How To Make Bench Seat DIY Self Build off-grid Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van

hello my name's Mel welcome to my
world and for those of you that are new to my channel I'm currently turning this
Mercedes Sprinter into an off-grid go anywhere asleep anywhere
kind of stealthy camper van today I'm gonna be building a baby seat now a
lot of people have said to me we don't actually see you make any think milk so
I'm gonna film the entire process but don't worry I've already pre-cut the
wood pre-drilled it all of God do is assemble it so that's not moving today
I'm gonna assemble my bench seat hopefully less than five minutes I'm
gonna film the whole process and the only tools I've used to create this
entire seat use one saw with a broken tooth or to do need to get a new one and
a power screwdriver and that is it just two tools and some wood and some screws
well created a whole bench seat so it's getting the vein and I'll put the whole
thing together hopefully in less than five minutes if
not I'll have to edit that little bit health so this is where my base seats
going to guys a real simple bench seat a real simple design luck always I keep it
simple keep it safe now the purpose who's been seat other than sitting on
it's also going to be it's a fight more cooler and I want my cooler to slide
underneath it so the front this seat is gonna be open but also I'm gonna have it
so I can lift up as well just in case later wanna check in mind and I want to
break it off at the front that way it gives me the option of opening it and
using it as a chest because you can just shut eyes of stuff in there that way and
my cooler I would even put underneath my fireplace now the height of this bench
has gotta be high enough for my cooler to fit underneath but low enough that my
cushions don't come above the fireplace that's sitting light to them when it
gets hot so I want it as low as possible but it's high enough to pick my cooler
underneath so I've put my cooler there I've drawn a straight line across the US
on our fire that's going to be the actual construction of the bench is
gonna be really simple gonna four legs and a frame on top a simple as that I'm
gonna put it all together keep the camera rolling and you'll see a quick
and easy B C's right so this four legs that's what make sure those screws in there same that side so pre couple days
and pre-drilled the holes middle just to save a bit of time on camera didn't want
to put you through that pain mobs nice or wood with my broken saw luckily I'm running out tiles we're not
doing me fireplace I've got to go back down to the shop and get some more tiles
I'll pick up a new source a little more on there and then I should carry on the
filming how I'm making me fireplaces has one it's half finished
I think we like something to go to high gear anyway that's another video
completely that's me to back legs so this isn't a flick support so far so
good now the reason I'm using these thick
pieces of Timberlake's fighting off can't be easy at the forehead this is 44
by 34 same stuff as I used for me kitchen these Timbers what I use for my
bench the nice thing about this the top of this is exactly the same width of two
of these put together okay so well I put them on the floor like this and use them
as legs that goes across there like that one I mean when I put that there
kind of it's all nice and symmetrical and flat as you can see so that's why
I'm using a stick of wood for the links I know my perfect sense now I'm not
touching these legs to the floor just jacks I want to make sure it's all nice
and square first these are all going to stay floating the only ones I've
attached to the back ones the one that goes here I'm not going to touch that
one put this off top so I'm just using that offcut as a guide
to make sure trousers are you timing this is taking
more than five minutes put that on top of you move just make sure I've seen it
I've seen it I've done how many times I've said this but you really don't need
this big workshop 8c tools just just think about how you're gonna construct
stuff make it easy and slow obviously this is on top – wrong that's not gonna
let fancy joins it's just really simple for posts and a frying room top I can't
wait to get my give it some strength double up on the
screws at each end so I've got two screws on each ain't that meat sauce
just to give it a bit of drink there you go a really simple frame and we'll need
there's the top be right back is what I cut earlier there you go so that now
it's my big thick done and I'm gonna put hinges at the back on every slightly
forwards some hinges on the back they're not gonna lift it up get in or I
can also very good enough clearance for me to put
laminate flooring down should be enough room and the reason for that reason I'm
going right down on top of this because I want to put laminate flooring down
once I put them the flowing down that'll raise the height slightly so it should
be just enough so I can put a front on that if I want to and use it as a chest
this lifts up I've got chest bench traditional or I can just accept
down I'm not gonna fix it down because I'm gonna what I'm gonna do now is get
foam I'm gonna get some phone cut to the size of this and then cover the phone
and staple the covering to the back of this that is the easiest way to make any
cushioning is to actually rather than try and make like a messy pillowcase if
you like for your phone cushioning it going to get some plywood like this
get your phone cut to the right size choose the material you want to use I
mean you could even use and I will cover anything like that cover it I have a
font two corners nice slide it round I mean stifle the fabric from this side
I mean hey presto you've got you've got your cushioning basically so that's what
I'm going to do with this and once I've covered it put the cushion
on top covered it stapled it around hopefully my quick video about there and
I'll set this on here with hinges some little clips stopping jumping up and
down as I Drive and there you go there's my seat simple as that
so let's talk a little bit about my fireplace agency's half done the reason
his half down is because I'm Brody sometimes these tiles are super fixed
super strong and I did struggle to cut them but I found a really neat way here
I cut these tiles on the cheap as well and now I'm not using me saw I don't
think that's not help right the tea for me saw so if you want to see me finish
off me fireplace bunts I've brought some no tiles don't forget you're gonna need
to subscribe to my channel and hit notification bill that way you won't
miss me finishing off meets fireplace now before I go I want to say really
messy thank you a lot a little big thank you to Gary Howard from uni struck after
made my uni struck video about how to make us a roof wreck
Gary sent me some in caps free of charge as well so I think you're going I really
appreciate that and if you haven't seen that video you don't seen the video of
me making my roof right now have you nice truck and please do check it out
I'll leave a link around about there somewhere
anyway thanks for watching and if you are new to my channel do please consider
subscribing and by subscribing to my channel you'll have my fader cap and
I've got two and they're hungry thanks for watching and bye for now

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