FJ Cruiser Bug Out Vehicle Contents Part 1

hey gang bison here just want to do a long do updated FJ bug-out vehicle video not many changes have happened to the exterior since the last video back in September and October ish the exception of the gobi ladder couple stickers and that's really it on the outside the next investment will be a larger rim and more meteor off-road tires just want to get the life out of the stock tires August will be a year and I think probably in September when some of jobs come in I look great her and get her some real off-road tires on this thing because these are just car tires they don't do the truck justice but there she is the gorgeous FJ you let's open her up and check it out all right gang as you can see everything is off the inside of the door that's what it looks like we have our velcro backs and then they just strap on with these quick releases the pouches that is so on the table you start these are the pouches that are on the back door but before I begin also on the back door you can see the rifle sheath that's where the 22 would live if I have to bug out so all I really need to grab with me when I go is the 22 rifle and my ammo which is already staged to go everything's going to be in the car already I don't drive around the 22 on a regular basis because majority of my work is in schools and got a bid somewhat piqued in I open the door and she's a rifle you know how that is with all the ongoings the last couple months a year or two I want to avoid any issues so let's get into our FJ survival pouch first I have about 50 feet of power cord garbage bag contractor size from Home Depot they're the best little fishing kit thus all emergency Bibby this is the Camelbak all clear it charges up via USB I can charge it from inside of the car plug it into here and then it's got the IR light like a SteriPEN hold it down and then when it's done it'll tell you up here and it will completely sanitized and disinfect your water also inside I keep an eyedropper with a little test tube full of bleach also another method of purifying water just pouch that it comes with just contains the cables to plug it in to charge it and also a different cap if I choose to just carry it after I've sanitized the water to drink without having the larger cap with the IR a Praia apparatus in it not ir you be sorry UV not IR here we have an emergency blanket this one's extra large is the one that comes like in high-end first-aid kits for like first responders EMTs and whatnot but do you mind gave it to me this bag is the filter that would go at the top of this so what you would do is take this off take the filter out excuse me put the filter on the top pour your water in and this will get a lot of larger particles out before you hit it with the UV to sterilize it and that's the inside of the cap in this little pouch we have our pocket chainsaw and this plastic bag we have a large signal mirror b:g priorities in survival and a military ones at compass and emergency whistle there's a fire starting bag and the bag I've got these storm proof matches magnesium fire starter some more matches with cotton balls inside another Ferro rod couple lighters and this guy bought years ago before the really high end fella rods came out and this is the Strikeforce not sure who makes it there pretty much there it is love this thing and inside the cap here is some little wet fire tender in this bag here I've got a mosquito face net a whole spool of floral wire a couple rolls of duct tape three little rolls that is and a handful of safety pins and a waterproof emergency poncho a bunch of tubes of crazy glue suppose you never know another whistle comp is built-in thermometer and if you push this out there's a magnifying glass on the side 36-hour survival candle here are some emergency couple emergency flares one is the one you strike and it lives on the ground the other one shoots into the air found these of Walmart Leave It or Not little reference card with a bunch of different knots on it pro knot also keep more knife in here this pouch is hold an awful lot this came an old-school survival kit I got years ago just a little it's the Cooper mark 3 Spencer design manufacturing in Pakistan cool to lash to a stick to make a spear for defense or hunting handful of chem-lights these are the eight-hour white ones couple more signal flares I know of a flashlight this is the cool 0.5 watt LED stretch mini light so pretty much as a flashlight and then you open it up and it's a mini lantern also have in here a little Bear Grylls knife sharpener and last for this pouch is a little folding platypus water carrier alright let me pack up the contents of this and we'll dive into the next alright next we're going to look at the miscellaneous pouch on the outside of it I have attached the Energizer light did a review on this open her up person here I've got a little bag couple pencils right and reins notepad small SAS survival guide and then these are kind of cool and just open up and show you this is pocket guide to weather forecasting at a pocket guide animal tracks cool stuff to have the board reading material big rolls binoculars a little compact tarp down this at Walmart some hand warmers those cool dynamo radios with a flashlight built-in and a USB charger just so we know what's going on in the world got a bit of something and an energizer folding lantern also did a review on this this is fantastic very bright all right put this back together and we'll take a look at the other guys all right let's take a look at the hygiene pouch now on the outside of it as you can see I got two motorola walkie talkies and a little line over I know of a signal light and clip on the pack leave on the door when it's open the flashes in many different colors if I got what it's called I got it about five six years ago I actually love it though comes an OD and black see what's in here well first in here I stuck in here a 5-11 packable rain and wind resistant polyester jacket I stuck it in there only because that's that's where it fit and it's right in the back door can grab it quickly couple rolls of toilet paper we know what that's for some fresh Bath Body wipes and here is just an assortment of items we have sunscreen with bug repellent we have wilderness wash we have anti chafe toothpicks razors hand sanitizer tissues what else lip balm toothbrush and then we have in here a go girl for any females that have to go it allows women to urinate while standing up and a mirror the shave so that's everything in the hygiene pouch pack it back up and we'll check out the food all right gang here we go let's take a look at the food pouch first in the outside of little nite ize type can bottle opener these come in silver and black and are you guys going to ask the pouches did not come with the nametags had these custom made by somebody on ebay there's also a local place by me that can have it done if you notice it kind of bothers me the hygiene name tag is it a different font and the dash is missing when I first made them up hygiene was misspelled and as inscriber caught that which is really cool I'm gonna wide and catch it I feel like a dope but anyway I had them recently do it for me and then I do it the same way and I just didn't want to bother anyway I got over it alright here we go right in the top here in this plastic bag we have some cases choice coffee some creamer emergency vitamin supplements bouillon cubes beef and chicken some Altoids some submit eeeh light if you get dehydrated some tums and acid breath fresheners and obviously an answer I've got three Clif bars some condiments in here I got some sugar with Tabasco salt pepper and some more water purification tablets here we have one two three four five six freeze-dried meals mountain house and backpackers pantry also have a couple 5-hour energies some tin foil classical bold this opens up nicely collapsible Cup utensils and a Nesbitt cooking stove with a whole ton of fuel for it and if I got a forge or someone with means cans just a can opener all right let's pack her up and we'll continue on

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