!Kung Bushmen Catch, Clean, Cook in Survival! ASMR (Silent) | Grasshoppers, Ants, Berry Leather

We are setting a live trap for a problem animal. This ground dwelling animal is causing problems by creating hazardous tunnels. Groundhogs are very attracted to fruits and vegetables. Cantaloupe is very effective in trapping groundhogs. Once it steps on the foot peddle of the trap, it will close shut. Dinner! Our country is very beautiful! We have a lot of natural places. An old beaver house. Many animals and plants live in swampy areas. An edible mushroom. These are wild chokecherries. They are very bitter when eaten straight off the branch. They will make your mouth pucker. Now time for a fire. To make our wild food edible, it will need to be processed. These berries are full of pits. To remove the pits, we will cook them first. This breaks the skins apart. Now we can strain out the seeds.

The skin and seed can now be strained away. Leaving just the juice. Pouring the juices filled with sugars on tins to dry. On a hot day, this will turn into a solid layer. We don't want the fire to spread. We are going to burn the hair off the groundhog. This is called singing. Primitive peoples would do this to preserve the most amount of the animal for eating. The fur brushes off easily. A knife works off the rest of the fur. The insides of the animals are not cooked, nor do they burst open. Now it's time to remove the innards. We must do this carefully so the meat is not given an off taste. Nothing is wasted when it is cleaned like this. Water and spices are added to make a stew. It will now cook for hours to soften the meat. Time to grab some sweeter berries. These are raspberries. They are delicious. Some ants for an appetizer. The ant eggs. They taste like popcorn. The salts, water, and heat help break the muscle fibers apart.

Let's try to catch more food! We are trying to catch grasshoppers. These also taste like popcorn! The meat is finally starting to break down. Tastes pretty good. Kind of a bitter though. The skin is very fatty. And chewy. The liver is pasty. Kind of bland. The brain? Very fatty, like butter. The fruit leather was super good. Time for feral eating! Yum!.

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