Minecraft Survival Ep. 2 House Hunting

hello everybody and welcome to episode 2 of Minecraft Survival Series is great to see you guys today my name is start us here on 23 i'm not sure if i said that at the beginning of this episode but yeah that's what my name is actually not really that's just my username but that's they might go by you guys call me Steven Tsar Stardust you cannot be dodged them all if you want even though that's just the name of the channel it's not actually my name bahaha yeah so this episode we're going to go do some mining cuz last episode we we ventured out to this place and we we didn't really have anything with us it is still the middle of night and I took a small itís between the episodes and that's why I'm now standing up here rather than down there I had to go eat a whole growth of sour patch kids um does that sound right I had to eat a grove of sour patch kids I don't know I interpret that how you want it but I took that little break to go eat some food so we're ready need to craft ourselves another stone pickaxe because our current stone pickaxe looks like it's about to commit suicide or homicide in that matter so there we go we had a second one now we can use up the first one and the second one will work just fine we are going to need more torches to so um yeah there we go come on aight torches out of this yeah totally knew it see you guys I'm good at minecraft I don't know what you're talking about you always tell me I'm so bad at the game actually you down I don't I'm just making stuff up at this point so yeah um how are you guys doing um I probably got a new microphone for my birthday or something I'm not sure if I did you guys will probably know because it'll be in the description of this video and the other recent videos that are being uploaded as I said this is being recorded all at one time not all at one time but this recording and in large parts let's put it that way so you guys can get the best bang for your buck and these will be consistently uploaded rather than my saving minecraft dia not saving minecraft dia of start plays minecraft series which was like all over the place yeah so I hope you guys like this and I'm talking about the the fourth wall um I actually mine orand is telling me that high cpu usage is being used by fraps although can't be that high cpu usage can we haven't found any iron or anything I do hear water though and that is kind of freaking me out because I think it's coming from this way let's go mine over to some water usually water meets cave you see anything drippin probably means for clothes now I hear it from the lake over here all what is this a star what have you uncovered here oh well crap oh wow um someone please place a torch back of where where I just came in at yeah there we go I'm just gonna mark out this place so we don't lose it uh oh crap i'm falling again there we go okay yeah come on there's gotta be some sort of iron maybe this texture pack makes it so irons are visible something like that i'm a wyotech resource pack sorry yes I've been using the term texture pack way too much these are actually resource packs now but I don't think they do that oh yeah you guys probably can't see anything I can hardly see anything right now look at all that coal I've and mining yeah we always need coal right everyone needs coal it's really kind of a pain to mine but it does give you experience now which it didn't used to do back in Minecraft one point two point five which is a real luxury if you know what I'm talking about you probably don't I don't know when mostly you guys bought minecraft or not i've owned it since version minecraft beitel 1.7 point too I think 1.7 point to is when I got it yeah it was an amazing game it still is an amazing game actually but I don't know when I first started playing it it felt more of like a very scary game to play I don't know you just get this feeling when you played it like when I first started playing it I always felt like oh this games this iron I hope this desired yes my first time I plan I was like oh this game is so scary I to hide it when the mobs were coming because I was just deathly afraid of them like destroying my base I've jayant walls it was something nice like the single player because it felt like my space and no one else could like ever touch it or destroy it and until the computers a hard drive had to be like reformatted and I lost the save so yeah my first minecraft world um I can't access any more i really want to access it because it was just so amazing i built this castle well i don't know i can't really describe it to you because like it was just that amazing I'm just starting to rant on at this point yeah so um just remember to save your first mountain grove saved because maybe one day you want to come back to it and remember the kind of stuff you used to build because you were in and say in person and you built the most ridiculous things for seemingly no purpose what are you doing back back bad bad spider what are you what are you doing hey what'd I say I think get back back cheese these spiders have no respect oh we're just stuck down here in this ravine it's not iron down here where's all the air that well I do have 11 iron so that's that's better than nothing okay i wish i had mcmmo is that lapis how long am I I think that's lapis I probably can't mine that and I don't know maybe I can yep that's lapis not that I needed lapis but we have lapis now it's kind of the most useless thing I've ever gotten early in a Minecraft playthrough lapis lazuli it is just one least useful thing you could get come on even diamonds like gold would probably be better at this stage I don't even have leather yet sorry i need to actually talk into the microphone i'm not sure what i'm talking into i'm talking into the air because that's what normal people actually do to talk to each other dunk in the air wow I'm getting a bit on a tangent here i got like ADHD is something to get diagnosed with um where do we go from here we plenty of coal we got a little bit iron the stream is painfully slow to get up ah well there we go we got it oh no not again oh yeah there we go what's up for this way um this is really weird ravit into I don't sure what all the weird doubles or 40 this is like a little easier to navigate sorry I'm out of torches again there we go you know what you doing there you go okay let's put those work counts and nothin wash oh I think I see something under there we need to block that water off with some dirt some well play here an Endermen under then what are you doing over there and Iran hey do you mind not interrupting my minecraft sir you are saved for the wrath of the n-series please go back to the correct series yeah I'm talking to you up there you with the weird purple effects I swear these under Ben never learn you try to tame them and tell them to work on one of your series and they just kind of go around and copy and paste sections and totally ruin your videos I don't know these guys are just pains total pains they do like way too much damage too well yeah that probably for later in the series but yeah there we go we got plenty of iron now we can make iron tools maybe it's like an iron chestplate and iron leggings because I know how much you guys complain that i never made myself some iron boots or an iron helmet during the entire star plays minecraft series yes because those are unnecessary parts to to wear oh and where's the exodus up here okay just people screaming in my house keeps a keeps bothering me yeah just to uh keep continuity the series I'm gonna pick up my Mountain Dew and just take a sip so you guys still oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh I almost no I spilled a little bit of my Mountain Dew on my keyboard I got scared um how do you clear mountain dew off keyboard mm maybe you just lick it this is gonna be really disgusting oh yeah okay we're just gonna take a quick video fake for one moment okay I'm back and sorry about that freaky incident let's just say that there was Mountain Dew um all over my keyboard all over my phone my headphones which were placed on my desk my watch which was also on my desk at the time and I'm not wearing that um didn't basically just like any over any surface that I actually needed and now everything's a little bit sticky but um what's up let's not mind to that and um okay uh let's actually drink the mountain dew what a creeper isn't going to jump out and scare us to death okay mmm-hmm was a bit spilled like everywhere uh mmm-hmm I tell you this stuff is good I probably really bad for you though it tastes really syrupy I guess I never knew that about mountain dew but mainly because I was an addict to it for like the longest time and I'm kind of a ginger ale addict I don't know if I talked about that before sorry got a little bit of what is a raining outside and it's also daytime maybe we'll go outside and see what we can do yep don't like the outside let's go back inside there we go okay so we have a lot of iron we can get to smelting that down right away yep that's melting I think yeah no iron are all those just pork chops in here that's why okay that makes sense I'm not going to eat those right now so yeah we can make a house a whole ton of tools and some blue wool if we really really actually needed that we really don't so yep okay I'm going to go plant this sugar cane we should we make ourselves a door you're very useful ok I think I remember to craft a door yeah I do ok we can talk with this stone wooden pickaxe back sorry I'm there now we have a proper door to the to the base or the temporary base sorry we probably do some expansions over here to this places if it's small crap i don't think we're gonna stay here for long so this is just going to be like one of those places where i can always stop by in my like in my escapades because i'll probably build a house or something like right next to this and those will be where I where I store some stuff at so any off a minecart out here I heard mine crafts are actually faster than the latest nap shot the series will probably stay updated with minecraft not using 1.7 point nine cuz nothing really gets added and again I am NOT I some of the stuff I have for this isn't exactly for that version and I really don't want stuff to get corrupted or we have gunpowder now and yeah so go out and plant the sugarcane sorry not throwing it at my chest I said go out and plant it there we go prolly should close the door to so I used having pressure plate doors yep i will just plant it all around here yup really no point yet i'm not exactly sure what you do with sugarcane other than turn it into other things so yeah there that'll give us a nice bounty of sugarcane see is there any red mushrooms around here no but there's a lot of sheep and that would be useful if i could a harness the power of sheet so i could sleep through the night yeah sleep through the night okay yep we got some of that iron all like that acquire hardware amazingness what should be the first thing I make probably pick axe actually if we're gonna need some more sticks there we go so I quick myself an iron pickaxe there we go that looks sweet guys and then I'll make myself a sheer yep sure is so apparently I'll hold new ton of stuff added to the game which I don't know about so if you ever want to see me build something just give me the recommendation I might do it sorry this rain sounds incredibly led to me I'm not actually sure if it's that loud for you guys so sorry if I'm but I'm being drowned out by the rain it happens when I record things the games sometimes get a little drawing me out from everything I look at all these sheep I think these are sheep it's gonna leave really strange if they aren't yeah they are okay come on give me a wool I'm gonna turn it blue I should just die the Sheep blue I think you can do that in the game right I mean you used to be able to harvest them off fishy by just hitting the sheep apparently that's overrated yeah okay um got ourselves some carpet being made no not that kind of carpet I know that's in the game too i just consider rule blocks to be carpet i like that much better than whatever Mojang edit i don't really like that kind of carpet yeah there we go ah using old school methods for the series we got some pumpkins too i don't really need them though I figure out we're gonna build my first house at like five mansion maybe I could build a giant fortress on this island that would be amazing if I could uh yeah I'm just seeing it in my mind right now and it actually looks like it's going to take me multiple days oh look at that oh look at that notch has totally blessed us yeah he's disabled that sheep look at you growing your wool back so soon it looks like it'd be kind of laborious to build what if we if we won over there I don't something looks it looks kind of weird over there I'm not sure yeah we could probably build a giant castle or something over there that would be kind of cool if I could do that I just keep running around so much I'm just burning right through my food yep okay so yeah let's all do well just kind of pack up our stuff and get ready to journey out over there and see what we can we can do of course I also need to place it on a bed too what type of the day is it here is it approaching is approaching the end of the day actually we'll just wait till the end of the day and we'll build ourselves a bed and we'll just sleep till morning well we got tons of wool here I'll use the black wool because I've I'm gonna be called a racist here aren't I because I'm gonna say i was gonna say because it looks or i think it looks less pretty than that but apparently some of you guys also saying oh you're a racist you guys black it looks just as great as the white wool no I I don't know I just like white floors better than black floor I don't know if you guys have ever had a black carpeted floor but it's not that great um I have never had one either but I wouldn't imagine it actually looks that good black can it draws the whole color of the room away I guess he black walls but that probably wouldn't look that great either I don't know where you use black when you color I'm looking around my room right now and I'm not sure where I'd put something black like that I guess black goes with good with like electronic accessories like my computer's black my monitor is black yeah that's about all that's black actually um oh my laptop's also black yeah apparently only my computers are black yeah actually my very old computer which is sitting below the sabi mo in right now is uh is also here can you guys yeah I'm hitting this up in one right now sorry sobbing I don't want to hurt your feelings okay there we go um yeah sorry i need to stop ranting there we go all right come on it's gotta be like nighttime by now come on game so you know sometimes people some some people sleep like really early in the morning oh yeah there's like parently new biomes or something in this version of Minecraft to I've never actually been to any of those new biomes to actually build stuff so I'm gonna be really excited to see that I'll make some more chess here because I'll probably use this as a storage area yep okay and there was another chest yeah so I could do whatever would that is there just kind of show up with it come on game it's like nighttime look at those sheep over there but uh it's not a time yeah come on come on look at the sun is disappearing below the horizon game don't tell me eight night time yet oh crap Wow game stop it game what did I say about that don't you don't need to you say will open doors by left-clicking that's an interesting feature oh stop attacking me okay there we go much better yeah there we go look I'm chatting I'm chatting a single player world yeah I wonder if / game mode works and / game mode oh I don't got permission I don't got permission I don't have permission it's good bad okay yep it's time to go now so I don't think I'm leaving anything of severe importance back here I can always come and pick it back up later but yeah that's it I think yep ok let's go on an adventure maybe I should make myself a little bit of armor first do I have enough I got a little bit why don't I make myself some leggings and call it a day there we go iron leggings ok I got a little bit of armor I got a weapon I got some armor I got everything you need to to to go on an adventure you don't need much to actually go on an adventure I could go out my front yard right now and walk to the forest and call it an adventure but um yeah so Adventure is really just defined by the person who is adventuring there we go technically I adventure to the kitchen every day to go get food after I come home from school that would be an adventure to venture down my driveway to get to my house yeah there's a lot of adventuring I do a lot of adventure in my life you know I adventure to the deaths of dr v to a test see if i have too many videos too much space filled there I usually don't it's a terabyte and all its purpose entire purposes is to have videos on it yeah I have a whole hard drive dedicated it to just holding videos so i have two gigs to 22 gigs what is this 1980s i have two terabytes in my computer the the first hard drive is just for ya like regular files it's split into two partitions to drive c and dr d it's my favorite letters uh-huh so Dr C and D are on just store uh babe I getting salt messed up here guys you are you are just freaking me out these lily pads Dr C is more like program files and like just programs and stuff you'd have on your computer on a just to run it you know like I got fraps on dr c know what do i know i don't i have minecraft on dr see that's on dr see what else do I have to drive see i got like notepad yeah and then dr d which is also on my first hard drive also i'm just i should just win the whole way there i should have made a boat or something holds all of my games and stuff so it's actually getting quite full it used to be my recording i used to have a half a terabyte of recording space set aside but that quickly started filling up after we bought so many steam games the steam folder was larger than the fraps folder so we decided to just purchase a brand new hard drive and label it dr v I just record to it yeah so it has like nine hundred gigabytes because we did actually put a little bit space in there for the cap back up files that are important so yeah that'll hold everything and so that's why I actually can record and upload a lot more stuff than I used to be able to because back about a year ago and the good old days of battlefield 1942 um like I couldn't record that much stuff at one time I could work with maybe one or two videos have him on my hard drive at one time and that was about it because well I didn't have that much space like there was my laptop for everything we're like playing games just internet browsing doing homework and stuff that's what I did yeah I kind of like this area it's got like a small like Oh Finn it I think this would be a great area for house because right across this uh this area here is a is my base so if we filled this in a little bit over here we could just build a gigantic man genere and that would look kind of awesome so yeah let's get on the giant terraforming job that will will consist of everything like that and actually it is going to be pretty light into the episode isn't it I'm not sure how many minutes I don't keep a timer when I'm recording so uh yeah I guess it's gonna wrap it up if you guys liked this episode please rate comment and subscribe because I know I'm enjoying this right now otherwise I will see you guys next time huh

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