Here’s Why You Rarely Saw Barron During Trump’s Presidency

when donald trump gave his final speech as the 45th president of the united states on wednesday january 20th his son barron trump was nowhere to be found the rest of the family including trump's wife melania his daughters ivanka and tiffany and his sons donald jr and eric gathered at joint base andrews for his final send-off farron however was notably missing in action many wondered why the 14 year old was not in attendance during the momentous event and a firestorm of questions rang out on social media one twitter user posted did they leave baron inside giving a nod to the former first son's former home the white house another user said did trump just home alone barron trump i didn't see him get on air force one the bidens better check the basement baron was also absent from the trump family's christmas card in 2017 and as east bay times reported many accused his parents of a snub years later it was alleged that baron was left out of his family's annual christmas eve dinner according to express another tweet rang out after the trump family's 2019 celebration asking so where's the kid where's barron does he not spend time with any of his children when they are teenagers it's christmas and you would think they would have showed off the kid from the moment former president donald trump won the 2016 election against hillary clinton barron trump just 10 years old at the time was subject to harsh criticism and downright bullying on social media for his demeanor during his father's victory speeches as the sun reported it was three in the morning and baron was obviously exhausted and likely bored like any kid his age would be but the internet trolls and likely some angry critics of the controversial election took out their frustrations on the young baron according to the outlet one twitter user went so far as to comment meanwhile baron trump looking like damien the antichrist sadly it didn't stop there even celebrities thought fit to bring trump's youngest into their political commentary most notoriously in a since-deleted video rosie o'donnell without any prompting speculated that baron might have autism variety reported that the often outspoken o'donnell shared a minute video compiling clips from the republican national convention the presidential debates and trump's acceptance speech that suggested ten-year-old baron might be showing signs of autism at the time she claimed she raised the issue because her own daughter was on the spectrum and she doubled down in a sense deleted tweet defending her controversial video saying what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the autism epidemic regardless of o'donnell's motivation bringing a minor into the conversation was inappropriate and she was quickly chided for a lapse in judgment chelsea clinton was one of barron trump's most fervent defenders at the time and her ability to put aside her partisan alignment and see the potential harm of mocking a child in the media likely came from first-hand experience in a tweet from august of 2017 clinton demanded it's high time the media and everyone leave barron trump alone and let him have the private childhood he deserves melania trump was obviously well aware of the online bullying and criticism of her only child and she quickly took to twitter to thank chelsea clinton for her support writing thank you chelsea clinton so important to support all of our children and being themselves she concluded the tweet with the hashtag stop childhood bullying it was less than a year later that the former flotus launched her be best campaign which would focus on childhood mental health issues and social media bullying while the exact reason behind baron's absences may never be disclosed they could simply be the result of his parents especially mom melania wishing to shelter him as some might recall melania was forced to speak out against professor pamela carlin in december 2019 after she used baron to make a point about president trump not being above the law so while the president can name his son baron he can't make him a baron the professor's attempted singer did not land and melania immediately fired back on twitter saying a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics pamela carlin you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering and using a child to do it a short time later carlin offered a public apology for her comments about barron saying i want to apologize for what i said earlier about the president's son it was wrong of me to do that i wish the president would apologize obviously for the things that he has done that's wrong but i do regret having said that check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more list videos about the latest hot topics are coming soon subscribe to our youtube channel and hit the bell so you don't miss a single one

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