Minecraft How To Power minecarts around a simpel track.

hello welcome to my minecraft show in today's episode i will show you how to make a car track and how to write it yeah we start with checking out our powered mine code works as you can see it's already going around tiebreakers you can see their components of it it is my code and the furnace and just those two ingredients will create a power Michael and you get the totem by all by using coal or three or something they asked right take it then you just go round the track and the you can use it to push other cars around like this yeah in tight pants it will reach out a little when you're pushing stuff but it's a great if you're not writing it because then it will be very slow I'll show you faster means of transportation you can use on the tracks yeah let that one go wrong you can see an incline and other court on the track here I'll show you just how long this track is this track will continue around in the loop basically and come back and I do that forever they see this track will run into a into stone or gravely or what it is and be reset when it gets to the top it will roll back into its starting position I'll show you how how this gets momentum just prepare a little first so I won't get shot around the track or shoved around the track yes nice your quarter do right there and you push it on your bin and start to college starts pushing each other around the track and the booster court works like it glitches out and when you roll down with your cart in a small incline here then we start pushing each other up a max speed up this hill and the booster court will stop here and the rollback and my coat will continue along the rest of the track I will show you Thomas is its go max me when I get up and let's go for a ride okay let's roll and as you can see I'm going quite fast I'm not being pushed by anything this is y'all step momentum i got from the booster I've prepared another booster caught in the afternoon will and it can push me up this slope to get me to get me going around the whole track like this the build everything in to loop I should be coming back from where I become because II the busa cooked the few yeah let's not go for us right so all the stuff that is good to know when you're making a track is if you don't want monster to spawn on the track you will need to have tortures all around the place called around the track so they won't be able to spawn because of the light and the very important thing is are you building a track remember to always have the free spaces from floor to roof like this if it is smaller two spaces and you get into a track and you want to get out it will be bug out and kill you oh that's not good thing to solve this is a free spaces free spaces and then you can get it out as much as you want without taking damage glass will bug this out oh so because you can have two spaces and the third one can be a glass and it should bug out and I'll show you that in the middle okay now you can see the glass roof and one head space only should be any problem to get out of the cocktail as you can see I'm can jump through the glass roof which creates a bug but I can't move because I will hit the other class so I just break the code and yeah free just has to go back so while the question for gas what other ways videos would you like me to make about Minecraft you might like me to go into more detail detailed stuff about the monster killing machine or making tracks the culture stuff or would you like me to give you to tour of my what I've done with my world oh yeah give me IDs

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