Honda CRV as a cheap, daily driver, bug out vehicle

some examples of what the underestimated honda cr-v can actually do as a bug-out vehicle you're probably wondering why the hell would anybody want to use a Honda CRV as a bug-out vehicle you know why don't you get yourself a cheap which is a real off-road vehicle or some type of 4×4 v8 rook well the reason why is because a Honda CRV is cheap for one thing you know it's only about four thousand dollars depending on that where you get one and the engines are rock-solid reliable in general a MOT an unmodified Honda CRV motor can probably go 250 thousand miles fairly easily the all-wheel-drive obviously works pretty well as you can see in these videos it can go through mud sand snow water very very very easily actually um you know if it's not too deep and not too hard to get through for the average person anyway it's small you know and that can come in handy you know it can fit on small trails you know that the big trucks can't get on and if you're trying to get to a place where other people aren't you know sometimes smaller is better so you can squeeze in there and get in there and get away especially if there's obstacles in the road you know you need to get by them I wouldn't want to be pushing those obstacles out of the way and damaging my radiator or breaking up an axle or something or transmission I want to squeeze by it in a small vehicle and then you know they're good on gas the little four-cylinder engines are really good on gas compared to big v8 and that means a lot when you're trying to get really far away you know you want your gas to take you a long long way you know a v8 is going to run on a gas a lot faster carry a couple jerry cans on the back on the top and you extend your range significantly they're built off a Honda Civic so parts are available everywhere there's probably 10 Honda Civics in you know walking distance from my house right now you can seat five people which is pretty good you know you have more than five people that might suck you can sleep in it like a tent you know lock all the doors roll up the windows and you get yourself a nice little tent without even having to get out of the vehicle you don't have to sleep on the ground you don't have to set up a tent you know you're pretty safe in there and if you have to bug out just put the keys in and go it keeps out the cold pretty well too compared to like say a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top can't tow much that kind of sucks and you can't really do any serious Rock hauling rock crawling but you know in a suit istafan situation you just want to get out of town and so that's basically it you know it's got its own pros and cons but you know for a bug-out car you want to get out and get out of the city something happens some kind of some type of emergency happens you need to get your family out I think a CRV would should be considered as a portable way to do that you could still use it as a commuter car to go to work back and forth every day do it on gas and if the ever hits the fan you can pack everybody in and get the hell out and you can go up into the mountains or you can go out into the desert and get away from the city so anyway that's my little two cents on considering a Honda CRV as a bug-out vehicle there's other cars out there that I would consider too but like I said because it's based off a Honda Civic there's tons of parts it's good on gas you know all those things I said it just kind of makes sense and so basically that's it you know if you put on put on some all-terrain tires with maybe a three-inch list you could actually do even more than what you saw on these videos here now those are all these videos are made with stock tires and here's a picture of a Honda CRV from one of the Honda websites that shows it with a small lift and all-terrain tires and basically this is how I would probably build my version of the Honda CRV bug-out vehicle it looked like this you know I like that very capable and it'll do the job and as you could see in these videos these are all videos I borrowed from there from YouTube and they were all impressive videos you know so anyway that's my two cents it won't hang with a Jeep or a 4×4 shrub but it doesn't have to if all you need is something better than a two wheel drive car I'd like to thank YouTube member liang RF POA because he's the one who actually has a Honda CRV as a actual bug-out vehicle he's got all the gear to survive as something happens and I his video inspired me to tell the world about this idea all right thanks a lot stay safe

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