our home and we want to know that our home is safe secure we want our home to be the sanctuary we count on rely on before you buy stockpiles of gear supplies food water assess your do the first step assess your own individual needs and the needs of your family and situation make a plan once you make a plan fill it in with the details supplies gear ideas that fit your family and your needs details that make sense for you reading random lists of prepper supplies to stockpile made by other people might be a good way to start to get an idea on what types of gear food water prepper supplies you may want to buy gather collect stockpile the only way to make sure you have the things you need is for you to assess your situation make a plan that works for you learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


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