Food Prepping (Family Coming Over From NY) LOTS OF FOOD!!!

hey everyone and welcome to my channel this is providencia and i'm just doing another prepping video basically my family is coming from New York they have in come here in almost a year sort of my like sort of why I'd be a little bit depressing time because I'm over here alone you know in Connecticut and I really wish that my family can visit me more often I've even I'm even really deciding that maybe by next year I make next year in June that I move back to New York because I can't you know i'm i'm feeling like I'm getting like clinically depressed because I'm alone out here I know that's something personal that I'm talking about but you know I'm just as real as it gets so um maybe if they will visit me more than maybe once maybe two months or every three months I don't think I don't think I will go back to New York I think I will stay here in Connecticut because I like it here but you know but anyway they're gonna come tomorrow and I I'm gonna start prepping I'm making I write everything down as you can see so I'm making meatloaf chicken white beans white rice penne pasta tres leches which is like oh it's called three milks and I hope I'm saying it right in english because i don't have to say the Spanish but it is so good my goodness Jesus Christ I'm really want to make a recipe on that on my channel but i'm just gonna show you the prepping today I'm not gonna be able to like really show you a video on it I'm going to be chocolate cake I'm also going to make a salad with I got cool tall corn avocado lettuce tomatoes cucumber the works and at the last minute I decided to also make you know since it's like a half a box just for the adults though I'm making a macaroni salad with tuna fish oh so I'm making my honey things one two three four five six seven eight nine things nine different things today that over there is this is the penne pasta and this is the meat sauce that I had made one time and I froze it so I gotta let that for a little bit and I got the cheese is there I got my chopped meat there I'm not making a big meat loaf um because it's only for like I said two adults two kids already meatloaf they do the chicken I got a whole bunch of church in here got like four packs Oh check in there yeah so I'm gonna start prepping you know whatever I gotta do and I'm not putting no music in this video because usually when I prep i always put music like to motivate me a little bit but I don't know I just want a quiet day today so I'm just gonna prep yeah so I'm gonna put my camera on a stand and I'm just going to show you what i'm doing and i'm hoping to film tomorrow when they come over here that's if they want to be filmed I don't want a knife or stone but i'll probably record a little bit of my family you know tomorrow so let's do the chicken first and why and I'm going to season it up and we'll show you how they look next so i just finished seasoning my chicken um i wish i could give you like a better quality of it but i'm using my camera and I always you know how are you always do always give complaints about this camera doesn't give you no good quality my iphone is dead but I the reason why it looks like that color is because i've been using this on my chicken it's called gravy master and it's for browning and caramelizing seasoning oh it makes your chicken so good but you know you gotta use a little bit because it's like a looks like a soy sauce but it's more thicker for some reason and it's good for chicken so on just letting you know just in case and I sprinkled my seasoned it first you know where other seasonings and I i garnished it with some chopped chives which his own dried one you know so what I'm going to do is I'm going to wrap this up I'm gonna put this in the refrigerator and tomorrow I'm gonna put it in the oven when some you know your kitchen you don't want to cook it today cuz you know tomorrow my guests are coming my family's coming so it's best to do it you know tomorrow but at least I got a season so tomorrow will taste really good when you season your meat a day before your your your meat tastes really really good so I got this done let's see what I gotta do next down I think I'm gonna do the macaroni salad next and then next I'm going to do on the penne pasta which is really easy because like I said I prepped my my my meat sauce and I put it in the freezer so all I gotta do is really boil the noodles so I'll be back so I already finish my macaroni salad and everybody is always asking me the rest of people is um because they see so much of my prepping video so on my dishes video i will be making a tutorial all this very very soon just give me time one day that maybe i could do it for my family instead of like you know feeding the whole crowd and then I can't really show you the tutorial because I'm prepping today I'm not really showing you everything um this is a delicious I'm telling you right now once you make it you're gonna make it all fit for your family it is delicious I do put tuna and veggies in it you know I didn't make a lot of it because um only the adults are gonna eat it the kids don't really like tuna fish like that you know so I'm gonna make this you know photo of those right now I'm gonna do the penne pasta with the with the sauce and I will show you that next so this is my meatloaf and I like to put like barbecue sauce on top and I like to sprinkle a little bit of bread crumbs i already put bread crumbs when I made the meatloaf you know and and I add my own ingredients but I like to put more like on topic I have that make little crust that's a little trick that I have I do have I think one or two yeah like to meet more tutorials if you really gotta try it because it's really delicious I know this is gonna be the first thing that's gonna go tomorrow because everyone loves my meatloaf and I haven't made meatloaf in quite a while so I know this is the first thing that's gonna go only made one because like I said the kids are picky i know they only gonna eat white rice beans and chicken I maybe Kate later on but um like this i know the adults is going to eat so all I made was one so so far I got my pasta boiling which I'm gonna get out right now I still got my meat here and like I said I froze I did that meat ahead of time like two three weeks ago and I put it in the freezer and now i'm using is good to do that like like I'm feeling like I'm going really fast here today usually like when I prepper takes on its icon all day and I'm doing everything really quick today so I'm happy so I'm gonna I'm gonna wrap this up in aluminum foil and we're gonna cook this tomorrow because I'm not cooking this damn just prepping today and i'm going to show you how my pasta looks next okay so no I like those chips um yeah we're talking about chips um sour cream hold the power how come on lies chips he doesn't like it but I love it so I already made my CD you can't really tell with this camera but tomorrow I'm going to recover my iPhone so you'll be able to see more detailing I put on half half cheddar cheese and half mozzarella um you just can't tell because I like to layer my my CDs on my painting because it is penne pasta I put half and then I put the cheese in the middle and then I put the other half and then I put the cheese on top this is going to be so good the pasta sauce is so delicious I don't know if you saw the recipe but you know make that pasta sauce I'm telling you so this is it what else I gotta do um I think I got to make the cakes so I'm going to do the chocolate cake first which is a little easier then I'm going to make the other cake I'm going to see Rock'em a tres leches okay but the only thing is i'm hoping i got everything for it if i don't have everything for it I guess I'm just gonna have to make some vanilla cake sounds simple for my family but I really want to make the fifth layer cake today um so I'll be back ok so I just finished my bracelet chain but it in the refrigerator has to refrigerate for at least two three hours for all the milk cos silk you know although you know the milk has a stream kind of milks cuz salt in and then I have to UM put some heavy cream I gotta whip it put a little sugar let put some cherries on top so for now i also have my chocolate cake this is chocolate with chocolate frosting and i also put like some dark chocolate crunch on top what you don't as a garnish I just gotta do the place nature finish it up and then I'll be done on until tomorrow that I gotta just cook everything and put everything in the oven make the rice and beans and yeah let's see if you have a ghost movie back ok so let's the next day and I my beans rolling I'm making the rice now I just finished putting the chicken and the meatloaf in the oven and I just finished my tres leche cake I did the frosting today a bit though a tres leche yesterday and I was gonna do the frosting but I said I'll do it tomorrow i was really tired so as you can see here's the frosting it is so good when you make it from scratch oh oh and it's really easy to sew one day i'll make this for my channel and it's gonna be so good and moist with all the three milks in there oh my god so yeah this is my first lecture on my chocolate cake you already saw that yesterday when everything is cooked I'll show you everything and I'm hoping to be caught my family if I don't get to record them um uh you know my apologies you know it's not that my family is very proud because we're very dysfunctional we're kind of loud and everything so but I don't want to be rude no one just intrude and just have to camera hole up in everybody's face so let's see how it goes so yep just want to show you this okay so I also prepared just a simple salad which is lettuce corn cucumber tomatoes and a few croutons oh I really want to red onions because I would have put some red onions as well right and a half done I have the protons day of course this is just for garnish but this is the case they want to put more and this is avocado I got two of them so this is going to be just a simple salad um I know some family members they like salad so I wasn't gonna make it but I was like you know what let me make it just in case you know you know I always got to make sure I keep my guests happy so that's that um and let me show you the beans boiling the water for the rice and these are my white beans I put some on ham potatoes and it's very nice and thick nice that a lot of juice a lot of broth cuz me and my family we like bees but we always ask add extra like water to our beans you know to thicken up and we like a lot of like of that vsauce2 you know so that's why I gotta have a lot but look at how delicious this looks I do have a recipe on white beans but I didn't mean it it's not quite like this I made it with cassava with yuca you know my dad was just inventing and I just decided to do it with you know with some cassava it was really really good if you ever tried cassava with beans inside oh my goodness is so good try it and give you never did but you know if one thing I want me to make just straight white beans let me know and I'll just do it like this with the potatoes you know all right and that's that that's just entering away I just got to make the white rice and I'm going to check up on my chicken and meat loaf next so as you can see the rice is drying up but yeah the rice is drying off the liquid um I know everybody always asks for this recipe oh my god sorry just that I don't measure I always tell you that and I know everybody wants my white rice recipe I'm gonna do it don't worry I'm gonna be on this channel for a very very long time I got time to do all types of recipes so don't worry about it i'm gonna make a rice tutorial a white rice tutorial one day don't let them give them your dates or mutton but um yeah so what we do after this is I cover it up with a Roman employ put the top on and I put it on very very low and i'm gonna let it cook this this is such a big pot of rice like maybe 35 minutes and i'm gonna also turn it at least once or twice while it's cooking within the 35 minutes yes so let me go and put the top on and i'll be back okay so here's my meatloaf like i said i wish i had more better lighting but this is what it is it's done i did put more barbecue sauce on top or just to let it warm up I did took a little place in the side as you can see it is good i got i think two recipes on meatloaf on my channel check it out um I know this is gonna be the first thing that's gonna go when everybody comes cuz everybody loves my meatloaf so yeah that's it and the chicken I took it out but it wasn't done yet so i'll show it to you when it's done and i still gotta put the CD in there and basically we're done with everything oh I'll show you the chicken of the sea be next so here goes my rice I just turned it I still need at least 10 minutes more but it's looking very beautiful thank god cuz i made a big pot i usually don't make a big pot unless like I said like Christmas holidays get together stuff like that but yeah just to let you know you see I turned it and I'm going to put the cover back the Luminum for you and I'm also gonna add this for all that mess moister and then and you know it makes it cook the rice more better when you cover it real tight so I'll be back so my chicken is done but I'm letting it warm up a little bit it is extremely hot so I wanted to show you a little um macaroni salad spiral with tuna fish these are for the adults because kids don't like tuna fish this is what I mean oh my god it tastes so good I swear Redick taking some nah but I didn't make a big batch you know cuz I have a lot of noodles so I'm just gonna lust and just look at it and wish that I had some but don't worry you know dinner time is almost coming in I'm gonna be eating this very soon so I just wanted to show you so this is done I put it in the oven and melted a little bit and this is penne pasta and I hooked it up for some cheese everything takes go with cheese so this is it right here and I'm just hearing a little music to boost my energy that old school yes ok this is dinner white rice meat loaf macaroni salad salad um penne pasta white beans chicken and that is dinner this is the dinner right meatloaf try to do this quick um oh my god it's not spaghetti so I got it wrong well he's dinner today white rice um dan is so much food I don't know what to say

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