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physics are on point for that [ __ ] reminds me of cro street was a hefty physics back sorghum obeys oh geez Oh what is going on everybody tortoise live train and welcome back today guys grid 2 here on the xbox360 man that's screwed right there I've not seen that screen in a little bit and it definitely brings back some memories man now if we even think even farther back you know the opening screen that a PlayStation 1 Xbox original you know the Sega oh my god and it's crazy to think how far we have come with video games and you know the sky's the limit at this point man we have a lot of things happening this year you know VR is getting really big and hopefully the graphics can improve with everything else moving forward and the next-gen after this from the Xbox one and ps4 will just be mind-blowing but to be fair I don't know how they're gonna compete with the you know actual today's graphics so we'll see but back to the topic today guys we are playing some grid 2 as I said to you guys before this was free on the Xbox storefront we picked this up we did an online playthrough with the crew that was a hell of a lot of fun I asked you guys in the comments do you want to see a let's play and you guys said yes man so I'm definitely hype to be here today starting this and if you guys would like to see some more grid 2 on the channel all you guys need to do is slap that like button really given two options man World Series racing and grid online it's a lot of choices hopefully there's a story mode associated to this I just really want to just play this just to see how this was gonna feel in terms of the campaign and see what we can do it you know is it gonna be a worthy campaign for a full let's play or just you know a couple episodes if you guys can help me out if you've already played it that'd be greatly appreciated as well too I know today today's my I think my I think one of the first days recording with a million subscribers man that is absolutely nuts even think about still you know from a small time Dan gamer in my room just ripping videos and all that and now what we have it's nuts and at least we got some cutscenes today man hell yeah I love me some cutscenes you guys know this now remember this is xbox360 and it looks pretty damn good man holy [ __ ] we've got some beautiful cars in the pack I seen oh my god this is a stacked line that's my fault not yours oh that's mine it's Jenny okay let's see what we can do right now we got a Mustang so let's see what we can do as long as we stand the crowds we should be okay for today handles actually very nicely when we were playing this on Ortiz we were playing is actually on the online version uh you know the stock cars were a little bit tough and we rolled [ __ ] know what just happened that guy's funell who must have hit him ok how many last we have before right now in his good side wait a second or two laps office I wish I could use the wheel I don't know if the wheel is compatible with the xbox 360 games if they are please let me know because that would be so sick we're coming in so long but this Mustang feels so good though suspensions meant I can see this alright I can say this cuz I'm wearing the men's sweater right now if you guys must know I'm wearing it alright it makes me want to say min sometimes I'm wearing it sounds a haggard garage though guys you're doing big things as well do they should be hitting a million pretty damn soon we're about to hit that first place though scuse me bag get that big [ __ ] out the way that is gonna be the final lap right there then we've passed about the final corner he's incredible man I had couldn't keep track of the amount of camera phones focused on you that performance he's going to get us noticed just you wait and see you can tell this is damn 360 days as you said I bet the amount of cameras here as she you've been making waves across the racing community with your shoes the tutor need quite a following I've been searching for a driver on the rise help me Jake a plan of mind in the next level can I freeze this okay thank you did you guys just see how many likes that man had hit 3500 am like saw that video holy [ __ ] man if you guys could do me a favor can we surpass that man's likes on that page that'd be greatly appreciated he had 3500 let's shoot I know this is a high goal for today 4,000 likes let's jump let's get 4000 let's show this man up ponytail GQ change please thank you oh okay by the end of the cutscene so be there's gonna be a little bit more to it but that is really cool though they have they had you know kind of the background story to its youtube channel trying to get those views trying to get those likes man I know all about that grind man this is four years and I think how many days four years like nine days since we started the channel which is pretty damn cool man told you that last race with spark some interest you heard a Patrick Callahan well he's the best winner today he's got some big idea to set up a new world racing series that's gonna take the world by storm his words so today is a no-pressure try out what's shown what you can do okay take some time to learn the track today before you you say it's pretty damn simple we're just going to drive it and see what happens we're going to practice live duty I don't think we do I know if it's just me but I can barely hear this man I just I did not mean to do that holy [ __ ] okay I did not expect to just let go like that now one thing though I do mean my dad control freaks on and unfortunately I don't have any ps4 sticks yet and using my stuff controller at the moment some speed and I have the ps4 dome sticks you should kind of rotate controllers every few days just to keep them nice and fresh scuffs got its day today and we should be waiting on actually something from control three try to chat a little bit very soon we're gonna be doing a nice little thing for control freaks very soon I cannot wait agility with our sticks we got a nice little stretch here let's get it we're at nd we're doing 200 cane on that stretch physics actually feel very nice yawns not arcade but it's not sim and so great in the middle and it feels fantastic on something where you can just pick up and play and you know if you're not that good at the car comes back out I just blew that motor I dropped it into them second instead of fourth I'm so ready seriously okay and this damn session here man just send it thank you file now and your performance in Chicago is the reason why you had a drive around the Indianapolis Speedway now I have something to offer Wow my dream is to create a world series of racing imagine the high speed racers from the US the technical guys from Europe and the drift kings of Asia all in one competition to determine the world's greatest driver but first we need a spark we need a star and that's where you come in to get our name out there I've set you up with some of the USA's elite racing clubs once we get the US clubs on board sign some of their drivers get their fans then we can start hosting our own events okay sounds pretty damn good I will say though uh for a guy that owns a Mac which look like it it doesn't look like it right now but forgot it on the Mac on the table that damn desk was dirty as [ __ ] man you see that thing it's have a quick look it's rugged man it's real rugged the wood I'd be like hope we can look around though always love Codemasters for that look as you can all you look so far down how far down can we go come on okay that's it that's it wha 21 to 30 I'm not 30 man I'm 24 right now 24 okay when we are Canadian thank you so much for knowing that names Oh audio name we can do audio games dude does it have Peter though does it have slop cuz that'd be pretty cool if it does I don't think it was that Pete I'll take Pete okay for experienced racers wanting a challenge you know what let's try the Hard difficulty we'll see how we do and then I'm praying that we can at least turn it down if we need to invite to compete with new Union race club and their star driver Harrison Carter if you can give him a good challenge it should get him interested in joining up with us okay Harrison Carter a California raised Pacific Way 3,500 fans currently not bad for just starting out though holy [ __ ] magic if you can start a YouTube channel oh and instantly have 3,500 math students game they cross the finish ahead of your competitors you're going to need all of your driving skill to make your way through the pack bring home the win perk on that baikinman we bring it home the cheddar for today I take it out right now now ladies gentleman is wall – I did want to mention in a video about my special one-million shirts that are on sale on fan fibre hopefully that they are still on sale right now they're a limited edition they were supposed to be 48 hours shirt they got extended for another 24 hours so if you guys would like to pick one of those out once-in-a-lifetime chance here to be a part of that one mil shirt life ladies and gentlemen so go and click on the link in the description box down below it will take you to the fan fibre site where you guys will pick up yours I definitely do appreciate that I should be receiving mine in the mail pretty damn soon as well and I'm just hype man 1 million on a shirt that's dope I'll definitely getting framed before the office putting in a nice little box and all that it's going to be sick man a nice little shadow box with that I just can't wait to get the studio set up man I got a lot of plans a lot of things that I want to do a lot of things on the walls it's gonna be pretty dope and I cannot wait to have you know full space to just make my own it's gonna be dome a you know when you look at other people setups you're like oh [ __ ] man that's a nice setup that's what I'm hoping my setup is gonna look like man I'm gonna have to full rig setup triple screen monitors with an editing table we're gonna have a nice couch to lounge at it's gonna be pretty dull that's the plan terrific crash what we're not turning on cars overlays and janitors got a lot of support out here today cuz he can get his fans on our side Harrison Carter okay I see you Playboy I see that's my phone again man I'm so sure I'm you know what I'm turning off right now how come ergo the hell was that man you see that [ __ ] trying to be nice and smooth on these steaks right here the biggest things make sure that you are days in tune California though man this is treacherous already I'm just tend to just roll it off the hill just to see what's gonna happen is you know this gambler physics are on point for that [ __ ] reminds me of Pro Street who's with some hefty physics packs with demo days oh geez Oh and we're in last place – good for us this Mustangs my slow down I'm 30 sometimes like a okay the next one is easy to take your sir Oh oh my god bring the air socket but will it drive still I think oh yeah we can't believe you the flashback oh we can do that [ __ ] gotta get creative my forecast my day Debbie finishes it oh you got 30 dolls this we got third place we didn't bag a day and finish though top three nice going that should get new Union to invite us back to continue now let's go restart our website place okay that's our friendly I was curious I'm like what the hell is this [ __ ] destroyers be mesto at that time I see you over there playing ball I see okay finished third place though not too bad I do like the fact that they do show you the friends leaderboards to really challenge other people and that's something that I've always wanted in games is that you know seeing other people score as you're playing and they really did a good job if you're not really making it clear where you are the leaderboards afterwards really really fast I mean wasn't something we had to go in to look for we got 50 300 fans now okay should be an achievement oh yeah and another Club interested the Transamerica Pacers they made a Japanese build vehicle to compete with them so here's two to choose from oh my god they gave me the two best cars had a 300 or damn s 15 I don't know what to pick on this [ __ ] oh the 300zx is just so nice but then as 15 always money you know I mean it's just like which one do I want to go with you know what I want to hear that twin-turbo roar man we're going to go ahead with the twin-turbo setup on the 300 you're able to win another one later via a challenge okay perfect we've got the option to take any of the cars you own for a test drive appreciate way to test out the limits of the car before you head into competition sponsors are another great way to get your name out there each time you advertise a sponsor on your car the law for you an objective complete it and you'll make sure you reach a wider audience do we have access to all these sponsors you just put whatever sports we want on this you're not serious sorry that's dope okay um let's do some Holley headers why not no fear pain I'm down now it does look like we're just crudely pacing these on the car but we need those sponsors man we got to get [ __ ] we can do everything on this that is dope now the car is looking good man this is sweet okay I liked it you know the actual preset the vinyls on there there's actually quite a few of them holy [ __ ] they've really taken the time to you know make sure that if you don't want to take the time to make your own they got you covered man look at all these they're going thing maybe this one this one looks pretty dope you can also change the colors of it and move it like so we could potentially make it blue if we really want it that's crazy and purple you know what I'm feeling this purple but whatever reason I don't know why I am but I'm feeling it bed let's go maybe black is that gonna change it's gonna change quite a bit of things or not okay ah you know what let's just keep it the way it is looks great looks great all right we're gonna go with the numbers oh we can do wheels let's go maybe this is sick they actually have a [ __ ] ton of wheels as well to remember Xbox 360 ladies and gentlemen the wheel game is on point here holy [ __ ] man which more games had you know a fresh set of wheels like this you know what since they've given us the option and randomize and I've always said give us four and a button they have man let's go ahead and use it we're gonna get three randoms all right so if we do the first or second random we can choose between those two if I want to go for a third random I'm stuck with those rims all right so let's go number one not bad number two oof you know what I don't want either one of those we're gonna go with our third random we got to stick with these rims this time here we go oh let's go number one I'm taking it appreciate it just get it then I'm gonna go career kale so you lost a few choices now you can continue competing with new Union you can accept the invite to meet the Transamerica Pacers or if you want to get some practice in I've organized a test drive at Indianapolis any time you need it I just want a drift man I said that we could drift wasn't it oh my I'm an idiot why did I just do that Mustang for a drift event when oh oh there it is okay I even see it there man it was in hiding it looked blocked out oh [ __ ] maybe a nice white you know what we're just gonna keep it white on there and in terms of the strike we're going back to that purple man give it my purple back I don't know why I love that so much it's just it's pretty damn cool yeah we're going with the checkered flag just cuz I know we're gonna be coming in first place I'm just kidding man it's not a thing but can we change the color oh [ __ ] we can make these bigger oh my god little big they are what the look at this we got some damn 24s on this [ __ ] okay let's bring those down quite a bit I just wish that we can do different colors of those name rims man that'd be beautiful now we're definitely going with the one mill can I do one mill I can't that's a shame and I wish I could omit we need three so maybe let's go nine nine nine nine maybe I don't know you know what we're gonna do it I just washed the nines last night with Ryan Reynolds that was a damn trippy ass movies we're gonna go ahead and pick up the nines on this [ __ ] man it's kind of weird that it is nine nine nine after I just watch it but you know apply this livery and let's see Oh some joker style payment this two-toned on this [ __ ] guys for teasing me basically there was a drug event no-holds-barred charge for the line oh sure no penalties for contact just remember you can push hard but so can they I'm excited ah let's go ahead and we're gonna run with our 300 for this one our damn Joker style paint on this [ __ ] I mean it doesn't look that bad I am actually gonna take some time if you guys would like to keep seeing this on the channel you know the cars will be done properly it was just kind of you know a quick run-through just to see what was possible with the game and you know I'm pretty damn impressed with the paint scheme so far and I'm hoping that the cars that we earn offline we could bring them all online that's the kids I'll be pretty excited in the top three if you want the Pacers to invite you back okay well this time man I'm feeling I'm having big offers places my mom shrink the wall just a bit just one on one man about this or large twin-turbo is I'm out [ __ ] check the [ __ ] out of this man it's actually on nice we committed to holding your pace and cleared an objective and my circle superchips lightly that's it come on Diego well what's up with my tire right there you see this [ __ ] we need a Lyman visa Bing in Chicago oh you're out those turns and you'll be winning in no time okay buds ah yeah so this is the same thing maybe not reckon against the same gun oh it's Jade your time and sector 1 and you'll be in with a better chance okay oh geez I clip that again but I actually hate this time face up and goes let's put this again already oh [ __ ] or the outside turn form and don't do it nobody goes to the outside as every single time talking about comment section down below come on we sailing we're lonely dirty on Oh unexpected for the Mustang come on I'm just kidding I swear a lot Mustangs why are you dogging the best egg still man I don't know I just feel like that meme with the Mustang will live for eternity like that's that's one of those things that have climbed up here I was avoiding module in performance good Drive big thank you it looks like we're going head to head against this man so it's like a tournament style face-off that's pretty sick man I do like that we've got one more race than if that's the case for a total of three laps on here on Hard difficulty holy [ __ ] resistance ribbon fifteen point eight KS it it's not that much man the roads are right here so make sure you use all the runoff to help carry your speed well sir this is my third race so I think I got it all right appreciate the help this has 15 feet this coalition was terrific driving style try to get the car sideways through the bends to maintain your speed oh yeah how we just take about 200 that's why can your books I know it's still right behind us oh geez deal that's all for now chick in the flashback oh man look this we're doing it I'm so sorry man I know it's a bench move but hear me out man luminous I've over everything came out with that [ __ ] there was their little I'm fixable oh my god no comeback no no no I don't know why I started talking about the fix book page oh [ __ ] not even finally on this [ __ ] hey with the story why is the car handling so [ __ ] on not in a flashback word first we're getting British John damn and at least we finished them right oh he's got it done put in a vinifera know that will make the Pacers take notice right it will sir ladies and gentlemen I think that is going to be it for this episode all the grid to show cloaks in his lineups here last time on that I think I really enjoyed playing this game you know I was really excited to come back on this game for today and just see what it had to offer and I'm impressed and I definitely am impressed hopefully you guys have enjoyed this hopefully you're enjoying your weekend as well too if you are leave it down in the comment section what you guys had playing happened and 1 million subscribers huge thanking everybody that's been coming around hooch and everybody that commented in the 1 mil montage as well I definitely appreciate everybody's support on this journey man but it doesn't stop there man we got a lot of games to play still a lot of cars to slide and a lot of videos to still upload man ladies and gentleman thank you guys once again you guys can follow me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter all of which are found in the description box down below man this guy's an upgrade his keyboard look at that [ __ ] that's windows 98 oh my god to go to slab truth Oh awesome job guys you

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