Make Paracord Shoe Boot Laces- Prepping EDC Supplies- DIY Survival Gear

Make paracord shoe boot laces uses for paracord how to make boot laces from paracord hi it's AlaskaGranny if you have shoes or boots with laces then you should find some paracord that's a color that you like and use it for laces you simply take out one of the laces from your boots measure two pieces of paracord the same length as the boot laces sizzle the ends with a lighter so they do not unraffle so they don't come unraveled up and relace your shoes or boots with the paracord laces and you have emergency cord and a lace that just will be great to safe your life in an emergency they've all got new laces made of paracord I did need a little assistance from this little tool to encourage it to go through some of the big eyelets and unbelievably this pair was the hardest because the eyelets were small but I discovered if I trim the edge a little on a slant so it's a little pointed that it worked much better I'm set to goI have paracord shoelaces or boot laces they're not going to break Im ready for hunting hiking camping and enjoying the out-of-doors try making shoelaces out of paracord for your outdoor shoes and boot for any of your lace up shoes learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

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