Making A Budget Bugout Bag [$100] | Buying Survival Kit Items — Budget Bug Out 2015

hey YouTube it's punch a bug out so as you can probably tell by my youtube channel name my channel is dedicated on gay will to get the most bang for your buck so whether that be by budgeting your money and buying quality or just by buying budget items meaning inexpensive items I am a firm believer and not wasting your money well while my what we're here at been in Utah visiting my wife and they're out shopping and investing their money and that kind of stuff well I figured I'd go ahead and do the same and show y'all how you can make your own survival kit by just going to maybe two or three stores and you're meeting the minimum criteria the five C's a survival and get a kit that you can use if in a worst-case scenario so since I like supporting small businesses you all know that I'm real big on that I called up some of them some of the local ones and told them I'd like to make a video go to their store and hopefully get some of my viewers to support small businesses like their so without further ado since it's raining is our really good attempt to making these outdoor video so let's go ahead and go to the military surplus store first terr step on my journey is a place known as am surplus which is in Bellevue Nebraska south of Omaha it was here that I found one of the 5 c's of survival which is container for carrying / purifying water and although these plastic hand creams are great for carrying water it is to go for the metal canteen so that I be able to boil the water inside my keep in mind sometimes circumstances don't allow one to purify water or boil it so it's good to also have emergency water on hand the next sea of survival is cover from inclement weather important have something like that the survival blanket so they'll be able to stay warm in harsh conditions the next sea of survival is cordage and the military surplus store has plenty of it and the store sells it for 10 cents a foot as you probably know paracord comes in lots of different shapes and sizes I also picked up a paracord bracelet that had a whistle integrated into the bundle there were some other footage option at the military surplus store as well in addition to care for okay now some options that are not part of the C's of survival are at handkerchiefs anchor chips are very useful to have a compass whistle signal mirror those are great navigation tools having a glow stick is also great not only for people to see in the dark but also to signal for help some other useful items that have in a survival kit include duct tape and can openers now of course what is a survival kit or survival bag without the container to put it in so I went ahead and went with this 25 cent sand bag of course this is a surplus store so there are plenty of other bags including this waterproof bag which is only $5 as well as of course these allas packs that we're going to cost a little bit more and additionally the surplus store also keeps other items that would also potentially be useful in a survival kit now I didn't choose every item that I just showed y'all but what I did choose bring up to $36.65 the other store that help round out my 5 C's is known as Omaha 9 the next sea of survival is what's known as a cutting tool and a cutting tool is simply a belated item that assists with the purposes of cutting now although these kitchen knives would be great for just that the kitchen I found some cutting tools that are better suited for the outdoor environment one of the brains that I'm drawn to the most or Mora knives one of the reasons why more knives are so popular in the survival niche is because not only are they inexpensive but they're also very well made and they come in a variety of shapes sizes and as you can see colors now me personally for my kit I chose the more companion heavy duty with carbon steel it comes in both olive drab and orange I want to head with the orange now although I personally went with the more heavy duty companion that does not mean that there are not high-quality 6 bushcraft and survival knives in the Omaha knife store and as we all know axes such as these Grand Forks and wetterling's can make for superior cutting tool in certain circumstances especially when paired with a small knife and last but certainly not least when it comes to the five Cs of survival is a combustion device this shop has lots of different matches as well as fuel cubes and other ways of heating up that container Shearwater it also has some like straws which is great for filtering water not to mention the Berkey the sports bottles if you just want a simple grab and go option for filtering water Omaha knife uses red food coloring to show the effectiveness of Berkey filters of course Omaha knife does not limit its selection to just the five C's of survival it also stocks first-aid kits insect repellent as well as other various items including locally made ones for those who like Phoenix flashlights Omaha knife is constantly ordering more and more as the demand increases as you might expect Omaha knife of course sells a lot of pocket knives as well including all of your favorites from Benchmade although I will warn you that after filming I did purchase some of them such as that one right there and a couple other ones that you might see panning shots up you can see all of the different knives that they keep in stock on their website Omaha knife comm be sure to check it out I always like supporting small mom-and-pop types of businesses those of you who've seen my other videos you know how strongly I feel that so in addition to the benchmade knives they also have a wide variety of spider codes including many of my favorites I can either confirm nor deny if I took home another spider chrome knife of course they have cold steel Emerson and also zero tolerance line of knives hello how is having a great time looking at the store like an all different items ahead I wanted to go ahead and eventually buy them with the items for my survival kit so the total for this equal to sixty three dollars ninety eight cents so after having a great time visiting that both of these stores this is the final outcome for my survival kit if you add the total between both the military surplus store and Omaha nine you get with packs a hundred dollars and 63 cents so for those of you who were curious about how much it costs for my survival kit that just is a example of how a bunch of small little things can add up to equal around hundred dollars I'd like to also take the kind of thanked and military surplus store and Omaha nine for letting me film this video now hopefully some of the viewers out there you'll be able to support local businesses such as these thanks again guys and remember it pays we prepare god bless

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