First Year of Survival in the Tropical Rainforest at Huts

This is a tropical rainforest. one of the most dangerous place. To survive, we need fire, shelter, water source, and food finding skills, The food here is very diverse We can eat stream fish, small leaf eating insects, or poikilothermic animals like frogs and crabs. Insects are rich in protein. Living alone in nature is not a simple thing, We have to face up to darkness These are beeswax They can be used to light for hours. A big torch made from dry bamboos can help to detect all the nocturnal animals like these frogs and rats Buiding strong structures is neccessary to be able to survive the longest. Finding safe water sources is the most important mission We can live without food for 20 days but cannot live without water for more than 3 days Food seems to be everywhere in the forest. However, being able to find food is another story. Knowledge, perseverance, the dexterity of the hands, and somtimes some extra luck are required..

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