Gear review – my bug out bag or vehicle emergency bag

hey everybody Chris here for directions bushcraft couldn't make it out to the woods today but I wanted to show you guys this bag this is an old actually this is an old air way back from from my work they were changing bags and they were getting rid of these so I was like I'll take one and I can throw it in the back of the truck and I can use it as kind of like a bug out bag or whatever I don't want to carry in my Alice pack I can throw it in here some some of this I am duplicated in my Alice pack but I normally just throw this in the back of the truck now that way it's not all scattered around but anyway I just have some some small provisions in here I carry one of these at all times Mountain House meals quick and easy my hat's it's summertime so if I ever need some shade I got those and then I just kind of have it organized in here and I thought it was pretty cool because they come with these organization squares and so I just have more provisions which are my ramen noodle packs like I carry three of them in there I found some of this out in the woods and I figured I'd throw these in here this is a think it's a piece of vertebrae from maybe a cow or something I can use that for a bow drill handheld also muscle for bow drill I can use a most this muscle for a dish and my turtle shell that I found as a container or a bowl I just have them in there just because just in case I want to mess those when I'm out there got some tinder in here I got cattail fluff and I got birch bark so I just leave those two in here at all times probably ought to get some cedar in here to some cedar bark I got my fishing lures hooks and weights i also got my wax a few whacks fire starters in here just in case and I have an extra ultralight fishing reel I can always make a fishing pole if I if I have to so I figured I'd throw that in there as well I have some alcohol always have my bleach bleach is worth its weight in gold as far as I'm concerned in a in a survival situation out in the woods or any environment you know especially in a suburban survival situation if you have to have that I got some ibuprofen as well in case I get a headache or whatever going on in the case that I made up I have a thermal blanket rescued blanket I have some heat warmers even though it's summertime these can be used for many different many different things not just not just a cold weather situation but as it gets colder you know I'll have them in your rubber bands rubber bands come in handy in all situations as well I have some it's the rainy season now and i bought these cheap ponchos so i just threw them in number as well you can use these as you know shelter ground cover anything and also as they're meant for as a poncho as well of course extra zip lock baggies and two other cheap punches extra clothing in case I get wet I got socks pair of boxers and a long sleeve t-shirt I got my hatchet I got a dry bag and some gloves these uh these dry bags are fantastic these are the military dry bags let me see if I can under all it for you they're really really they're large I can carry my whole sub-zero sleeping bag in this thing and it keeps it 100 percent dry these are what actually these are the inserts that go inside of the Alice packs so that whole thing is a dry bag it's got the rubber inside so these are actually the inserts that go inside your large Alice back in your medium Alice packs so I just carry one that's loose in here I have my hand team coach for obvious reasons tape can over millions of uses for duct tape I got a homemade stove that I made drilled out the top of it drilled out the sides and then drilled out the sides of that and I can burn you know I can put my wax fire starters in there with some wood and then I have my I have my my stove there so I also carry a sterno because they're so easy to light you can light them with your favor rod and then you can get anything else going so your Ferro rod if everything gets soaked in here I always have my Ferro rod on me it's actually on my keychain my keys are over there but I can always start this with that Ferro rod so no for with that and it's got so much fuel in it that it's just it's they're great to have around I got lights alright so i have so i had my favorite board i got two little pockets up here this is just my trailer hitch to my truck seems how it's always going to be this bag is always going to be in my truck and I have to tell you something I got that trailer turns on the lights on the back of the trailer but anyway I got a can of off in another spray bottle of off in there because I hate mosquitoes way just like everybody else so anyway I thought this was cool i was all organized just you know and a lot of this I carry in my in my ALICE pack like the fire starters the poncho the food my canteen cups my stove I got my other camping stove and they're my tender I always carried in there bleach so a lot of this is duplicated but I don't always have my ALICE pack in my truck so let's see up here up here I have some fat would some really really nice fat would that I found that I haven't used yet I used a little bit of it both really nice fat wood pieces that I keep these are extra going to be extra bow drill spindles or hearth boards at one point when I run out these are pine white pine and I don't have a lot of white pine around me so I kind of stock up on that in case I want to make an extra bow drill I have my old I also have my old mora knife latched in one of these oral airway circles which I thought was cool so I can keep my more in there my old one I got my new one my more companion in my Alice pack but anyway then I have a snake bite kit that i just threw in there just for emergencies and then I got my other my other first aid kit which used to be a shovel pack Molly and I just converted it into a a first aid kit I have everything in here if you watch my first aid videos you can see those in there I got rubber gloves I got splints I got tourniquets I got neospora and all that in there oh let's see I had another ziplock bag and so that's what I have as far as in my bug-out bag for emergencies I have everything covered in here and I just wanted to show you guys that because they were given these bags away and I thought well heck i cannot i can utilize the heck for all of my crap so anyway you guys might want to throw some of this in your bug out bag or take some of these ideas and and run with them or whatever you guys want to do I just wanted to show you it so thanks for reviews your comments and as always your support and you guys have fun out there we'll see on the next month

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