How To Make The Ultimate Prime Rib

prime rib a true holiday showstopper prime rib is definitely one of the most impressive pieces of meat you can make for your family your friends it's really something a lot of people have with the holidays or a special occasion because of its price tag you really want to make sure you're getting it right we tested a bunch of recipes and different techniques so you don't have to here's everything you need to know about how to make the ultimate prime rib all you're gonna need is a great prime rib salt pepper and a little bit of time and patience one big debate about buying prime rib is whether to get bone-in or boneless a bone-in roast is known to give you a more flavorful more tender result because the bone insulates the meat as it cooks but it can also be really time-consuming to carve so we'd actually recommend that you get a boneless roast and have your butcher tie the bones back on to the meat that way you're still gonna get that great flavor from the bones and it'll be insulated and tender but you won't have to deal with carving it another question a lot of people have on buying prime rib prime or choice if you're already splurging we'd recommend going with the prime grade roast while prime grade prime rib is harder to find it really has the best flavor if you're going baked you might as well go big the last question is how much did you buy we'd recommend about a pound per person after the prime rib is cooked you'll end up with about a half pound per person now that you know what kind of prime rib to buy let's get cooking so the night before you make your prime rib you want to take it out of the fridge and blot it completely dry with paper towels if you have excess moisture the prime rib isn't gonna dry out as much which isn't gonna result in that crispy crackly crust that we really want to get so once the prime rib is completely dry you're gonna generously season it with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper kosher salt is actually less salty than iodized salt or table salt freshly ground black pepper is gonna add just that really great peppery flavor whereas pre ground it's just not the same I know this looks like a lot but to really make sure that the roast is fully flavored from the inside out you need to be generous with your seasoning you're gonna put it into a rimmed baking sheet the rimmed baking sheet is just gonna prevent any juices that might you know float out it's gonna keep everything contained transfer to the fridge and let it sit uncovered overnight if you don't have time to let it sit overnight at least try to do it for two to four hours it'll make a big difference in your final prime rib once the prime rib has rested overnight you're gonna take the prime rib out of the free and placed on a rack in a roasting pan it's really important to let the prime rib come to room temperature because if you put a cold piece of meat in a hot oven it's gonna bring down the temperature of the oven and therefore result in an uneven cook some people cover their prime rib with butter or other herbs and seasonings while it does add flavor it's kind of too overpowering this is such a delicate beautiful piece of meat that's inherently really fatty so adding more fat to it makes it really intense adding other seasonings or other herbs you can do it but you really don't need it and be conscious that adding some of those things might burn in the oven so that's really it now we're ready to roast so the trick to getting that beautiful crispy exterior is to start in a really hot oven we're gonna start at 450 degrees for 30 minutes then reduce the temperature to 325 and roast for 11 to 12 minutes per pound every roast is going to be a different weight and therefore it cook for a different amount of time you're spending so much money on this piece of meat you really want to do it right some people prefer cooking their prime rib low-and-slow we found that by doing this you can get a decent prime rib but the fat doesn't render in the same way and you don't get the same crispy exterior with a prime rib you definitely want to make sure that you're not overcooking it this is one of those times when a meat thermometer is absolutely non-negotiable when the temperature reaches 120 you want to take it out once a prime rib comes out of the oven you're gonna cover it with tin foil and tent it for about 30 minutes the temperatures still gonna rise about 10 degrees to get you that perfect medium-rare roast it's also gonna absorb the juices as its resting I know you might want to cook it a bit more but really trust us for prime rib it's such an expensive beautiful piece of meat you don't want to overcook it so from here it's pretty easy you're gonna transfer the prime rib to a cutting board to start carving it you can also save all those amazing juices from the roasting pan to make a no-shoe to top your prime rib with if you want so now we're gonna begin carving first you want to snip off the strings that are holding the bones back so because we have the butcher tie back the ribs it's really easy at this point to remove it so now just lift the bones right off the roast it's so much easier than having to carve them if we had gone a bone-in roast typically prime rib slices are pretty thick it's such a tender piece of meat that if you do really thin slices it's just gonna fall apart it's also the holidays I mean if there was ever a time to treat yourself this would be it when you cut into the roast the center should be pink the exterior should have that beautiful crackly skin and the fat should be rendered that's a sign of a great prime rib ah look at that stunning prime rib prime rib is typically served with a no-shoe or a horseradish cream whichever you choose you can't go wrong prime rib is deceptively simple your friends and family are gonna be really impressed and think you've been in the kitchen working hard all day on it well in reality you're just letting it do its thing in the oven try it out let us know what you think happy holidays you should honestly make the prime rib just for the fatty pets because they're so good it's like meat candy it's meat candy happy holidays [Music] you

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