Harry Enfield – Methods of Self-Defence

good evening Grayson good evening mr. Charlie Warner various to tell me water a fine example of self-defense Thank You Grayson but would you have the foggiest idea what to do we've apprehended by not two no-gooder on a dark night it's frightfully late and the valley vendor stops you and practically bars your progress all right chummy and over your perishing lolly or face a bit of rough and tumble obviously you can't see eye-to-eye with him on this matter I'm afraid I can't see eye-to-eye with you on this matter no now I'm going to administer a flippin covering we are wait oh hey Meg well clearly it is important to know the basis of self-defense yes where are the bases of self-defense mr. Chumley Warner yes for our light in chunky desperado confronts you with lastness intent you have several ways of defeating him one raise your hat in apparent greeting the instinctive difference of his class the burly feller will automatically remove his cap and bring it with both hands evening gala was it whether we're having indeed not off thus rendering himself harmless you are now free to escape salamé we intended victims perishing gone number two Oh came unexpectedly with your umbrella then extend your knee and over he goes oh yeah oh sitting well upended then simply sit on the ruffian until the constable arrives good evening officer I very end in a scallywag for you to carve well I've learned my lesson and no mistake number three pretend to go along with his requests remove your watch and then at the moment of handing it over hypnotize the ruffian I'm in a perishing puzzling chance number four drop to your hands and knees his center of gravity disorientated he will capsize over you Blarney Stone made me blast its center of gravity eh not been disorientated and five dropped your knees is attempted punch will consequently miss its intended target well the devil's me intended victim opted to yours will be deadly today wa remember hat umbrella watch hands and knees and finally needs it's a simple phrase that's easy to remember Huw a cake a fine mr.

Chumley wanna that's a simple phrase that's easy to remember because it spells waka waka.

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