everyone welcome back Micro wind turbines are they worth it now that's a matter of opinion but I can give you real-life situations here I have a micro wind turbine up here my home is 100% off-grid so it's solar power and wind turbine powered right let me take you guys into the power real quick I want to go over some things about like livin turbines oh it's always a mess in here I keep cleaning it up and it keeps getting packed back in here so I'm here is my off-grid system everyone this is I have Tesla batteries which basically they're lithium-ion batteries to eighteen 650s basically but they are the the modules right in a sense then we have the charge controllers to our right and as we work across here we have the DC breakers and we have the inverters and then we have the high voltage AC coming out right I'm gonna make another video on how this all works and how it's all connected kind of more of a brief description of how it works but today's video we're talking about micro wind turbines right so this over here this charge controller over here on the right the midnight solar to this is the 200 model charge controller okay now this charge controller can do solar or win in hydro so I actually have it set up to do wind okay because I have these other charge controllers here I'm actually only this one going because I have a lot of solar so I don't even need to run this one but anyway let's get back to the wind turbines here so I am utilizing an MPPT charge controller to maximize the the maximum amount of power I can get from my wind turbine okay now that's also justified by the wind the wind speed that is you know spinning the hub spinning the rotor and creating that that power or energy so let me kind of walk you guys through how this works and then let's talk a little bit more on is it worth it okay so let's go back outside real quick sorry guys it is windy so we have to in turbine here okay it's catching all the weight that's coming to it sorry windy guys comes down the line right behind the shed over here okay so the wind turbine over here right sketching all that wind and she's spinning away guys in real life it is going so fast I can't see the blades but we have a wild three-phase AC coming down the pole it comes down and it basically comes underneath my power shed and it comes up into the power shed okay now when it comes up into the power shed we have this kind of lighter gray pipe this other one here is for my solar this one is for my actual wind turbine so it comes up and it hits a bridge rectifier right there okay so it takes the wild three-phase AC and it basically brings it down to a useable DC voltage okay now the DC voltage will be high on a just like a solar panel the open vo C on it it's a lot higher than when you're actually connected to a battery right well think about the wind turbine in that sense but except the voltage is way way higher okay now once it hits the bridge rectifier it basically combines it and makes it where you have a usable positive and negative coming off of it now right that big metal plate or it's an old inverter I wreak a convert it to a heat sink okay because the bridge rectifier is converting that wild three-phase AC so that block will get hot or warm depending on how much power is being produced right and how much that has to work so that heat C does a really great job it keeps it really nice and actually cold so it never gets hot so that's great news or it gets a little warm when it's really pumping out like say you know 1600 watts of power from the wind turbine it'll get a little warm but nothing major then from there those two black I'm sorry the red and black wires right there come in and go into the charge controller the charge controller all these type of charge controllers allows you to basically bring in a high voltage and then basically the charge controller will condition that or step it down in order to jarred your battery bank correctly so I have a 60 volt battery bank here right lithium ion now so what I do is I all I have to do is set up those parameters in any of these type of charge controllers you can go in and set those settings up you know you can say you know exorbitant voltage flow at the certain voltage cutoff at a certain voltage you know there's so many aspects to that I have videos covering how to actually program a lot of that so definitely check out my other videos guys so we have a higher voltage coming in the charge controller takes it steps it down and order the charge the batteries correctly but it also conditions it and tries to get the most power at that current moment out of that whatever you have plugged into it like solar panels or wind turbines in my case a wind turbine right so if I get up close to the screen here and kind of show you guys this is what's happening right now okay we are off-grid remember this we don't have no grid anywhere near us so uh we're at 500 600 that's watts right so to the left you have votes right so volts times amps equals watts so this is what's coming in right now 500 so I've seen this wind turbine do 616 I'm sorry yeah 1600 watts I know she'll do more yeah just need more wind right okay so now after it's being conditioned and everything it comes back down the lining goes straight to the battery to charge the battery so this is regulating the incoming voltage to outgoing voltage the amperage and it's trying to maximize all of that that's what the charge controller is doing right with some caveats with depending on how you set it up you can set those parameters at different set points right so this is kind of my sweet spot for this type of for my wind turbine and it works really well okay now let me take you guys in the house so what I have here is my display for my charge controller okay this is communicating with the charge controller that I was just showing you guys so this gives us a more fancy over overview but basically is showing us the same thing that was happening on the display at the charge controller now when it comes down to is it worth it so as you guys can see I'm you know producing some pretty decent power from the wind turbine right let's go to energy so today I've already produced 3.0 kilowatt hours so far today already okay let's go to the daily log calendar okay so this is for December and this is basically giving us the overview of what's kind of been happening day by day with power so if we start at the first over here as you guys can see there was actually no wind on the first okay so no power came in then on the second we had zero point three kilowatt hours come in right and now we start going down we have zero point eight and I was at float so you see float now that's because the I have solar and wind right so the solar is the workhorse mostly right the wind turbine is a like a boost it really is a boost it helps carry you over through the night time periods when it's dark but it also helps like during the day when you don't have that much solar and the wind is kicking up and you know producing some decent power it'll help keep get those batteries up to where they need to go but on this day especially where you see float and float the solar basically you know charged us up early and it was basically floating so it was regulating the amount of power that was actually coming in from the charge controller so even if I had a thousand watts of power coming in at that moment it was actually tapering it down because I don't need to overcharge my batteries right so that's what the charge controller is doing right helping us to maintain where it needs to be then on the fourth day we had and fit my camera focus we had 1.0 kilowatt hours and then on the fifth we had zero wind on the sixth we had one point eight kilowatt hours and we now we're going to start building up okay so now seven on the seventh 1.9 so it's almost two kilowatt hours on the eighth we had four 3.8 kilowatt hours right now we go to the ninth now we're at four point I mean a four point two kilowatt hours on the tenth we had six point nine kilowatt hours that's almost seven kilowatt hours already just for that one day right then the winds died down a little bit and we had 2.2 kilowatt hours 2.2 kilowatt hours 7.1 5.8 and here we are today okay so today let's go back so today we're already at three point zero kilowatt hours it's still early in the day so it she'll climb up and the winds are you know picking up a little bit here so let's go back here load hit six point something maybe seven kilowatt hours today for this day here somewhere around there depending on the winds right so now I'm that kind of gives you guys an overview of the month right we're not done with the month yet but kind of gives you an overview of what's happening here where I live with my wind turbine off-grid okay let's just go back so having this extra power to pumping to the batteries is a huge plus let me tell you so in my opinion micro wind turbines are they're worth it absolutely absolutely because the more charging sources you can have for you especially if you're really living off-grid guys and you know you're trying to keep your batteries healthy and fully charged or wherever you want to keep them you know more the more charging sources you have from renewable energy the better off you're really gonna be you know um so to me micro wind turbines are absolutely worth it now it's assumed I didn't have winds where I live would it be worth it now that would be the the main question for a lot of you that don't have wind is it worth it in your area so I always like to tell people that you know because I I'm kind of spoiled I have a lot of wind I have a lot of Sun you know I live in Hawaii so it's tropical weather all the time um so it's not like I have to worry about winter snowing any of that right this is kind of a daily occurrence right here this is daily right nothing really changes which is nice it's stable now for a lot of you that you know live in the winter areas then you know you guys have to worry about enough Sun coming in for your solar well think about it like the wind turbine if you guys live in certain eras and you guys don't have enough sustainable lens or average wind speeds that can justify the wind turbine then it might not make sense for you right because you do have to have win in order to produce the power from the wind turbine right so if you want to get a breeze from time to time it may not be beneficial if you get very low wind speeds all the time this may not wind turbines may not be the best you know option for you so these are the things that you have to think about in in a broad term they are absolutely worth it just like Solar is worth it wind turbines are worth it hydropower is worth it they're all worth it absolutely but depending on where you live and how much power you need and you know the environment around you will justify you know what you can use more of so if you didn't have a lot of wind in your area then you may have to double up on solar power or run a hydro system of some sort right now if you have a lot of wind like I do in my area right then it makes sense for me to run solar and wind you know here's my batteries 60.1 they're fully charged okay I have stuff on right in the house it like my batteries are just chilling you know now during the night time it that's where the wind turbine really starts to perform because do you have no Sun power coming in from the solar panels right so basically imagine this at nighttime because this is what happens at nighttime this is like sync what I get right now is when I get during the night right you know of course the winds pick up or go down accordingly but yeah it's you know I'm getting an extra you know where's my turn here we go let's go back so look I had seven seven kilowatt hours here roughly 7.1 here 5.8 here those are big pretty decent numbers for a wind turbine so something to think about guys I think they're worth it you may want to weigh the options out for you do your research for your area find out what type of wind speeds you get you know I did a lot of testing before I even put my wind turbine them but I already knew I had a lot of wind so it's just you know the area I live in I mean I've seen this wind turbine like keep in mind guys when it hits 500 the dial changes automatic to a thousand then winning it's a thousand the dial automatically changes to 1500 and keeps going up okay so if we pass 500 right there see it just changed just a thousand so where's 933 watts so I'm glad I caught that on video for you guys because once it hits over a thousand it'll change to 1500 so like I said I've seen this wind turbine do over 1600 watts no problem and I know she'll do way more if I had to guess she could probably do upwards of if I've seen her do 1600 with no problem 16 – honestly I think she could do it 3000 watts when we start getting some heavier winds I know she can do easily 3000 I know she can do 2,000 no problem so uh yeah so don't to show you guys that so I hope that's educational guys if you guys have any comments leave a comment I'll do my best to get back to everyone but do your research that's where it all comes down to now there's also a lot of wind turbines out there in the market of course and a lot of different companies and brands and you know technologies and stuff and you know I'll be honest I don't know all those technologies and all that right I'm not a manufacturer all I can do is contest to the equipment that I am using in a real life situation on my daily off-grid home that I live in I depend on this power I depend on my solar power I depend on my batteries to live I need lights at night I need my you know my home to be able to run to live comfortably so absolutely worth it to me so anyway guys thanks for tuning in and I'll see you guys on the next one

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