you welcome to seven trumpets forever a welcome to our go back gear giveaway I'm really excited we're going to be able to hook somebody help with about two hundred dollars worth of gear and we're also going to give somebody a $25 Bass Pro gift card just for making a really good video we're going to have everybody helps produce the channel and get together we're going to pick out the best video and we're going to at least look somebody up with a gift card just for the effort so that's pretty cool but before we go into the gear and to the rules this may be the first time you're ever joining us here at seven trumpets prepper channel now to all our subscribers who support us already thank you for your support and being with us but to those of you who are just joining us for the very first time I want you to know we truly are Doomsday Preppers here we don't do it for the TV and for all the show and glamour we want to get the message to the world now right before I explain everything I want you to give me just 30 seconds of your time to explain what we truly are about here I would encourage you first visit hallelujah scripture Stockholm if you don't own a bible and get you one this is a wonderful bible to have it has the true holy names are stored in it just like it is right here on my t-shirt yahushua messiah is put back into it so that we can know our Creator and his son's name and all the things that were removed on scripture years ago it's been put back the way it should have been now not only that I would encourage you to visit seven trumpets of Revelation series produced by world's last chance calm because this shows you how events are going to take place here in the very near future and this is going to be something wonderful that people need to see now before bad times do come now without say of what we do here at the channel is to take the Bible and put prep and coupled with it because the Bible's full of Preppers if you've seen me on national geographic you've seen what I've had to say about Preppers in the Bible Noah Joseph they're the Bible's full of people that prepared because y'all would instructed us to do so we're here at the very end of time we need to be prepared to glorious return the Messiah's coming soon and I can't wait but there's going to be hard times in between that's why we're doing this gear giveaway to help someone out to get through these hard times head now this is going to be a good foundation for someone that just starting our prepping because you can build on this it's I've been building on my gear bag for a year and I'm still building on it it took me a long time before I ever even started a gear bag and I've been prepping for three or four years now so here we go the rules I've got my red version hearing from me scribbled down to remember all this you can check the complete set of rules in the bottom of the video description okay the video contest entry starts as at the moment you've just seen this video right now it's going here's the rules anyone can enter as long as you're a subscriber to the channel and no one that helps produce the channel can enter so that's about 10 people at minimal so don't worry if you're not one of those folks helps produce that you're good to go to enter anyone under the age of 18 can enter in this contest but if you do win this will be half will have to be shipped to your legal guardian or parent okay because we are giving something away that minors can have all right only one video entry is a wild per subscriber the video can not be longer and seven minutes long because I've got to watch every one of these and if I get like ten thousand videos I can't be watching hour-long documentary I mean no disrespect I man just got to get through these videos all right the subject of the video is course the gear giveaway a link to your video must be emailed to right there to seven trumpets prepper at gmail com we have to have two things in the email the link to the video and the link to your YouTube channel because we're going to take that link and that's what's going in the pot for the drama I'll explain that further in a minute the drawing will take place on the 17th or I'm sorry the 23rd of March the 23rd of marks will be the drone okay will be feeling that drawing of course the last date for the entry is the 17th of March okay so you can't turn in a video after that point okay so to clarify 23rd is the drawing day 17th is the last day to get the video in we will also be giving the $25 gift card away on the twenty-third to best video picked out and we'll put share the link to that video in their giveaway video there cannot be no cursing or obscene language or anything like that in your video entry and it can't be in your subscriber name because I'm going to be announcing who the person is they want it so I don't want to be you know announcing some of the first name in there night okay no references or slanderous remarks towards the Bible and if anyone says that seven trumpets a revelation are not going to happen your videos automatically disqualified because that's what this channel is all about don't be offended we want be what must be in the video to qualify on the drama okay so this is what you've got to do to qualify we want to shout out to seven trumpets prepper channel for you to tell your friends about us and you've got to put a link in the video itself to us you've got to have a link like I've got right now says you don't hear seven trumpets prayer channel or we're putting the video description and say that it's in the video description so people can find us okay now the other part of that is just tell us what you like about the channel if it's been a blessing to you what's been helpful and critique us little tell us what you'd like to see what you know you really you didn't like this or you did like that you know be honest with okay because we want to deliver the best possible warning message and knowledge that we can speak okay now you can get up to six additional entries in the pot that was one okay so here's the six additional ones if you give a shout out to our seven trumpets prepper facebook page you get an additional entry in the pot if you give a shout out to sound and allow cried calm you get an additional entry in the pot if you send a shout out for world's last chance calm you get additional entry a shout out to hallelu scriptures calm you can get an additional entry if you share your thoughts about us being on National Geographic dem state Preppers you get an additional entry and our if you share your thoughts about final events you get an additional entry so that's seven entries total that can go on the pot for you okay so with that said let's go to the gear bag and take a look at the gear that we're going to be giving away now ok so to begin with we have a cult tactical gear backpack I got to say when I went to pick this thing up for the giveaway I was really impressed with the quality of this ain't just saying because we're giving us your way the zippers are really heavy dude it's got straps on both sides that's that's a lot better than my mil grey backpack on the side I really like that it's got straps on the bottom a very good dig stand out it's got straps on the top so I like that you put sleeping roll on the top 10 or sleeping bag on the bottom 10th set poles on the side me this this is really nice ok so I have to start with all right now next this is a fleece throw now I keep one of these on my gear bag I'm very good very good prep to have sorry a fleece throw to keep you warm all right we've got a aquamarine sorry about that it got a little crumpled up there aquamarina frontier emergency water strong this thing's really easy to stick the strong then drop it down the water drink you didn't clear out the garage Giardia and cipro spree diem good stuff right there all right want to make sure that you know where you're going we got some binoculars that now I keep a small part of like this and my go bag and I mean they're they're not like the really deep magnification but they at least bring things up where you can see it from close enough distance to know if dangerous there so early some binoculars all right now pick this up at smokey mountain on forks this is a paracord raft Cold Steel you can throw it or you can use it hand to hand I hope no one ever has kill anyone but you know you may run into wild animals or have to defend yourself you know I'm I hope no one ever has to use it but you know in case you do there it is and it's got a good sheath on I tried to get everything to match black you know low profile next up we got a platoon first aid kit sorry I couldn't find it in black this thing has a ton of stuff in it it's got everything from the bandages iodine wives instant cold pack you know pain or levers the large pressure bandage is some minor stuff like scissors tweezers and then it's got a bunch of stuff in it even the creams and things like that very nice and it's got the Molly on the back so you can put it on here or you can just put it inside the back all right now I got this survival medic kit from Seoul it's got the emergency blanket the shelter blanket you can use that and yes they can press that down in that pretty awesome it's got the fire starter kit in it and the fire starting material duct tape emergency whistle your bud encompass the trying to see what else has got here is and it's also got additional medical supplies besides your platoon first aid kit its cup of antiseptics antibody bandage adhesive and stuff like that now I picked this up also it's the smaller wires I'll just in case you need it for smaller stuff that you can upgrade get the larger wires off you want to but I didn't see that in this and I thought that was something that might come in useful so I got that to go with it alright moving on while we were filming that strong anything four bays mountain I got one of these water bottles that you can clip on tape with you I liked it that it's kind of got that coyote color so I grabbed that to go with this one here that as far as I know can all be filed at National Geographic I was giving these when we film for National Geographic is another doomsday prepper item that I got here to begin with is the water pouch just like this one's 32 for your bag this one here says National Geographic doomsday preppers on it like said as far as I know at the moment you can buy it at the National Geographic store and then I also got this little backpack drawstring one and it's got the insulated thing and it's pretty cool so you can take that to the football game or whatever and show it off your friends that you got it all right next everybody needs some bartering items okay so I've got I've got some in a copper here throw-in so you can barter you never know whenever money ain't worth nothin no more you're going to need to be able to trade with people minted coin edge has always been good throughout the ages now we've got Amore's food here now if you are vegetarian I will accommodate you okay if your meat eater I've got that too alright so meet at your vegetarian just let me know if you win let me know which you prefer it off I'll take care of it we got in this stack right now I've got a cornbread stuff and sloppy joe chili and macaroni fried rice beef brisket chicken and noodles vegetable sauce see one else here mashed potatoes beef stew chili and macaroni and yes these are the famous MREs off of doomsday preppers so you're getting some stuff that made TV right here folks okay so this should be good five six year and I would only go one year in your bug out bag if you're keeping in your car on the go all the time but that's known MREs to keep you good to go so you could eat you can either eat one meal for 90 days or you could eat one meal for three days for three people you choose now that's pretty much it right there that's about two hundred dollars worth of gear I wanted to get a bunch more but maybe as if we have a really good aunts on this video here we'll do this again and for even more gear if we can come up with it later down the road now for the best video submission that we get like said myself and everyone else that helps produce a channel we're going to all get together we're going to take a look at these videos we're going to pick the video that we think is the best and we're going to give you a $25 Bass Pro gift card for your effort for taking your time to give us just a few moments of your time about concludes it I'm really looking forward to the response that we're going to get from this I'm looking forward to seeing your videos your input on our channel please help share us with other people that's that's all we ask out of this and have fun doing this video so until we see you in your seven trumpets credit channel have a most place a day in yahushua

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