How to block punches, Hapkido punching defense (Tutorial 1)

[Music] after punching defense appear upon it as block is actually came from the swords so imagine you're owning swords and blocking this lifting a sort of that's actually basic block okay we don't want to we rock out this way so we don't want to block that way and in hockey though we're not against my opponents power so we are taking in this way left foot I don't want to go this way then I'm facing back inside I'm covering my okay this one I don't know flocking okay you can do one hand on still I don't want to block out this way just cover my face this way turn down so gently direct my opponents it's an attack hey those full blocks one hand inside one from that we can do stripes or we can do stuff different techniques join ox or takedowns so see what's at Texas right one so I like to push its body and then energy here and strike okay again one two three then you can punch with our hands anyone and if you know push [Music] okay one two first and rather every day one two three and we do a chain about like one – yeah and inside one sir push and three yeah the spikes won't block always eyesight this way and strike sight and Aikido we don't want to punch with the fists boom and I can hurt my knuckles too so with my palm gently it is okay and also our strikes right the neck and shake okay slowly outside one two push and stretch one two three okay and those are the struck blocking spice basic block and strike so we're using both thumbs and climbing each directions okay number one one two Rock and strike three one two three and again there is question how can you grab someone's we have fists at first that's the question you want locking okay and then one block display and this one also I'm not pushing against too much display so we tied up this oh and this way come on one and two okay yeah look I just right there okay we don't want to go so I'm just kind of redirect my voice is this and then block possibly one and two this is our back fist okay again I don't want to go fine down this way I'm just a redirect and then backfist okay so that's all for directions when I move this way and block with my left arm and I move this way nope i raha – and when I move inside of my opponents look my left arm right and when I move rice inside and draw with my writer and so it's all possible directions and also you can go back and open here I go straight this way but again these are the basic techniques and no-one's punching and stay here [Music] [Music] you

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