How to trap wild boar, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 49

There are many new traces here They moved in herds, eating earthworms, tubes or fallen fruits The local wild pigs This pig must be big, about 150 pounds This is exactly their way If unlucky, they would be trapped A small ancient trap with size 4x2x5 feet Spikes was set on the bottom in order to hurt the prey The above was covered by small bamboo sticks then camouflaged by leaves The success rate of this trap is very low because wild pigs are very intelligent They are especially sensitive to other species' smell One piece of old bamboo root Luckily, there are many types of eatable seeds which were fallen a lot beside the stream A few days later To increase the efficiency One trap may not be enough This place also has many traces of them This trap is impossible to be deeper because there are big rocks in the soil There were digging marks here Trap No.

2 Trap No. 1 They moved this way and moved to the stream below Trap No. 3 A small pig was trapped yesterday night It died of losing too much blood A quite deep wound at chest And another at tummy Grilled pig's heart and liver Really delicious! Maybe I will try to make a big trap.

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