Minecraft: Hunting OpTic – The Hunt Begins! (Episode 1)

hey guys it's ending it here and welcome to some minecraft now you won't recognize where I am you will see there is a big dirt tower in the distance which could only have ever been made by a Minecraft noob this is true this is very true because guys I'm on optic island now if you don't want obstacle endures is where my friends nadeshot hex and big-timer currently playing and live-streaming hi guys if you're watching this I've made it my mission to locate them find them and destroy them I know I'm really good friend because nadeshot asked me some for some help in Minecraft because apparently I'm a Minecraft pro now you guys know that's not true but I do like killing things so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go MLG Minecraft on these hoes and run away from this skeleton right now because he will energy my hoe and pull me so I'm gonna try and survive just know you tits sucking nipple flicker okay that happens so we're gonna start off and we will try and locate where oh my gosh what the hell this ravines there's everything I'm being [ __ ] how many chasing me I've got arrows in my head but basically we're gonna try and track them down using torches places they've built find them I'm rock diamond drop everything and just trash them I know I'm I sound like pretty mean but it looks like I can see either a wall or a building in the distance now I'm hoping this is going to be their house it might not honestly might not this could just possibly be a wall they've built which by the looks of things it is dammit I was hoping this was going to be a house alright so I'm gonna try and track them down I have no indication of whether yeah they are where they've been where they're going I bought other than that I'm going to track them down and find them now I would like to think minecraft people stay around the start so I'm gonna have a look around the different locations in the trees and stuff I had to see where they've gone under where they've headed off to because like these islands over there but they're still sugarcane so they haven't taken them so I'm going to go under the understanding of they haven't decided to touch them weird but true the as a Minecraft noob me I took out our wait a minute aha we have sign of the up wait a minute I see blocks in there in the in beneath the like so right now I'm on their server I won't be able to give away the server idea I'm sorry about that IP and which I'm sure a lot people be asking for but I'm not gonna give that wakes is there I'm gonna keep it private for them but anyway let's jump on here and say oh wait a minute I see torches down there oh my gosh if I could see their nametag straight away I'd go crazy I'm just gonna try and be sneaking hide so we should probably follow down this way I'm just waiting for that back area till I'm going to do is I'm going to search the back area around it I'm going to take this with me and we'll get we'll get some wood first before we go into the ground and we'll try and we'll try survival I'm going to try and do this hopefully it's going to go pretty smooth like I said but I could die but there's something I want to charge myself too as well I'm tempted to do this your will mix wagon style and that means if you are like what the hell does that mean that means doing this die even I don't even get it damn it Wow well there's my minecraft pro knowledge for you over how good I am at this game and I am going to try and do it without dying I know big challenge bought I think it might be a bit fun so if it's possible to do it we'll do it oh oh no okay they're coming to find me and they have weapons they have diamond armor they have damning weapons and they're going to trash me because in our livestream right now boys you are playing and you are currently looking for your diamonds and I'm gonna find you now if a knew where they were if I knew the right address or where they were I'd come and find them and destroy them hopefully they're not going to spawn teleport to me or anything like that you know just anything shady so I don't want that to happen except ruins the front of it and I actually will right now just to try and ensure this I will text optic hecz you guys are gonna hear me and do it I'm going to text optic hecz and tell him not to teleport me just so they don't do not cheat me make sure you do not TP me to them or tell them um you read this okay all right okay so hex knows not to tell them to teleport to me or anything like that because I'm gonna find them I'm gonna kill them and it's going to be beautiful now I'm time to take a full stack of 64 but I don't think I need that much more we're going to go ahead into that cave system where we saw them like I thought but I believed to have walked in so is it is this where the ended so the ended here and he clearly got into some sort of battle don't tell me I found the house already this is it is this their house are you serious I found a bed right I'm gonna steal a bed oh sweet we'll take everything we can get it made currently nothing all right so let's get some sticks on the girl because we got a crafting table of his okay I'm doing great with the clicks all right we got this and we'll do our first making of the item which is going to be a stone pickaxe well the new Minecraft Update shows you get the damaging stuff right so they've obviously they've obviously decided oh let's let's venture wait let me take that furnace let's venture out or do not gonna make as well take this I'm gonna take these like so oh if it's cute there's a cute little first house they've made in it it's adorable it's probably better than mine I'm I got blown up by a creeper on my first attempt remember I'm going to take this and then we'll take this like so move that there that that that that will keep a cobblestone down here we don't need our bed either and we'll keep our wood down here all right so now I'm going to bring my axe down here and we're gonna take this and this just as a spare I said you know what I'll leave the crafting table here for them just in case they come back and be like oh it's home and I'm like wha all right Oh tell you what we should make sod don't have enough stone yes I do all right okay +5 damage well I like that it shows you let's go let's go I'm gonna you're much swagging my way okay so I was a okay it's what these guys are doing trying to grow their crops wonder if they've been down there all right I'm just stealing everything they've placed down now all right so if they've adventured they've obviously gone down here does this look yeah they've built a stairway here all right well I think we built stairway anyway okay Donna died all right died pretty quickly all right now I don't see anything down here don't see any cool either I could do with a torch or some coal to get this started really I should have made a speed as well as a bit silly of me anyway right we don't venture I would like you to grow real quick so I could take them because then I could with the cocoa beans that could make some cook it wait can I make cookies already let me just check you'll make some cookies just a like just in Kate you know as an incase food and get all right there is a torch there I can take I'm pretty sure this is how you make a cookie all made eight cook there we go I have eight cookies for my adventure I now have a torch all right so we've got some basics we've got a sod I was the cat there I've had a fishing rod cat I would try and persuade you to come and chill with me like a P I M P I would be the coolest dude you've ever met in your life but no it's not what we gonna do it's not what we're here for you kick out aha oh my god this is like clues this is this is just irresistible this doing this to the opposite guys now I'm going to try with frames-per-second oh man I'm aa key frame per second just simply because of how I'm recording and playing on what computer I am this way I can't record the micro project okay I see what these guys are doing they're progressing it's quite cute actually I'm also going to take this and just so I've got now a double chest in case I need to camp somewhere all right so if they went this way I'm going to assume that they just kept mix wagging themselves along this way and we'll chop down some trees on the way as well let's take this and this there we go and take that alright so I feel like they've got to go if I was there I would have liked that soon would they've chopped down they would a straight line did ventured it this way but they've clearly gunned down here to chop chop chop down these trees so whilst they were in here they've chopped this down and they would have like tried to escape or adventure I think he went this way I've got a girl for the place that looks like it stared out stared out the most like where someone would like walk or step or anything like that I'm tempted to go for bird's-eye view up in one of these trees which is actually quite a good idea so let's do that we'll go up and we'll try and see if we can locate any sort of building that they've been in or that sort of thing so let's shut this down let's get inside it this one and come on come on there we go let's climb up the Scout on top and see if we can see a house all right I don't see anything straightaway there's a big hill over there that could have like a lot of tunnels they've entered ah there's some dirt towers over there so they have explored quite a little bit they did have diamonds for goodness sake so they could have gone quite a long way quite far but right now I'm hoping the they haven't and so let's try and let's get back down here I'm trying if there's anything like I can jump into to get down the quicker way but it's looking like this not all right so let's escape and eventually I'm going to head towards the hills and then if there's nothing over there I'm going to head this way but I'm looking my eyes open for like any sort of houses now I didn't see much but all I saw was big timer and he was actually investigating a wheat farm that he had now I didn't see where his house was and if I didn't occasion it was near to see or anything I'd go into it and the nadeshot was a he was actually just chopping a tree down so again I didn't see too much now I think I can actually just slide down this there you go oh the egg works nice alright let's go get that mushroom just because we can use this food I feel I can play in Hunger Games man okay take that and then how was my friend's per second doing 44 we're doing pretty good we're doing we're doing worse and worse progressively every day this is awesome alright so I can't wait to get my new command pc out here so as you know I'm in America and all I'm starving to death imma think so yeah I am so thank goodness I got these cookies alright so there's a sheep over there but I can't really use that let's see if we can use this lagged out terrain to see anything and it's not looking like it right let's go this way I could do we find a spider killing them and doing some fishing that'd be a good idea but right now nothing now I can't exactly sprint and I can't exactly do much right now so I'm quite limited to everything and anything I do so don't forget if you see a name tag comment because this might last a while for me to try to find them and I need you guys oh I am on the right tracks there is also a color as well so this is good alright so we're gonna go and slay that cow and and try and find them because if there's a dirt tower here they might be they might be using these as beacons to like towards where they've where they are where they are right now you like the start beacon and this one it could lead to the house so we've got this or they could have an underground home around here I'd be quite interested but I don't wanna bump into him just yet and because they would they'll destroy me with the diamonds at the car they did virtually kill me in one hit right now alright so we had that see some more cows let's head over to here and just kill them and then I'll cook the cook the meat is what going down there so it looks like might been an explosion I wonder if you could have headed down there I don't see any torches which I would have assumed they would have put down but they are you know at quite newbee so well big time it doesn't seem like a nub scrub nature absolutely obscure on them scrub I did just say what I believed to be a cow glitching in this theory look at you what the hell you're doing we're doing okay die in it then that's even better for me well there's so many cows well I really get so much food here damn I'm gonna be like biome running soon if you don't know biome Roman is running is it's a way you keep spreading and keep spinning and you literally do not stop you just keep sprint in a straight line you never build a house and you only stop just to like make things and craft and you just keep running a straight line and you just see like the most craziest like loaded terrain ever it's insane it's so much fun actually I'm definitely definitely gonna do a series on my channel soon it's gonna be sick it's going to be Yolo mix wagons okay I'm gonna be another cookie these cookies are quite good because it's stopping me from dying and I don't necessarily have to refill all my health just yet so we're gonna get all this and I'm gonna try and adjust my chair real quick because my chair yes we got man wait wait there you go whoa that was my chair oh man I am such so straight up now facing my computer it's kind of weird so I'll take this I am oh yes we're gonna make me able to make an iron sword oh we are I in sod can make an iron pickaxe as well sweet I should really make armor because this what I was doing in my my biome running I was making armor as well let me see if my brightnesses turn up that was not my biggest thing it was like make my armor then once I've done that made weapons and then like diamond pickaxe was like the last thing I ever needed to make oh you guys saw the iron with the long island survival that's exactly what I did all right let's roll all right so we've got food missing this chicken or less let's go kill it I've got it I'm gonna kill everything so I just want like mad the amounts of food I met I don't think I'm ever gonna build a base but I have got bed to sleep if I could talk to them at any time and be like I'm coming for you but I want to keep it a surprise I don't to know what I'm even thinking doing ah well these all weapons been improved or something because like everything's dying in one here but don't forget if they see me I need to like crouch and hide from them and stuff like that because the pictures turn around to kill me and I'm try to do this off one life but look things I'm gonna die already so let's not let that happen let's kill this guy and then we'll head towards this last cow over it right oh wait maybe I should take this right to the couch I go I'll take mushrooms because I can now make a mushroom sure oh I wonder if these guys have found this they haven't they might be diamonds in there I would I would assume they've found this though because it's close to the spawn but if they haven't found this oh my gosh this is awesome I can hear a slime CaptainSparklez Jerry's just chilling something thank you see I know minecraft references I know Buda the sky what else whatever else this thing like mine my things like my things bable bable bable bable bable bable I love that word so good right I see some spiders over there but what we gonna do in just the meantime is we're gonna take this the furnace I'm gonna put it down I'm going to put our call a colon and our iron and whilst that's crafting we're going to do this so I've got to watch out just for mobs and also for the guys so let me just do my thing when I stand against this and look through just in case I can see any players names and I see something that what the hell is that might be a mob but it might be a star actually in the trees I have to hold this guy off no I'm also gonna eat nope maybe I should jump Jim truck have a shot oh wow my sob broke alright gone nice own him oh [ __ ] I'm dude I'm getting surrounded what the [ __ ] alright okay let's just go a bit higher let's do this and let's do a sod real quick alright no no no no no down the new update when you kill one zombie more spawn come on come on drop it all and I'll spawning around me this is crazy alright there we go we got some more iron skeletons coming over to make a pickaxe yes we can let's make that come here come here it's okay it's okay right they still spawning around me oh [ __ ] got a wheat forgot let's put that in and let's take the iron go out let's put 30 – oh my gosh that's crazy oh my god this zombies getting closer and worried about them skeletons more than anything let me just put this here just because of a I know I'm building a temporary house what the hell I let's just saw at them skeletons if they do come over I can like have a wall to back up against it [ __ ] this spot this new spawning system of the zombies he's crazy you killed one zombie a more spot oh but to do it's not a character so I'm not impressed this is taking forever so let's build another one because I want to cook all this food for the for the journey let's take that half of this and then I'm sure now if you shift and click yeah there you go you can place everything down all right : throw that in I'm actually going to have to build this temporary house just for now anyway just because I don't want the these guys to keep yo gold rollin me there we go alright so we have a window and move this over actually I'm gonna put it there just give me a bit more space rats get our food on the hotbar let's eat I'm never I'm not on porkchop nice I was taking forever to cook him I don't know what's going on with this alright three I think I just be this furnace seriously look how slow it's going that that's cooked one by the time that's cooked any that the hell they going so slow that's really weird I haven't got enough stone to make another one I think the zombies around me there is all right so let's just organize me inventory real quick sods and we'll go we'll go sod will go pickaxe will go lights jungle wood can stay there actually know what we'll put the jungle wood on my hotbar there we go iron food this nothing's anything else it should really pop my hotbar I think what we all right Oh axe we'll obviously we put that all right how we doing Wow Wow yes I've never seen food take so long to cook like really this is a bit of a joke it's taken forever weird weird if I can see the house let's get XP guess I found an enchanting table anyway he's gonna follow me and knowing I took that and nothing else okay so I've got one more piece of iron which we can't do anything we can make a spade actually that's a good call and let's do that and we'll make a spade egg soup all right there we go right now we've got Spade which is awesome here we got an iron pickaxe got that we got a nice sword we do need iron axe but I've enough to make that this is going to take forever to cook all this oh my gosh and I'm not sure what to do all right it's called publish you can wait outside a time we have a Royal potato and we're gonna get rid of a wood stuff now it was fun well I just don't need it all my stone will keep on all this on us oh I'll tell you what might be able to make dude room to room to I in Armour there yo helmet and leather cap look at me go look at me now mr.

Beast mode asaurus that's what I am it's exactly what I am hi ye cut hiya alright so we can put this back on the pile you what should do take out half of these and use it to make some more torches there we go so now I've got crap load more torches and put that there there and we're pretty good let's just organize this over here that that should I make a bowl since though I'm carrying about you make four alright okay no wolf man try to switch quickly enough – that was pretty tough all right let's take make a mushroom soup we have a stew put our soup up there a bowl all right bub it blocks sticks block I can hear something come in yep there's a zombie entering my house well it's not my house it's my fourth occasion there you go those of that word to call it alright they still in there still in all right four four nice alright oh yeah oh my gosh the zombies are everywhere alrighty then haha well how much we got left two more whoa why did he go on my roof okay do me a favor and drop some weapons drop some weapons I'll be more happy with a zombies attacking it whoa – potatoes in like no time this is rare as hell that somebody's getting closer man he's so far away and he's just like I'm going to come on and say hello alright so that's done take this take the coal as well and then we'll take the parts with us because we don't need to craft anything else oh I'm lagging oh no this isn't good ours is really not good I wonder why I'm lagging all right now it's popped might just been a little bit server like let's have a look I seem to be okay hopefully them guys are oh wait yes finished let's take this time it that we got a bit of lag going on that's covered a piece of sand under let's continue our adventures it might you can all spike of lag on the server or something I don't know anyway let's continue and we'll head towards that house the chances are they will have found it I'm gonna be like a sanger be really surprised if they haven't already but we'll head over there I'm gonna try and kill the skelling so I know he's gonna kill me otherwise and throw them into the cactus cactus cactus come on come on the hell it's something blow up oh no it's just yes that's right okay okay now get off it's if you drop something it's gonna yes see it just died come on I want that string on the string yes give me them arrows there we go come on bring it on bring it on bring it on fire by nothing right spied up anything more string thank you let's go check out the houses I'm probably gonna make one of these my retreat but I'll look to things that block there that might means they've been in it yeah there's been that they've been here our creepers exploded there they've raided everything oh they have oh wait a minute found that home let's have a look around see if this they might made this the base or opera of operations there's no chest or anything and where would the only chest be know that what the [ __ ] wait that means someone's in there why they all aim like that miss Greenshaw I might be near them already it's good to try and get away I can hear a villager like a kid going on that weird new sound they do damn got better like going on still that yeah that knows you could hear it hmm I hope all the zombies enough it's not just gonna lag and I'm just gonna get mauled by zombies this can't be their house that they're all aiming inside for some reason they're all gonna come for me outside out for free wait it's not oh no no oh [ __ ] what just happened what [ __ ] I don't why they gone possessed oh my god visibility now oh my god there is so many [ __ ] zombies behind me oh wait a screenshot it oh my god behind me oh my [ __ ] whoa that's so many [ __ ] zombies oh my god that's a lot of zombies braids oh I need to eat I need to eat oh my god look at all them zombies screenshot that oh no that just made my thing disappear let's go oh my sides in the girl crap alright I'm gonna have to go underground soon oh man that's that's scary so they were they basically all together trapped a village in there and they'd all spawned around each other um and then because I gave them away and they always like June and rushed in I'm sorry villager I didn't mean to get you in your family killed there's a baby zombie as well that was really cute no go away oh my gosh where am I gonna go I need that what was that house I saw whether this one in it alright I need to pull up there you go let's check down here see where these guys went please tell me this leads somewhere and not just to nowhere please tell me at least to iron but it leads to a dead end oh wait now they've made a proper staircase system this might be the house Wow okay yeah they've made her a serious system here but it's going to lead to nothing alright let's see if I can continue where they left off and let's see if I can find what level of Maya 23 let's see if I can find dime we're where they left off let's see if I can continue and find diamonds let's go down to Diamond level let's see what we can find oh my gosh zombie outbreak was crazy I come I can't believe so many zombies just decided to go okay let's just randomly decide to turn around Oh hex was killed nice haha maybe that was that could have been his bed and he responds we'll see where some I in any way for pick axes and swords and stuff he could he could possibly be outside he could have seen me that's the thing they could have all seen me and them zombies chasing me and been like oh [ __ ] there's Tom let's go kill him and got raided by the zombies you never know I should totally like sync up when that death was to their stream and so you could see like what was happening where they are and stuff ah alright so let's get right we're on Diamond level so let's go I'm gonna strip mine real quick for a bit cuz I've got some more iron which is great I won't have got if I want to come down here anyway we're gonna try and see if I can find diamonds just so I can get diamond sword prioritize the diamond sword at redstone so we might be close to some diamonds I just I say that and I know it's not always the case but usually when I find a red stone I do find diamonds like pretty close to it as well so I'm tempted to do a bit of a strip mine there back behind me as well so scrub it a little bit further and there let's see if we can find the diamonds that we need the damage that we'll need to Poland oops today we found some gold we'll mix when I'm around we'll own some ludes I could make some golden apples actually I think they've just check I think with 1.6.2 they changed the recipe to make the golden diamonds easier to make that might not even be true I think they might have even done it just so it makes them as less powerful as there was when I actually fought the ender dragon there you go I think that's what they don't think they nerfed them what the hell oh sweet oh look what I broke into nope let's not do that there we go ah that's pretty sweet alright let's just try this take this redstone just for XP you know I'm like a fun and enchanting table I'll get the opportunity to make it then I'll be like an advantage because I know they've got a flaming chanted sword so that will suck if I bump into them and I'll get slain oh no the server's got closed federal guys I'm going to leave that anyway as like the first part of you try to find optic I'm going to try and get them guys back on the server now as we speak and we will attempt to destroy them hahahahaha I'll see you guys next time if you think I can do it leave like reading subscribe and the adventure on the hunt will continue adios

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