How Heavy Is Your Bug Out Bag? How To Choose The Best Bug Out Bag

how heavy is your bug out bag How Heavy Is Your Bug Out Bag how to pick a bug out bag bug out bag essentials best bug out bag backpack hi it's AlaskaGranny do you have a
Bug Out Bag could it be the size of one of these
well I find that I keep going bigger smaller heavier lighter it's
hard to decide on the perfect size for a Bug Out Bag what I need because we need to think
about how heavy is your Bug Out Bag if you get a bag that is huge that it's the size of something you
could take on an expedition you can be easily get it so heavy you couldn't lift it and
sometimes the bag itself is so heavy that by the time you load it up it's still too heavy for you to carry you need to be looking at each thing
beginning with your bag how heavy is your Bug Out bag choose a
backpack to begin with that is lightweight but sturdy did you
know children should only carry fifteen percent of
their body weight in a backpack even when they go to
school or anything like that and backpackers who are in super fit shape only want to carry twenty five percent
of their weight in a backpack a modern soldier who trains constantly can carry sixty percent of
his body weight so if you are physically fit then you
might be able to carry 25 percent of your weight if you really had to Bug Out and then you need to think about it
could I carry this for 10 miles if I had to when I was afraid when it was dark when I was worried and I didn't know what was ahead so
if you really are in a Bug Out situation you need to be prepared to have only the bare essentials when you're sitting
at home loading your bag everything looks interesting but you need to really think about what
you could carry and what you essentially need for survival then weigh each item think can I find a lighter weight
option do I really need this item if I had to go and speed was critical and this item would slow me down woud I really need
it you need water filtration fire starters
knife and something to keep you warm and everything else you need your
knowledge and your willpower to figure it out and find and make things along the way so don't make your Bug Out Bag
so big or so heavy that it's not useful could slow you down and
make you a target think about that go back and look through your things and figure out what is essential for my survival and is not going to be a burden that
prevents me from getting away and doing what I need to do to survive learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

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