Idiot Tries To Rob 80-Year-Old Man | Active Self Protection

with enough attitude and enough skills even if you're really outmatched you might be able to win a defensive encounter today's lesson is made possible by the generosity of gun mag warehouse whatever your pistol rifle or shotgun you'll find magazines at great prices with fast shipping on their website hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Indianapolis Indiana in the United States here we're going to see a attacker who is willing to attack an 80 year old man which is absolutely deplorable but when that 80 year old man's 85 year old brother ain't having it the crook has a bad day news story and this one says that our victim who's an 80 year old man and he's actually to the left and behind of the aggressor who was in the hoodie and to the right has just gotten out of the hospital and you're gonna see this guy decide to kind of walk away from him a little bit but get him in a spot where he feels like he can attack him and that's exactly what he does he's shaking this 80 year old man down but his 85 year old brother grabbed a wrench out of his car and you're gonna see him come here and absolutely whack the guy with it now I dude is actually armed and but you're gonna see his 85 year old brother keep that guy away from him and that is where this one ends okay I got to admit that I chuckled a little bit when an 85 year old man who act him with a wrench and he ran off like a crying little girl folks if you want to train we're training all over the country if you go to our Facebook page and you look at the events you can find there survive the fight tour and we are traveling all around the country to train people in the most important skills in self-defensive firearms use hit that page and you can find when we're in your area out of this particular video I want to talk about the incredible importance of attitude to your active self-protection about launching a counter ambush and the best way to do that and about emotional fitness and an absolute willingness to prevail no matter what first you know let's think about vulnerable populations of course if you're an octogenarian you are in a vulnerable population but of course is eighty five-year-old brother is in that as well but if you are in a vulnerable population you have to recognize what your risks are and you have to act appropriately now this guy who walks just by I don't know if he gave any pre-attack signals but the hoodie pulled so tight and all those things maybe is an indicator that things aren't quite right now this guy's gonna roll around real quick decide in that moment to pull a gun on him and and I just want to speak for just a minute about the evil of pulling a gun on an 80 year old man and robbing him that takes a special kind of depravity friends but this is what violent criminal actors are like they don't care anything about you and if you expect them to think like you well then you've never taken william April's unthinkables class and I really suggest that you take the unthinkable class because it will show you that they do not think like you now he's roughing this elderly gentleman up and that's crazy but as somebody who is being victimized friends let me tell you first of all self-defense starts with attitude and if you're like look this guy's not gonna hurt me okay fine man take anything that you want or whatever you know I don't blame an 80 year old man for not being able to defend himself or not being in physical shape because he just got out of the hospital for gracious sakes that's totally legitimate but having the attitude that says okay whatever you need man just don't hurt me physically I'll give you my wallet I'll do whatever that takes that's fine and that's important but of course self-defense starts with an attitude that says no one has the right to harm me and I have the right to stop someone who's harming me so let's think about the attitude of his 85 year old brother who obviously is quite spry because he comes running here but he has an attitude that says no I'm gonna stop so we see a difference here between compliance which was probably the 80 year old man's best bet and resistance with the man who says nope I have the attitude and I have enough here that I can grab this wrench and it was like you know I grabs the the 10 millimeter here and he's like hey but you know I'm not a ten millimeter Auto but a 10 millimeter wrench and he says look I'm gonna go after this guy now let's think about launching counter ambush perfect counter ambush here because the the robber is not looking at him at all he is not focused on the particular defense instead he's focused on his stuff and so our defender has a chance to really get this guy so launched that counter ambush when they are not thinking about you but you better make sure you do what it takes to end the threat immediately because if you just kind of pattycake with this guy and see if he'll quit he might not quit and he might have been willing to shoot him instead of just running away from him okay so get him with everything you have and end that threat quickly now I just think that the brother is such a brave guy here and you see him now he's got a wrench here at some distance against a firearm wielding aggressor and friends that's a bad place to be because of course we know that the wrench is a short-range tool where as a firearm is an extremely long range tool in a self-defense setting so you got to recognize when it's time to get out of the danger zone and time to run that's actually exactly what the brother does here as soon as he realizes dude my advantage is gone he is going to bug out of there let's think about the emotional fitness so the robber r-robber doesn't have any emotional fitness he's not looking for a fight he is looking for victims so as soon as he sees a potential fight he recognizes nope it's time for me to bug out of there and many times what we see is that any kind of resistance or significant resistance at least leads to the end of the conflict and that's exactly what we did here so I think that these brothers are a great example I think the 85 year old brother is an absolute stud and deserves our respect for protecting his brother and covering his ass [Music] [Music] [Music]

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