LETS GO HUNTING!!!(minecraft survival ep.2)

um welcome back i bought a new microphone um so yeah second episode when we left off I need to finish up the house and and they need to collect some sense cuz I need to make a glass yeah okay ah hmm yeah okay go to fear putting their okay what I need is so yeah and they did too handsome piece chicken cows oh oh wait a second I don't need it cuz i'm going to make that okay um so yeah let's go hunting okay OOP some cold I should remember that place more of a call was oh holy MA wait a second okay ya think I'm I i shouldn'ta melted who ships okay damn it the zombies pissing me off god damn it oh damn it I need to find food cuz i'm going to die horribly in death in painful death okay well of pigs damn it well pig whoa oh ah damn it must be cheap shut up shut up well can I find a big piggy piggy oh oh no think I'm lost damn do I'm lost I think I'm lost what damn it oh ah ah ah ah ah yes I am I'm freaking lost I'm hungry I got lost god damn I'd fund my house aah ting good she pees no shut up welcome my best good here ah dang it it's like the first time and get lost ever in Minecraft oh it's a desert I know just a ah dang look at my hunger boat oh damn it I could today damn shut up shut up ah can't believe it like this is first time I got action lost minecraft out oh damn ouch ouch oh dang must fun my house okay jungle biome probably should use the oh no I know where am I well yeah but I'm still hungry ah yeah find my way but damn it I need fun speed k my house somewhere around here Oh chicken yeah goddammit zombies oh dang it oh scary noise shut up piggy you all did ah damn it the zombie above my house now this on this can swarm up and this pretty scary aw dang it shut up stupid zombie nobody likes you damn well at least I got chicken on damn it what well okay um give me Deb give me death um tufting myself and nice mmm nice glass panes putting it here here and get in the chest okay cook debt that whoops welcome pop shops are dammit the roasted pork chops well at least I remember that well the pig was and I can come back and get the stuff I hope ah those our ships they all do it ah dang it now like oh yeah peace now the mobs are pretty tough fight like zombies skeletons yeah so now I should collect kill all those little bastards to get myself food give me dead okay well uh I think I saw another big oh oh oh yeah mushrooms now I can make a foul and it will be pretty good cuz i know where i can find a white mushroom like a brown mushroom so yeah well i got chicken I got pork chops like a lot of pork chops well now I should go back I hope my sound a lot a lot more better than it was in my first video aw damn it oh oh go away for ten mature up Thomas spider okay what I'm looking for oh yeah emotion a white instrum well did I saw it okay it was on a hill I love that um I should find a hill somewhere somewhere put something here here here where I saw that mushroom ship chippy these are a mushroom ah dang it the spiders freaking me out okay maybe not um okay going here where was the mushrooms mushrooms oh damn oh yeah ah damn it oh well we will find them by the time okay um let's go back comes I don't want to get lost in our time um okay where was the way okay yeah I remember little sheepies picked a one here oh yeah awesome well where can I find novel white mushroom well I i kinda close to my house so yeah I'll go to ver cook my pork chops cook my chicken um do a mushroom farm girls slightly better than hunting down animals k let's go ok i think i should harvest um some seeds ok okay well my god wait a second I got lots of seeds this is good stuff yeah now can I can set up a farm um okay so um I need to finish share video Oh probably um yeah where the second chicken you did yes see you next time at the next episode so yeah oh yeah also the Putin put a like subscribe leave me a comment and yeah bye

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