Laying in a Box of Snakes | OT 9

Hey, T. Yeah. You ready? Yes, I am. Welcome to Overtime 9. Chad, enjoy this one. Oh. Oh that's nice. Let's head to the intro! Tall guy, beard, twins,
purple hoser, Dude Perfect's in Overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser now were headed onto Overtime. So we've got Cool Not Cool,
Absurd Recurds, Smelling Bee. What? That sounds new.

And to finish it
off, we're going to go with Wheel Unfortunate. Before we jump
into Cool Not Cool, let's start the episode
off with a giveaway. All you've got to do,
text dude to 888 1 1 1. And instead of merchandise, we
are going to choose five people and we will send you
a personalized video message, something like this. Hey, Sandra, you
got Ty, Codes, Cory. Just want to say, hey,
thanks for watching. You're such an awesome person. Here's who the panda is. Oh, no.

That is illegal marketing. We cannot say that nor do that. Let's head to Cool Not Cool. We've got our buttons,
we've got our cool items, it is time for another fantastic
episode of Cool Not Cool. Who would like to start us off? Well, Ty, I'm glad you asked. No. OK. Clearly, Gar has a great item. Wants to go first.

You guys are going
to like what I have. It's going to take me–
hold on, got to stretch out. It's kind of heavy. Oh, my. Look at this bad boy. How expensive is that? It's like as big as my car. Coby made that rule last time. We don't talk about price here. OK. This sucker. Oh, it's electronic. Guys, remember when I bought
that land on the moon? Yeah. Technically, our land. We're all owners. Yeah. I wanted to check in
on our investment. He's got photos. Yeah. That did this. These photos are from the moon. I was tracking– Yeah. I also found a new
investment opportunity that I think you guys– I need to– I need
to tell you about. There's land on Saturn. Yeah. I'm in for Saturn land. I like Saturn land. On Jupiter. Yes. We buy it all. The space land is fake. But the telescope is amazing. We have– what do you
mean we bought it online? I don't care about space land.

I want the telescope. I'm supporting your telescope
for one reason and one reason only. It's incredibly expensive. Great job, Garrett. Here's my thing. Love the effort,
love the investment you put into making
these photos. But honestly, science is my
least favorite subject so– It's better than I expected. I'm not a space guy. Appreciate your time, fellas. I'd actually like
to go next, only because it's going to take me
about 20 minutes to get ready. 20 minutes? Where's your item? Maybe 30. Stay put.

We're supposed to sit
here for 30 minutes? All right. You all ready? Wow. Are we ready? Yes. Yes. All right. I need you to close
your eyes and I'll tell you that you can look. Lords and Ladies,
please open your eyes. Oh, my– What do you make? Dude, you're a knight. Full armor. I saw this online,
and I couldn't say no. So what's the
cool– what's that– what's actually the cool item? The whole 12 piece set. Oh. Oh, this is heavy. I'll be right back. I could behead
you or knight you. What do you want? Ow! Hey! Hey! Easy! I dented your armor. Your armor is nearly destroyed. That is it. No. You got robbed. Oh, wow, you're sweaty. Can I slice your face in half? Would you stop? Yes, Ty, slice it in half. I mean, we need to know
the integrity of the armor. If it doesn't break, can I
count on you for a green? No. No. Slice it, Ty. 3, 2, 1. I would have been fine.

The $5 suit of armor is a green. Are we voting on the sword? No, this was mine
out of the closet. Oh, got it. It's like wearing a porcupine. Oh, I envy you three going
after that presentation. Who wants it? Yeah, you know what? I'll take it. All right. Coby. I'll be right back. The secret agent
listening device. Yeah, you've got to come
up with a better name. Oh, well, that's
just what it is. Ty, let's give him
a little test, huh? What do you say? Why don't you go
stand over by Chad, have yourself a little pep
talk, motivational conversation. Even if he gets it correct,
I'm still not voting for him. Yeah. Here we go. Here we go. Getting a lot of feedback. Slippery camels fall frequently. This is not working. I think I got– All right. Tell him. Gar was incredibly loud. It almost blew out my eardrums. Do you want it one more time? No, I think I got it. I think that you said, slippery
camels fall frequently. That's 100% what I said.

Thank you. Cory, whisper something, just– I don't care, just
whisper it to yourself. Hey, just do it right there. Go. This thing works. Thank you. Wow. Go jump in. That's a green! That's what you said. No way. Yeah. Thing works. I went on record, I
said, even if it works, I still don't like it. Gotta stick with it. And he is a man of his word! That is your right, sir! Oh, you got it– All right. Cory, Ty, which one wants it? Well, I never voted. Green, I guess. Yeah. I would like to go
next, though, because I feel like my item is going
to need a little bit of help.

And that was certainly the
presentation to follow. Can I request that this
stuff be taken off the desk? This is easy. Here you go. Everyone close your
eyes real quick. I don't like the
close your eyes thing. Everyone, open your eyes. Hey, those are my cars, dude. You took that off my desk? Let's say hypothetically,
that you run a miniature car dealership, and you
are looking to attract some extra attention. Inflate-a-boy. Wait. I'm kind of confused. Are we voting on the cars or
the weird thing in the middle? Everyone's been over budget
today except for Cory. I got to give it to him. Thank you, Garrett. Yes. Well, and that allows us the
freedom to– there it is. OK. All right. I'm going to keep this short and
I'm going to keep this sweet. How many times have you
guys been in a situation where you're on ground level,
you're low, you look up and you see something
and you're like, man, I would like to
be on top of that? I would probably
say once a quarter.

I'd say more often
than I care to admit. May I present to you
the grappling gun. Figure for the
safety of the desk, we should probably go
downstairs to test. All right. OK. Let's do it. Definitely not bringing
my sword or helmet. You guys ready? Yeah, I'm ready. Shoot it. Fire in the hole. That's how it's done. OK. Then– I can't believe that worked. And the castle is ours! The gap is just too far to jump. I'm going to have to swing. Swing, Ty. Wow. That was incredible. Obviously, a perfect
demonstration of how convenient and easy
to use a grappling hook is.

Back to the desk. You know, originally,
I was thinking a knight wouldn't need a
grappling hook because I'm not Batman. But at the end of the day, all
we're trying to do in my time is get on top of walls. That would be perfect. I mean, that is
right up your alley. I got to say that
was incredible. That was one of the coolest
things I've ever seen. I have no personal need for
one, but that was unbelievable. Unreal. Hey. Congratulations, dude. Super Cool. Thank you. All right. Nice. You have destroyed the desk. I asked to change
like four times. OK. Go change. Oh. You want to know
what's cool, Ty? What? With my listening device
and your grappling hook, we can literally take
over pretty much anything we need to. Well, our good buddy Michael
from Guinness World Records came in town not
too long ago, and we decided to break some recs. Let's take a look. Welcome to another
segment of Absurd Recurds. Let's give it up for everybody's
favorite adjudicator, Michael. Hi, everyone. How are you? This might be more
absurd than the pea blow.

No way. No way. I think so. Michael, why don't
you tell them what we will be attempting today? Today, you are attempting to do
the most ping pong balls caught on a head using shaving
cream in 30 seconds. Yeah, that's pretty absurd. We will apply the shaving
cream all on his head, and then I've got to throw
basically 20 ping pong balls and stick them. Folks, let's get absurd. Let's get absurd. Here we go. We're going to start here low. We're going to
establish a base ring. Then we're going to work our
way up like a soft serve cone. Like a human beehive. Like a human soft serve. Great analogy, Gar. OK. Here we go. Stop being so jiggly.

That is better than I
could have ever expected. It's time to break a record. What's the number? The number is 19. They need to stay in place
for five seconds at the end of the 30 seconds, though. Here we go. For the record, 3, 2, 1, go. Got that one. Hit me. Here we go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Good throwing. 7, 8– 20 seconds remaining. You're on fire. 9, 10, 11. This is it. 12. No, you lost one. 12, 13. You want Coby to keep turning? 14. 10 seconds remaining. Turn on the left side. Yeah. You're at 16. A little higher than the ear. One more. Stop. Talk to me. Talk to me. 4, 5. OK. Let's do our count. 19. Come on. 20. Yes. 21. Yes. Let's go! It's a new world record title. Congratulations. High 5. Oh, man, that was a good time. The mark to beat was 19,
with a final count of 21. It's a new world record title. Congratulations. Michael, we'll see you next
time on Absurd Recurds. Thanks for joining us. Cobes congrats. Honored. Thank you. Truly honored to hold
that record with you. Speaking of things that I am
truly honored to be a part of, should we talk about
the DP live tour? Oh, wow, yes.

If you have not heard, we are
going on our first ever summer live tour. Exact dates are–
which comes first? August, July– January,
February, March, April, May, June– July 11th through August 12th
coming to a city near you. Hopefully. I say that hoping that you're
near a city we're coming to. I don't necessarily know
where each one of you live that's watching. It's going to be a great show. You're going to see a
lot of overtime segments. Wheel Unfortunate. Apparently Ned is going
to be on the bus with us. Absurd Recurds. You could be part of
a live world record. Some Cool Not Cool. You guys will be able to
vote on our cool items. Some VIP stuff. VIP backstage passes, meet
and greet opportunities. We're going to be doing some
live battles with a few trick shots incorporated into those. What else are we going to have? Things might get heated. You might rage. That is the word on the street
is that rage monster might make an appearance. I might rage on stage. That could be fun. And speaking of the stage– Oh, yes.

You got to love that look. Classic. Please do not rage that stage. How big is that screen? Shows are selling out quickly
so go to to buy your tickets. We'll see you on the road. We better head to
our next segment. A brand new one, actually. And this one is
called Smelling Bee. Welcome to a little segment
we like to call Smelling Bee. We are going to have four
contestants blindfolded, and they will be smelling smells
through our special schnoz chamber. OK. Let's head downstairs
and go to Smelling Bee. All right. And welcome to the first
annual Smelling Bee. I'm your host, Ted Crotchet. We've got a lovely panel today. Just place your goggles up
on your forehead for now. You don't have to
cover up your eyesight. But thank you. You guys look lovely. Thanks for being here. Anyways, this is going to be
just exactly like baseball. Two strikes you're out, if
baseball only had two strikes. Well, let's give a nice warm
welcome, but a soft welcome.

But still let him know that
he's glad that you're glad that he's– everybody, clap for Cody. Pump in 3, 2, 1. Pumping. Can I get a place of origin? This is a naturally occurring
element, commonly found in places such as Colombia. Coffee beans. On a technicality, I'm going
to go ahead and give it to him. They're not beans, it's ground– it's ground coffee. Well done. OK. Cobes, are you
all ready to get– ready to get to– you
want to smell something? Thank you. You're a great host, Ted. I'm not sure you have to stick
it that far up your nose. Ted, the language
of origin, please? I believe English. Oh, man. OK. How about the Nation of origin? This is a naturally occurring
element, commonly found around the equator.

I'm going to go
with marshmallows. That was a horrible guess. One strike, and one
more and you'll be out. Please take a seat. It's bananas. It's not that hard. The palate is picking up a
little bit of a nut flavor. Palate. Smelled a little
cat foody, as well. So I'm going to go trail mix. Plot twist. I'm not going to lie. You were closer
on your other two.

Really? It was actually cat food. I was right. Yeah, you were– well, you were. Black beans. All right. I'll reset the box and
we'll head to round 2. Packing peanuts. Ted, is it a candle? Yes, it is. Yes. OK. Vinegar? That is correct. Wow. Icing. Unfortunately,
that is incorrect. You are out of the game. Yes, you are no longer
in the competition. Oh, wow, that is bad. You know, that is the smell I'm
all too familiar with, folks. As a dog owner, that right
there is animal poop. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Right. It smelled like charcoal, Ted. It's onions. How could you not
smell the onions? It was good being here. It's dead. That is not breathing. Dead fish. That's correct. Garrett Hilbert well done. Well done. Wow. See you in the
finals, buddy boy. In high school, I tried to
work at one of the pet stores. That is either a
gerbil or a hamster, because I can smell the bedding
on that little rodent's feet.

How'd I do? No way. Really? Yes. Yeah. That's hamster all day! Congratulations. I don't think I can top that. I got to be honest with you. I've got no clue, but I
know it smells disgusting. That's good. One more pump. Garrett, I would
like to warn you, this will be your final pump. Yeah, final pump me. of the show unless
you get it right. Yeah, I hear you. Here it comes. I'll go with worms. Ladies and gentlemen, the
winner of the Smelling Bee is Cody Jones. Thank you for joining
us, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Ted Crotchett, host of
the first annual Smelling Bee. We'll see you next time. Well, I will say MVP
of the Smelling Bee definitely goes to Cody Jones. I can't take all the
credit, Ty, it's the schnoz. You do realize that
you smelled a hamster. It's very distinct. I think it's time we go
visit our good buddy Ned, because it's time to head
to Wheel Unfortunate. Well, as promised, I did say
that we would have a new hat. Chad, cue the drum roll in post.

The tiny top hat. Oh, nice. Yes, there are five
tiny little names. Let's do it. Let's pick it. Who's picking, you? You want me to pick it? I'll pick it. I'll pick it right here. Right here. Oh. There it is. Really. That's the one. Are we all– are we– are we– that's what we're doing? I have the person
in my hand that will be spinning the wheel. Cody will reveal who is it. Guess who is safe. Me. Tyler's safe again. I also printed the
names ridiculously tiny. And the next person that is safe
from Wheel is Garrett Hilbert. Yes. Which means it's a C! Bring it in. Greatest game show alive. That is how you be
decisive in life. The next person that is safe. Is Cory. Oh. So good. And the person spinning
that wheel this week– sorry, guys, this is– this is tough. Guys, I'm about to
shock the world. It's Coby Cotton. [YELLING] Say it with me. That's Unfortunate. Ladies and gentlemen,
I'd introduce myself, but there's no need, because
everyone knows who I am.

The bold, the beautiful
Golden Boy, Ned Forrester. All right. There he is. Limited time only. I'm kidding. They're sold out. You blew it. You lost your chance. All right. Well, I think it's time that we
bring our contestant up here. You know him. You love him, but I'm
not sure which one he is, but he's a Cotton boy. All right. Which one are you? Tell the folks at home. Same as last episode, Coby. So you're the one that's only
been bottle busted one time? Do you have one with you? No, I don't.

I was just kidding. Is it true or false that
you're going on tour here in the next couple months? That's true. Would you like to
tell the folks at home the first city that
you'll be stopping at? Very first city that we're
going to be in is in California. California. Son of a biscuit, my
bottle broke in my pocket. Oh, my goodness,
he had another one. Oh, I had him on
a string, folks. All I got is a pocketful
of glass shards. I bottle busted myself. Ouch. Cotton pick. Oh. Ouch. Get over here. That busted me
right in the nose.

Aren't you going to
be on tour, too, Ned? You guys are inviting me? You should know about
this already, you know? Well, my agent said we had
something in the works. But you guys weren't
willing to pay my fee. We'll pay it, Ned. You're a big deal. Tour can't even
happen without you. I'm going on tour. Oh my goodness! This is huge news! I have just found out that I'll
be going on a live summer tour, and I'm going to be
there with you guys. I'm sure you're going to be
standing by and screaming. This is going to be wonderful. That almost made me forget
the fact that I just got bottle busted in the face. Just for that, you
must remove my jacket. Oh, man. All right. Thank you very much. Well, Cobes, board
looks pretty similar. We've got one new consequence
up there, I believe. Drive your car until
it runs out of gas.

Maybe you might be
thinking you're sober and now, wow, that's a
pretty cruddy job of pasting that on there straight. That person has
been taken care of and removed from the position
and will never set foot on one of my shows again. I can promise you. Old Ned will be on the tour,
but that person, won't I think there's only
one thing left to do, and that is spin that wheel.

All right. Joke and a half. I don't even care
what he lands on. I might make him
do the whole thing. Yeah, sit the box
filled with snakes. And you know what? Now, it's not a
box, it's a coffin. You know how many snakes
there's going to be? Shouldn't have bottle
busted me in the face, because there was
going to be 10. Double it. 20– 20. And I don't even care
if they're venomous. Get out of here. I am the bold, the
beautiful, Ned Forrester. I'll see you on the road. Come to the tour. I love you guys. I'll see you soon. Well, Cobes. Back to back wheel appearances
and sit in a box of snakes. The box looks eerily
similar to a coffin with some really
handy plexi cutouts for our viewing pleasure. I mean, this is how
I envisioned it. Check out this bad boy. The tombstone? Yeah. Says that's unfortunate. And it certainly is. Anyways, Cubs, I say you hop in. Hey, we got something
special for you.

Check this trick
out we did for you. I call this production value. Have at it boys. Oh. Oh, eerie. Come out front, Coby. For a fit? Well, this is stupid. How do you feel in there? I hate this. We didn't discuss
snake entry, but I feel like we go full snake dumpage. I was excited about the drizzle. Really. Yes. No, no, because then they're
going to be going everywhere. They both sound terrible.

We want snake dump. Bring them in! OK. Please welcome
Max, the Snake Man. Man. Max, it was all a joke, Max. So shall we go– oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, no. Yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah, I think, right? This just got real. Oh, my god, for real? Yeah, we're good. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yeah, there they are, yes. They're right here. This is insane! They're biting me. Dude, I am freaking out. There is poo everywhere. Huge snake poo over here. Cobes relax. They're very tense right
now because you're tense. Yeah. Cobes, you OK? Did he go in my mouth? No. It smells terrible. Hey, real quick. Which one was worse, French
toasted or snakes in the box? This is way worse. Like, hey, I gotta get
my man out of here, OK? Is it time? It's time.

The neck. It's over. Get out. Hey, give him a hand, folks. Oh. Yeah. I think there's only one thing
we can all say in unison. Yeah. Yes. Unfortunate Coby Cotton, everybody. Cobes, I'm going to be honest. You didn't get all
the snake poo off. You still got some right here. Show them. Show them. Snake poo. Oh, gross. Oh. I can promise you
one thing, though. If you guys do come to the
tour, there will be no snakes. Yes, pivot. You see what I did there? That was one of these. Hey. OK. So come to the tour. That's it for this
Overtime, but it's going to be an awesome show. If you guys want to get tix,
make sure you click right here.

You want to see the last
video, click right here. Signing off for now. The mics are fake, and
Coby's got snake poo on him. See you next time. I served my time, guys. I did what I had to do. Yeah..

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