Medicines to Stockpile for Emergencies Top OTC Medicines For Prepping Preppers

medicines to stockpile for emergencies top emergency medical supplies OTC medicines for prepper stockpile first aid and medicines for emergency survival situations cold flu season are you prepared hi it's AlaskaGranny are you worrying
about your medical preps prepping for emergency survival situations and you're not sure where to begin what medicines should you stockpile top emergency medical supplies do you need cough
medicine pain reliever skin creams for rashes diarrhea medicines upset stomach
medications band-aids first-aid cream antibacterial creams think about the
medicines and first aid supplies that you use and those are the things that you would want extras in your stockpile if
you take prescription medication make sure you have a plan for how to have
enough and how to get more do you have antibacterial soap water a portable
toilet plastic bags to dispose of human waste plastic gloves baby wipes things
to help keep you clean and the things around you clean that is a
priority to avoid becoming sick think of it as your wellness plan part of your
first-aid prepping and your medical preparation is prepping for sanitation needs and keeping well stockpile
some vitamins Kleenex toilet paper stockpile things that help keep you well
and clean figure out what you really need medicines first aid sanitation and stockpile extras of those supplies for emergencies
because that's what's really going to come in handy in any kind of an
emergency situation learn more at please subscribe to the
Alaskagranny channel

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