Homemade Pot-in-Pot Refrigerator “Off Grid Fridge” cools air up to 40F (evaporative cooler/chiller)

hi there this is just a quick video to show you   how to make what's called as zeer 
pot fridge or a flower pot fridge looking good I put the little one-inch 
clay pots next to these to show how big   these are. the first thing you want to do 
here let's plug the hole on the bottom of   the pot so the sand will run out obviously 
I'm just using tape so that's how you start   and fill the biggest pot with a couple inches 
of sand on the bottom when you put the other   pot inside of it it's level like that now all 
you have to do is put sand around the outside okay there it is now we just add 
some water around the edge and   throw a towel on top and that's all there is to it okay finally the wet towel about 125 so I guess this is about the hottest   part of the day let's check the fridge 
here 87 86 yeah that's definitely cool so 117 out 79 degrees in the cooler right now it's 
112 and it's about 78 degrees in there it's 115   degrees out here 82 121 to 82 83 that's what I'm 
finding anywhere from 30 33 degrees to 39 degree   temperature difference so far in the last couple 
days humidity is probably 15% got so hot in my   yard the thermometer busted literally exploded it 
got so hot back here I want to see if it makes it   any cooler to add a third pot here and it's 
a 12 inch Pont 10 inch pot and an 8 inch pot like being a kid again it's going to take 
probably about three liters of water here so it's all done it took about three liters of 
water okay I've got the little fridge covered now   with the wet towel imagine making one of those out 
of that little pot right there you could like cool   a couple of grapes or a strawberry or something 
okay I've done temperature readings on this double   insulated zeer pot fridge I'm going to say just 
go with the two pots and not the three yeah it's   about the same but I don't think it's any better 
good alternative it's a good thing to have or know   how to build if you ever need it in an emergency 
or if you just live in an area where there's no   electricity make a few of these and these are 
pretty effective they've been around a long   time and I just wanted to make a video to see what 
type of temps I could get and help spread the word

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