How to Defend against a Gun to the Face | Krav Maga Defense

[Music] we are doing defense against a gun for forehead height [Music] gun you allowed to make two assumptions and they are not assumptions it is what's going to happen the minute you touched it it will go boom and it's a fact right after the wind blown he's gonna pull his arm back or entire body back and it's a fact as well and if any gun defends that you have seen until now will not answer to these two obvious questions then you should question your defense against a gun first of all because it will fire number one priority is for me to get out of the line of the gun that's first of all second of all I have to keep in mind that I'm gonna have to chase him to some degree because he's gonna have to pull I'm gonna get off the line and I'm gonna scrub him and I'm gonna tack in bringing the gun into his belly from here I'm gonna yank it out so a fresh round into chamber and open the gap if you have the law enforcement community and this is not your weapon you should clear the weapon and pull your own weapon out please thank this is 1 1 hence come up forehead goes in so if you look at it from the side I'm actually here and one back one back one but it is done on one foot and at the same time right foot kicks towards the groin one back one back one back once you hit you grab you learn for it and you wrote it to it most people or what I should advise you to do is to take the small step and to add a step with your left foot forward because it will carry your sleight of his Center and make your life a lot more comfortable head one step and rotate through it rotate the gun out and it's in your hands again yeah one step and step push it into it take the gun and it's in your hand I should tell you that if you happen to do it in the gun ended up in your hand there's no reason to continue and chase them you should just open the gap right away please take a gun start working every time you switch because every time somebody else gonna end up with the gun stop slow please smooth try to maintain the motion smoothly thank you very much [Music]

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