Military Five Ton B.O.V.

give 925 a to notice it looks a little different first thing the tires are much bigger there's 1600 types on this one gives you more ground class gives you better road speed same engine same train has a badge bar in the front for additional lights and also pick the grill and radiator this one also has the which it has night vision on the thing it has a camper in fact there's more things on this thing that I can tell you about this one end up a full-length motion picture by you to tell you everything on this so at any rate watch any there is look through the post see all the things it has then you can call for questions with intelligent things I want to know this I want to know that most of the things would be posted as to what it has so I give you a good idea as to what they ask for this vehicle has that camera now the camper doesn't look all that impressive you notice they're screening over the camper protects from people getting in those things fold down in ordered oral platforms so you can stand on it the camper then goes up towards the rear and up over the cab it becomes 23 feet inside the camper 23 feet inside the camper it has a flat-screen TV for the kiddies you have a microwave do you have an oven you have a stove you have a sink you have a full bathroom a full bedroom a full living room it becomes very comfortable it's probably everything you have in your own personal home on a smaller scale but with this one you can go any place and once you go to any place you could be comfortable you can be protected from the elements it has a wood stove application for it and you'll be barbecued out of there it can be 15 degrees below zero and you can still be comfortable inside this thing now you tell me another bug out vehicle us in this condition ok you can get a Yuna mug in a eunuch at excellent vehicles 500 to 800 thousand dollars this one will go places they will not you can get a good bug-out vehicle that can take you cross-country like say a bus or a truck and camper but then you can't really get into rough country you can't go to the things that this will go through but you have the same amount of money as you do this you take put two and two together which is the better application have this vehicle would do anything has solar panels has everything on it for survival now the way it looks right now is it looks like a cool truck it looks like it has all the neat things on it but you still don't see it at apply just how it goes what we're going to do is we're gonna set this thing up we're going to show you spots of how the camper goes up should what the inside looks like show you what the outside looks like and didn't get an idea it becomes huge once you start to see the thing up and you can understand why this is such a great vehicle for a bug-out vehicle you can get any place you can go any place and you can survive comfortably now you can go in a tent if you want I wouldn't go in a tent I wouldn't go on a bicycle cuz your family isn't no survive you need something survive with you need something like this so anyway we're going to set this thing up we show you the nuits of how the thing is set how the camper goes up how big it is inside what kind of things there is and then you can make your own decision thanks for watching I hope you enjoy this this is a cargo area that's not air-conditioned is just for additional cargo and I won't tell you what Karl outputs in there but anyway it does have air conditioning but the air conditioning is actually inside the unit so it doesn't have anything hanging out to hook them bushes and stuff like that so let's top the front end my fault bumper thing it extends out its foot support on the bottom of the unit with a winch right here that little winch is made and rip the motorcycle for a hanger off these back bumper so if you want a motorcycle you can have in the back end also to just lift general things if you're working on this stuff have a handy little thing to have there was nothing back here so which is a good idea now what we're going to do is to plug this back in the back in this is a long living room area up in here so watch how easy this thing comes see it's matching does a little by itself no actually what it is is Carlisle's inside pushing it it will come out roll off the back ends been deployed now if you see Carl on the inside he's going to push this Panama to fulfill this whole bottom end here this is an effective bedroom area the whole bedroom is up here the living room is in the back you sure the inside so you get a rough idea of what's going on why am I having this ladder up here well I'll show you why when the crap hits the fan and you have to bug out you're always going to have a brother-in-law that's now begging you to take with him with you because he was ill prepared but worse yet even a mother-in-law and such well you're going to have to have a over-over wound seedy and embedded so we take this down and the Carlisle's honors up here you have the mother-in-law facilities this whole thing incidentally to do the entire truck and the entire setup two people take survive as long as setting up a ground tent probably the nature of 15 to 20 minutes and then you have all these features more than you do in a tent so they may wait kind of give you a rough idea now mother-in-law or the kids if they're bad or whoever happens to be with you that you don't want you guys have them sleep outside up here my personal thought is if I had all this why would I want to be sleeping in a tent so it's got to be someone you really don't want to have inside with you anyway that adds to your sleeping facility why do they act the bed is the same size bed as that one which is 14 feet by 7 feet the entire bed on this truck is now steel cargo you can carry more this than about three pickup trucks and that's all underneath the camper so you can have your food storage whatever you need for storage generally speaking these things can carry about a year's worth of food supply for a camper that's enormous you have additional fuel tanks that would give you a fuel range of somewhere in the nature of about 2,000 miles 2,000 miles compare that to your average car I mean you can get out of trouble in 2000 live if you can't get our triple in two thousand miles you've got a whole lot bigger problems to deal with a bug out there because I'm going to do any good unless you can get out of the way okay you got your high high-end snorkel back take a look at these back tires you're going to get a laugh out of this I don't want to tell you they're as big as you can get but they're as big as you can get the distance between these two tires I can't get my column through and I'm not a very big guy look how tight that is between there you can't get a tire bigger than this these are great tires we bought them brand new for this truck you got your platform here on the other side you will see the platform has solar panels in order to keep all your batteries charged the camper you've seen the inside of removable boarding matter makes it much easier to get in and out a lot of people are a little hesitant to get up on this platform because you can see through the platform with the expanded steel and a lot of ladies fill additionally a little ill-at-ease again if you put carpeting or something down low over the expanded steel and can't see through the platform they feel ever more secure and it makes it look a lot nicer to Jerry can Mouse this is much like the platform on the side there's spring counter loaded so as you open this thing up all that weight does not fall on you you have to actually pull it down even with the weight they're all countered with Springs so you can get to these are all set up for water and no fuel has additional fuel tanks in the bed your winch for whatever little things you need personally we put the thing on primarily for a little motorcycle your opposite platform you have to kind of walk around up here in order to see if you want to reverse the tip good reverse ten have the door on this side and have the affording ladder to it get up to the ten additional jerrican water cans fuel cans this is even a little contamination device to carries brushes and stuff cleaning fluids and stuff so if you got it are you ready for this radiation you can scrub your truck down but I meant really talk about overkill they always say overkill however is underrated so a good thing to have your door you notice how long these things sit I am NOT very cold ground and your interior which you've seen has everything in there you could possibly think of probably a few things that you haven't thought enough folks are simply blows it out to the side doesn't get any stains or something on the camper the muffler on these things are actually pretty good because you'll be driving down the road and still talk to each other a lot of military vehicles the exhaust noise on them reaches the threshold of pain these things are actually comfortable to drive your front end action is to hold the secure you've seen the baseball here that opens the road makes it ever so much nicer to open under this is a brand new generator which is a 4000 generator so if the solar panels didn't keep up or you needed to run something else you got the generator to do that it would charge your batteries it would charge whatever you need produce the power you need you it has an electric chainsaw that's on the vehicle so if you're out in the boondocks you need to cut up firewood you can fire this thing up use electric chainsaw why Electric electric doesn't make a whole lot of noise generator doesn't make a whole lot of noise use the conventional gas chainsaw the bloody things eat people like it's going out of style and number two everybody within about 6 counties is going to hear you this thing is quiet so if you have the boondocks and you don't want to stay stealth full electric chainsaw beats the heck out of the gas chainsaw plus guys carry oil plus you got to carry fuel and in a bug-out situation fuel is going to be precious so you use it as sparingly as you can when you're running the generator let's say for the chainsaw at the same time you'll be charging batteries and everything else what do you see you're getting the efficiency you can see underneath here that skid plate that I was talking about underneath that front end I hope you can see with the camera is in the shadows so it's a little hard to see we got additional light senator there is a speaker for a PA system in case you get a yell at somebody in a Prius to get out of your way before you hear them stuck in your tires us like a rock certainly got a PA system you can yell plus the CB radio right now he has a pump I don't think the pumps can come as a truck this is an additional fuel pump things cost us fortune um and it will pump can I shuffle table and it's like 75 gallons of fuel a minute so if you had a cannibalize fuel nice to have because it doesn't take long to get a whole lot any rate that's kind of a synopsis the whole thing by the way it also does have standard on the truck it has an air compressor on the thing so you have stored air so if we fulfill up the tires you have a compressor on the thing it also has I don't think it's hooked up right now because personally I don't like them but the mechanism here is called a CT is the central tire inflation system you can be driving down the road push your button and left the air out of the tire so if you're on asphalt and you're going to get into snow you can let the air out of the tire they soften up so you can go to mud and still like that when you come back to the asphalt you push another button and pumps them all back up your early trucks like this this is 1991 1990 what is it Carl 89 I'm sorry off by a year so it's in 1989 the CG is honoring worked really good but they weren't dependable for long period of time most people that have these trucks disarm the system because if the vehicle is parked without being attended the tire can go flat if it fails and that can ruin your tire so most people disarm the systems and they use a commercial ergo switch you carry on the truck and you can air them up at any time that way you can maintain the thing in for safety proof this is a lot better but the facility is there if you wanted to rehook the thing up CT is is there the standard thing came with all the trucks kind of cool to have but like I say to be honest with you I'm not a big fan of it a lot of other people who have these trucks also another big fan of it so I try to give you a word to the wise other than that this thing's huge I can't tell you everything about it but at least you can get a rough idea of what we're talking about here this is a lot of truck it will save your bacon it would save your family's thinking you can get out of the area that you need to get out of you can have all the food you need all the water you need and take off in Rupp countries and many other vehicles cannot go through so not only can you get away from people you can save yourself while you're there because you have enough to sell these Ford great truck if you entertain on something that can save your bacon give us a call because you really like this one got a full bathroom it's small but it's a full bathroom actually is about size of small apartment bathroom but you got a shower you got a toilet of course you got a sink and you have some privacy actually with a window too pretty good for a bathroom considering how compact this is and your auto truck to remember and then pan over and there you go there's the bedroom so you can kind of get a rough idea how big the bed is clean sights is that Carla yes yes a full queen-size bed inside here should have those front windows open so you can see it that it better of light but you can still get a rough idea how big it is so it's quite comfortable also in the living room and down the end Chris is going to turn around and show Carlisle a smiling face sitting on the Davenport that also confirms into a bedroom here we have a complete kitchen area and then we have a complete living room area with a chair and of course Davenport that can convert into a bed so you have additional sleeping areas you got a full stereo you got a flat-screen TV facility the windows can convert have a wood stove hooked up to it so you can really barbecue yourself out of here

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