HOW TO SURVIVE SCHOOL || Best Hilarious Pranks And Funny Hacks To Save Your Life By 123 GO! BOYS

If you find yourself in a pickle, Some survival skills can come in really handy. Stick around to learn how 
to save your life in a jam. One more line and… Aw, oops. Brian? Hey! Can I borrow your sharpener? Thanks! Brian? Brian? What? My book? It’s a novel. Cool! Alrighty… Oh my gosh! This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! BRIAN! What is it now, Ellie? Isn’t he cute?! Yep, that’s a cute cat, alright. What, she’s never seen a cat before? This class sure is boring. I wonder how sticky this stuff is. It’s fun to play with though. Hey!  Gah. Oopsies. This stops now. Time to get some quiet, Ellie. That ought to do it for now. Hey! You can’t do this to me! One, two… THREE! Now I gotta get outta this chair! Now PULL! GAH!!! This stuff really is strong! Now things are getting sticky. I know, My bobby pin! These things are sharp, right? I’ll stab it right in the middle… Come on… Go through! YES! I did it! Thanks to this little guy! Huh? How did you do that?! I’m never gonna finish this stupid book! And I was like, boom!  It was awesome! Math class can get pretty competitive.

Especially during algebra drills. I know this one. Brian? It’s five. I’ll get the next one. Now, what is X? Too slow, Ellie. Hmph. Things are getting hot in here. I know! HA! Seriously?! This thing’s locked and fully loaded. This is so unfair! I gotta kick this thing into high gear. This class ain’t big enough for the two of us. Come on, I’m ready to go here! MY MOMENT’S FINALLY HERE!!! THE ANSWER’S ALL MINE!!! What? She’s really going for it, huh? I so got this!!! WHAT?! How is he doing this?! Sorry.

Your arm’s getting outta control. Time to put an end to that! Can’t move your limbs now, sucker! HEY!! You can’t do this to me! I just did. Teacher! C’mon, think! I know! I’ll use my belt! But I gotta get the thing off first. There we go. If I string it through the plastic here, I can use its power to break it. Ready and pull! YES! Now for the other side.

There we go. Yeah, baby! Legs are free, now for the hands. Hmmm My laces! Once I untie both of my shoes, I’ll slide one lace between my wrists. I have to be able to grab it with my fingers. Tie it together with a lace on the other shoe. Don’t forget to double-knot it. Now Start pedaling! C’mon, break already! Worked like a charm. Just in time for the next question.

You know what? It’s yours. Let’s see… No? Well why don’t you take it, Ellie! Eleven! What a rush! The center of a cell? The nucleus! Mind if I join? Wow, you really know your stuff. Stop doing that! This is so unfair!  But you’re better at science than me! What’s her problem? Is she coming in here? I must protect you! I gotta hide! How can I keep her away from me? This dog muzzle!   
This is perfect! One look at this ought to scare her! And now we wait. Brian? I know you’re here. Wait a second. Did Brian get a dog? This thing’s huge. What’s that? Cue the angry barks! AHHH!! That thing sounds mad! I can’t believe she fell for that! Good boy, Fido! They really are man’s best friend, huh? My job’s done here! Is that guard finally outta here?? An unattended safe, huh? I’m going in! Nobody else is watching, right? That thing’s mine. Quick!  To the ground! I’m going in for the kill! GAH! C’mon… There! Gah, I’m a comin’! Just keep pulling… Phew! AH!  What are you looking at, pal? Much better.

I’m about to be rich, baby! Just need to hit the right points… Yes! WOAH!! It’s so beautiful!  Huh?? Gotcha, thief! Think fast! Oh, yeah? That’s not good. That’s not good. You’re coming downtown, dude. This game sucks. Can you get these off me now? I coulda sworn the key was in here… I coulda sworn the key was in here… Don’t tell me you lost it… Uh… This was a major oops. Well this “fun” game just got real. Yep. Ellie! Your clips! We can just use this thing! If you lost a key, Break the clip in pieces like this. Now bend the pieces apart. They should make a straight line. Wiggle it around and then after a second or two, Voila! It really works! Now do mine! That was a close one, huh? I can’t believe I fell for that! You can’t escape the law forever, Brian!  Nothing like muffins fresh outta the oven! Man, I’m good. Better let them cool for a bit. Hello? Oh my gosh, tell me every detail! Huh?  Oh yeah, baby! These are super fresh! Don’t mind if I do.

Yikes! Call you later, okay? Why are there only five muffins? Brian was here. I’ll show him. You wanna steal my delicious baked goods? Then a punishment is in order. I dare you to come into my room now. Nothing slips by me. Sleep well, my babies! Ahhh. I could really go for another muffin. She’s probably fast asleep in there… I’ll just creep in very quietly… What was that? Uh oh… GAH! Where could Ellie have gone? Looking for me? Oh, this is bad.

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