Medical Module (Building a Bug Out Bag) by TheUrbanPrepper

hi guys today I'd like to go over the go beg for this compartment have three approaches that are looking into the first one was to buy a premade kit so much of an adventure medical spec kit the second approach was to support us NER Docs Camp three project which I really liked or the third was just to build a kit on my own so I decided to build my own kit for the simple fact with these two options I learned absolutely nothing I just buy it and I put it in my bag and I don't know anything about it so what I decided to go do it the hard way and kind of do some of the research my own although usne RDoc was kind enough to include a PDF of his level 2 first-aid kit which is pretty large I wanted something a little smaller so I kind of reduced some of the items in here but I I've been carrying this thing around with me for a few months now and slowly buyings of the items that I felt that I wanted to have in my medical pouch so what I wanted to do is focus on any kind of a blood loss items and then the second was just basic pharmacy items I don't know a lot about medical the only thing I really do is that you know put band-aids on and neosporin and that's about it so I've never done a put a tourniquet on or anything like that so what I said decided to do was also sign up for a few classes I signed up for a CPR class which I'm going to be taking this Saturday and then a wilderness in remote first aid class so and I also been doing a lot of research asking my dentist asking my doctor asking people I know that are in the medical field on what they think I should have in here so I was kind of using that as a lot of inspiration a little bit more than some of the stuff that's on YouTube right now although usne are doc I think it's a man so he was very influential in this so the Cisco dig right into it this is the Maxpedition fight medical pouch I like it although I'm not sure if I'm going to use it in the long run that's why he'll still have the tags on there abouts this is kind of the size I was hoping to go for right now it's it's weighing in it's a little heavy it's about 2 pounds 10 ounces last I weighed yeah so it's kind of on the heavy side but I think it has a lot of different items in so I'm going to just dig right into it so this first up on the sub on the outside of the bag here I'm kind of treating this as my instrument module which usne our doc says although it's a it's a little bit scaled-down so I'll show you what I have at the top here I'm carrying this is a little tweezers kid I got it at Target in the girls section for makeup and stuff there's a real sharp one here with a sharp point and then there's a flat head one I kind of like to have both of them together and then this is my little sir this is a little scalpel razor blade and a Fresnel lens I'm hoping I don't have to do any of this kind of stuff I didn't include sutures I have no idea how to use seizures I think I just kind of messed someone up if I tried doing it on it so this is what I have right inhale for that although I imagine after I take some of these classes that this kits going to change a little bit so right now we're just going to call this phase 1 and I'm probably going to be adding and changing it as I go and learn more things so because with the medical thing seems like most of it's just all knowledge that I need to have not you know gear so for scissors I decided not to go with those EMP does er kind of scissors and I went with that more of a one used for fabric this is a Fiskars brand it's a little it's a smaller one I know nothing fancy has a large one I needed something that fit in this bag but I know that this thing cut through clothes like nothing so it they're kind of expensive they're about 15 bucks for these little guys but I tested a knot on some old jeans and they I know they work really good for that and if I don't use them for any kind of a clothing I know I could use it for cutting moleskin out so also in here I have this is for irrigation this is all I have right now it's the smallest one I could find I don't have the little you know the dome thing that usne our doc has but also for this I could also give my infant baby he's 14 months right now I could give him any kind of liquids when he's kind of been a picky movement of drinking and then also I have some safety pins in here so that's that's my tools for my tool compartment so let me get right into the main part here I'm going to try to do this as fast as I can so sorry for talking so fast so in this front little pocket here this is my pharmacy and I have a lot of different this is one good thing about not going with this route is that I could buy all this these up pills and I have enough fur to create multiple kits so not just for my own but for my wife's as well for one's in the car so I'm going to just kind of these out here so let's go over the pharmacy items so I have I have a Tylenol imodium a-d I put them in these little bags you can get these bags at craft stores I guess that'd actually been spending a lot of time – at craft stores during my bug-out bag project so here's a some motrin and I have kind of the symptoms to use it for this is again for my my gout medicine I get gout about once a year and my foot so this is all I need for that which has some vicodin in there I have the although my prescription labels in a different section although it won't be in this video this is some aspirin I get a cold sore about once a year or two so I have some lysine there here's some Advil and here's some benadryl so those are the see is that everything yeah that's all the items that I have in my fantasy bag at this point okay so now for the main part this pouch is kind of cool though it doesn't really give you nice ways of organizing everything just kind of gives you two main pout of compartments in here so hi I broke it up as I wanted one section just for general first-aid if I have a boo-boo and then this stuff is if you know there's some real bad problem happening where I need a innocent major blood loss or so I call this emergency trauma in this first stain so let's go over the first stage section I tried it so organization isn't is what I hoped it would be for this section you know a lot of guys have those ones that roll loud and they had everything's in its nice little place I wish I could do that with a small of a kit but I could add so number one have some neosporin of the front here I also have a mixture of different band-aids I tried to go with name-brand stuff as much as I could this is a some benadryl itch stopping spray I might decide to switch that off or I also have a sting relief but I haven't used it yet it's a little smaller but this this does some other things listed that I didn't see in this such as if you have sunburns and things like so I included all the instructions on all of these here's some alcohol swabs and this beady brown Dino is recommended not fancy it's a lot thicker and you get a lot more uses out of it just you don't just get one wipe you get several out of it so that's why I went with this now I have a hundred of them in my closet so here's some some medical tape I add it to burn gels in here I'm not sure how needed though because I have other things for what I wanted to include them anyway here's a one pair of black nitrile examination gloves they're extra large so now I have three three of these in here I have I also have a box of a hundred now so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of them but I wanted to have one in the first aid section the other two I think are going to be in the emergency one I have a little bit of gorilla glue instead of having a new scan this is a little cheaper and it has different uses I could use it for I created a dental module similar to how what u.s.

Any art doc has listed um let me just dig right into it most of it I got in a premade kit which was kind of handy and I just moved it into this little bag so I have a black tin I think it's how you pronounce it this is some hood for her lost filling loose clowns repair and a tooth saver has a little little mirror that's included in it actually had to cut the box to get that out but I have a few too for these q-tips that kind of have one has a rounded edge the other one has a has a pointed edge and then I have a there's a little applicator looped off for these items here here's uh this is a toothache medication and then I have a couple toothpicks and a little thing of dental floss that I made so that's what I have included in my dental module over here I have a surgical sponges so gauze pads and what I did is I vacuum seal them I had this is a whole box of them this is ten of them in here and have them all drink down from a vacuum sealing it so you could go over to you know Fred Meijer whatever and buy some food saver bags for your vacuum sealing this is a petrolatum gauze I wanted to say good say this now I gotta get a huge shout out to Boden 87 who was kind enough to send me a care package with a lot of these items that you see in here and more than I'm going to show later he's sent me a lot of different medical supplies he's in the medical field and had some real great recommendations so I wanna give a shout out now I'll give him a shout out at the end too so I really appreciate it all all the stuff that he sent so it was really kind as we go here these are some nonstick pads I also have them vacuum sealed and this is again a whole box of them and it's a compact account now I know this makes them non sterile anymore but I'm not going to be in a sterile environment anyway I'm not going to be in some operating room wearing all white so probably going to be in the dirty area so that's why he decided just to take them out of there now this is rolled gauze and this is also vacuum sealed I have three of them in there here's some moleskin padding here's some larger band-aids I included a triple antibiotic ointment I know I already have the neosporin but I just had lisa's extras so and then I included two straws in here again for partly for my infant I could use the air pressure you know how to do that we put that in there in the drink and you could I could give him lift liquids that way a little bit easier if he's get being picky with the drinking and also whenever you go to a hospital you always drinking out of a straw sick people have an easier time drinking out of straw so I included them in there and they don't weigh anything so I think yeah that's everything that's in my first-aid section of the medical compartment let's see if I can make this in time so I have a ace bandage over here in this middle section and then for the emergency trauma let's just dig it right into it so right off the bow to have a CPR mask again I'm going to be taking a CPR class this Saturday so included it and it's very small too so this is a non sterile triangular bandage this is a SOF tactical tourniquet I kind of got real fancy trying to get for this kit it and it's a extremely nice I had to put it back in here roll it very carefully but I have that one here's a this is an Israeli bandage and has added instructions for use for major trauma on beating here are some quick clot this is the 50 gram one and then I also have this is a abd pad and that's a 8 by 10 also received by about an 87 and I have it vacuum sealed I wish I could fit more in there so I only have one at this point it's it fairly large though when you open it up I got this from my dentist today it's just a surgical mask I asked for a donation as I was talking about them also in here I have two more sets of black nitrile gloves and then in here I have three ammonia inhalants and I have them stored in a triple-a battery pack that it the package for that so they wouldn't break and start sinking up in here so that's currently everything that I have in this compartment I don't have my prescription medications and some of the daily medications I get like a men's mold multivitamin I'm going to be storing those in more of a ready compartment that I could have in my bug-out bag that will be more immediately accessible maybe something similar to this kind of size because I didn't so I didn't have to dig into my my first and compartment for for that some other items that I've kind of oh all sorts of stuff in my desk I'm also going to be having a SAM splint I didn't want try to fit it in here I'm going to have this probably in the the water bladder section of my backpack and I have some of those security role tools as well I might go with this approach instead and maybe have this in the side pocket of my backpack I haven't decided yet but I will have one of those I didn't include dehydration salts I'm gonna instead and it just have some Gatorade packets I think they taste a lot better and again with my kid I know I could get this down instead of having that uh those dehydration salts that are overpriced over at REI let's see what else want to make sure I cover everything oh for another thing I'm kind of looking at I don't know how I'm going to store it yet this is some kind of eye wash I'm still debating on it I have some some Visine I might include this in my hygiene compartment this one's a little bit too big and heavy I might try to reduce it down and see if I could fit it in here it might not be needed you know I probably could just dump a you know a Nalgene water bottle on my eye and maybe get it out the same way as I could with this but it's something I'm still looking into is that everything that looks like everything that's on my desk I have tons of backups of all this stuff in here now so I can make a couple other kids if I wanted to as always I'd like to hear any kind of recommendations that you have and there's a lot of things missing in here I don't have antibiotics I'm going to be including that of my wife's bug out bag she has three out of the five antibiotics recommended by the patriot nurse and I'm not going to include those in this video it's going to be in her bag because she actually has prescriptions for them again I want to give a huge shout out to Bowden 87 on this video he sent me a care package it was extremely helpful and then also as always I need to give mr.

monkey man 50 shout out just because he's kind of like my obi-wan Kenobi of prepping so has come for all sorts of stuff please send any kind of recommendations I'm going to stop this video now right above below 15 minutes have a good day.

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