hey guys i just thought i'd show you i was looking at some more of the free kindle edition books on amazon and i came across this one on foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants not to zoom in here a little closer the book is from kristena Hansen and it's free you don't need a kindle to have these books i don't have a kindle i just have the kindle app on my phone and my tablet and all you gotta do is go over here and do the buy now with one click and here it says into my android device or I can click to send it to my phone either or so that's how I have it set up so I can actually send it to both of them if you guys check on here often like I do you can find these books for free they don't have them free all the time so today this book is free tomorrow it might not be so go on here check it out and pick it up when i run across them i'll do a video and show you so today this one's free foraging wild edibles and medicinal plants by Christina Hansen check it out so here's the second one nature's antibiotics 20 of 25 homeopathic thermal herbal remedies for strep throat however in the description here it says and other flu symptoms so the book goes into different natural antibiotics and homeopathic remedies for flu symptoms strep throat and other conditions medical stuff so it's another free one guys five star rating it's only 31 pages but uh it looks pretty good and again they're free oh it might be a good one to have in your arsenal of books and since it's free it doesn't hurt to check it out and read it and you can always delete another one for all my friendly Preppers out there that are just starting to prep and it is getting into hurricane season so this is a good one 101 ways to prepare your home for a natural disaster this is another good one you guys might want to check out here's the other one that i found this one's on urban homesteading and introduce the sorry introduction to organic food gardening and sustainable living in an urban home guys there's some useful information here I was looking over the information about it you can read it right here these are some good books to have to read around the camp you know on your tablet or your phone again great stuff to have in your tablet for prepping guys you know we may not be able to grab and take everything with us and have all of our books that we want to have so what I've been doing is building a library in my tablet I want to be able to take as many books with me as I can but if I can't take them all I'm going to have a library in my tablet so when I find these free ebooks to put in my kindle app I'm going to grab them while there's one that you guys might be interested in this is a a prepping planner book and this is available in kindle forum or in paperback it's a thirty-dollar book that they have free and kindle forum right now and this is 148 pages so this is a short time free edition that they just have out free probably for a day or two and it's pretty cool guys so it helps you get into understand nning out of how to prep and all the emergency stuff there's a whole guide in here for those that are just getting into prepping and not sure what to do there's a whole a whole guide year there's a lot of information you can go on here and read about this and see if this planner could be something that you could use if it is up over on Amazon here and pick it up for free I think this could be a good one guys come and check it out just showing them to you because they're free

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