Minecraft Survival – Episode 1 – GOOD START (HD)

hey guys what is up my name is ants and today I'm going to be giving you a new video today as we do is it I'm actually starting a whole like another series so um so yeah this is going to be really cool this is my survival just a normal survival world because I know I started a survival island so you can go you guys can go check that out I've only uploaded the first episode so far so yeah and I've also started another series on the Hunger Game series so yeah so what we're doing here is just a single-player survival so we can go creighton world um we'll just name it our youtube survival there we go and as you can see it's in survival and more world options um I'm just going to let it generate it I'm like a random seed so yeah here we go create new world so yeah hope you guys will enjoy the series because I know I will and this is going to be awesome so it's kind of well there's a lot of crime scene so this is going to be kind of like the UM the survival island but just a bit different obviously because they're not on the spot on you so I'm just a little island but you can do the same things on this you go into caves and all that you know take down a tree like I am now so yeah kind of cool um so then go we'll just I like to get that 15 roared um so yeah just collecting this tree um yeah so um go check out my other arm videos because I actually asked um I ask you guys a question in the other video asking um Oh balls it again Oh to leave a comment like if you guys would like me to you know go explore exploring on other islands on the survival islands I'm serious because I saw that in that that series on the first episode I saw like a couple of islands just like um um like like out at sea so I would like to know if you guys will actually like me to go to other islands so just go on to that video and comment or on this video I don't mind well we've got a lot of wood we can just convert that into sticks and then we can make a crafting table um there we go and then we can get so we can place that there and why don't we make an axe and then we can cut down trees quicker because I might actually get more more um wood or am i doing just like that move that down there and there we go we'll just quickly break this um I might just cut down just a couple of more trees just to be safe I know that I've got a lot of wood but it's always good to have a bit of bit of extra wood because we need sticks and stuff okay that should be enough okay now we've got a um pickaxe now we just need to find a good area just to make a little hidey hole in we can kill a couple of these pigs and I will break them later um we'll just go humble and with this base I'm actually going to cook it because obviously cooked is a lot better um should we see if there are any villages I'm not sure that I'll go into all I'm I got it's kind of cool well quickly mine up can I do Oh what the frig I just hope I could hear like being zombie I could actually hear it why then some I understand why there are zombies because it's daytime whatever place out there make a all we didn't get enough damnit what am i doing umm we'll just leave that there get out I'll turn it I wouldn't peak broke it Devon okay that's right that's right we can quickly um make a peak now how do nails break maybe from the creek personally I don't know all this lot of iron lot a lot of fine what does FAL just want to collect quite a bit of cobblestone why can i why here again maybe they're in there wow like trolling me don't know where they are oh that looks cool but we won't be able to go there now because armors not good and we don't even have a house so let's do that that there we go and let's make a few more sticks that should be good what is that 16 yeah and then we'll also make um oops walls make a sword just in case and there we go let's go collect some more cobblestone Oh zombie flesh don't know what that's doing it oh cool Wow the hell they got man yep they don't know don't know I do not want them to come behind me well we need cold light fire alpha a key thing is right there because the noise is like really really loud I was actually 10 East I'm just a tad this is awesome oh crap we don't not want to go down there we'll probably die and they'll just not be cool like that I saw some more why is it so me lush kind of random all sort out far out okay at least we got some in wool that's kind of cool like this there we go might as well just collect this coal when dying we want to do this quick um now we know that this little area is here we can come back later on because our main priority now is to make our house and yeah on have we got enough yeah we've got enough cobblestone for now um so this isn't probably going to be our main house now we'll just dig randomly um oh okay we aren't going down there um um maybe we could actually build up in the trees once we've you know got a few more items and resources they'll be kind of cool so right now I just want to get a little house just for now spread some this cross around here um so I'll just dig down now I should make a spade but I guess we'll just use our wood wooden pickaxe type there's no cave for down anything down here it is coal god we've already got 99 we'll have so much more by the time we get a few more items and armor and all that because even though this is survival as I said in that in the survival um in the survival island episode in the first episode um as I said I even know it's survival like the game mode I still don't want to die because dying kind of sucks and yeah well yeah even like I don't want it like what people do is they die so they can get their hunger back up and they just labels as all their stuff in a chest or something but I'm I just don't want to do that because you know that's just not cool I don't want to die at all um get this coal up here as well we should actually find some more sheep and kill them that sounds so bad but like cuz then we can actually make a bed can you see any just around here what I'm going to do is just so it's easy to spot my house spilled like a little towel kind of thing here oh god this is gonna have yeah that's right um so yeah we got it little house now just park that block um cross the table where is it um place that down and we'll make a furnace just like that also make some torches just like that and we'll yep and we'll place thatis there and now we can oh it's got it starting to get dark now um just place a torch up there place a torch in here as well couple there awesome um so now we can cook we'll just place a block there as well then okay just do that for now and we'll put coal in there and we'll put out pork chop in there so pork chop actually heals for hearts or for hunger bars and that that's just awesome so yeah bring some of this will make the roof one higher just like that um and now we can yeah they can't get through there and now we can actually make another furnace where our iron so it's twice as quick and then yep place that just up there you put that on there there we go and then we'll put up iron there and it will cull that all we need some more coal that should be enough up in there there so this is going great guys um so we can probably go for a bit longer for this episode um so yeah you can just extend our house just like this pretty cool what crap um so yes sorry if my audio isn't actually that good I'm going to be I'm trying to get a new microphone as soon as possible because I want you guys to you know be able to listen to my voice clearly so you guys don't have to turn the volume up like really loud and stuff so it's still pretty good audio I'm just using the iMac mic so it's still pretty good but that you can get a lot better so I'm just randomly digging to make these bigger if you don't also actually make a chest make an insect let me just quickly dig up just use the rest of the health up of this pickaxe and how's that I'm going quite a lot porkchop a few of these oops want to do there we go and now we can convert that into wooden planks and then we can convert this into a chest make a couple actually double chests and you'll grab that grab those two placed one there place on there awesome so yeah but twelve whining it's well we can actually make some Sooey I reckon we should go to chess play and we'll make do socially make a sword yeah we should actually make a sword it's really matter because there's a there's a lot more iron in that little cave system down there done in that direction so just away until um goes daytime we'll have to try and find some sheep because we don't want to be waiting at our house for like ever waiting for it to go daytime what's this graveled like random gravel you you can get Flint from this but I don't really need that moment you can use that for another portal SERP ethica is just uh my phone went off there so amazos I was just blocking this little area up there's actually no point of digging that out so um when's it going to be daytime well thinking forever got so many iron ingots but we're only on level three we can um we should actually make leggings not sure if leggings does more than a helmet but I'm going to go with the leggings put that on okay so we got pretty good stuff now we can just put the rotten flesh in there cold mmm wooden axe full scenes we'll keep that just in case cold stone will keep oh actually we'll put that in there and yeah um sword kind of a waste of stone because I just use that stone um sapling the um so yeah wait I'm going to quickly make a couple of more witty golden pickaxes um just a couple more just like that and we are good to go oh wait a second we'll put the gravel in there as well Oh what am i doing why can't my other and fill my shift bottom was working it because if y'all shift and click it it just automatically automatically goes to your top all the chests so what we're going to do now is actually make some more sticks Wow there we go and we're going to also make a wooden um II I was gonna do an iron axe just to get wood faster and we can put up food just like on that end it's um stuff of that end and yeah I think we're good to go when's it gonna be day time she'll just have a look I can take on a couple or God creeper don't blow up oh just had to blow yeah see that's why I'm just going to stay in here for now so um so we just dig we'll try and just keep digging down see if we can find a ravine if we dig down that probably won't happen because you need to follow them um why don't we actually just you know what screw this I'm actually just going to go outside what we're going to do actually before we go I'm going to make a door for now just so nothing gets in there we go just like that open that there we go get away from my house get away from my house away oh god over is he like right behind me of it all lot of mobs lot of mobs Tommy Tommy okay okay you've been done you've got a diamond die creeper so many creepers oh my god that ID oxp awesome earn blah blah boom what a mob drops um we can drop some of this crap down here like the rod and flash don't really need that cuz I got cooked porkchop died when I'm feeling this massive creeper hole except idiot creeper oh no I hate baby zombies I don't know I just hate him for some reason annoying oh my god you just had to blow up he just did after way for these stupid mobs to just get alive walk on that Ridge oh hi Fillion great goals there's some line and yeah we're probably not gonna oh we might have enough to fill the rest in sorry but these guys might be a little boring um oh well they're I don't really care sorry um musharraf that will actually what I'm gonna do is you know I'll wait you know screw I just have to remember what my house is cuz I always forget I always build the house and then I was forget where I put it well I can see this massive weird kind of the tower thing so hopefully can find it so we'll go actually going to find sheep so we'll just kill a couple more of these pages um were the Sheep I don't know where we went before because there was a lot of you know caves and stuff and done there so we wait our house is here and um or it might be over the hill actually I'll just have a look let's eat one of the pork chops cooked pork chops and we'll put the string up there whoopsie the wrong one as well so oh yes shape and this is our little cave kind of system here oh yeah that's kind of cool Oh black kukuku what's this what was he doing well I think we've got enough but um I'm going to kill one more because I'm not sure if you have to have the same color um to throw it to actually make the bed so just in case mmm we'll go down here find some more iron try it full Adamo because I'll be awesome what's down here oh my god a creep up right there well I saw it blow up okay as soon as we turn that corner creeper right there let's go we're going in we'll just we'll explore this briefly because this episode's been going on for quite quite a long time now so we actually won't fully go in there see I'm just going to try and find on yeah see see it's like just on the outside so I'm going to just try and find like that try a full eye on comes out awesome Wow my house as you can tell by from episode 1 of the survival my mouse is really really glitchy does it freaking skeleton right there shouldn't kill it let's go full line there we go get get this iron is it just – oh wow um it's alright let's go whoa well it's kind of cool Oh some lava they're more iron awesome collecting all this iron just like that and I think I'm going to be going back to the house now oh not our actual house we're actually going to make another house don't worry guys but we're just going back to our little party hole for now because it's the end of the episode unfortunately um so let's find out where it is um where was it um was it over the hill here cuz I remember yet to go uphill yep here it is I was kind of cool it's like right there the ravines you just have to go um oh the hill so yeah a little door awesome so we can get the on units and you know I might as well just put the iron ore in there and just wait for it to smell for you guys let's just keep digging randomly down here you're not gonna find anything probably but because I like some cobblestone let's keep going down just waiting for them just waiting for the iron to finish off smelting Wow break them kind of a foul so this is awesome we got like um so many online we've got so many different types of episodes I'm happening with other Hunger Games we've got go to survival island so yeah um so if you're if you're new to my channel make sure to subscribe because these episodes are going to be awesome we're just getting started um so yeah would probably be going to the you know the nether fighting and stuff so and we're going to upgrade our house this isn't even our house this is just for now because I we can't make it flan house now the first episode so I'm not even sure how long this episode has been going for but because some take forever to render and upload to youtube with my internet but who cares I'll just wait for it I'll iron will probably be finished now we got look we got some more iron so we better go up there we got two there as well as that's kind of cool oh and we can also make a bed we'll do that as well this absolutely we're doing so many different things in subside um not all episodes will probably be as long as this as so um yeah let's see what we can make we can what do we need we need a helmet just like that and we also need boots nice put that on put that on there we go we can probably eat I'll be able to eat and we can also put in this our a meat meat and go we got so much I we don't even need the zone so I'm going to wait for this episode um I'm just going to sorry what am I talking to wait for this to finish smelting the last piece and we'll just wait for this to cook as well and yeah I'll be the end of the episode is it getting dark now I think um I think it is kind of yeah I think a little bit umm we'll try and find some diamonds maybe next episode I don't know they'll be awesome wait for the last few porkchops um to finish off and while we're waiting we might as well just convert that into bone meal yeah and we'll just put it we'll put a few things in the chest we don't need that um oh yeah wait a second we'll make a bed fill up all about that so I think you make a bed like this yeah okay that's kind of cool um where should we put it put it here what kind of person Oh Oh yet to put okay wait so I can put it there okay awesome and yeah you can only sleep at night so um ah it's a book how's our stuff going okay so that's basically it for this episode umm yeah please comment rate and subscribe for more awesome videos and um please leave a like that really shows that you like the episodes and that means I'm going to be uploading them maybe even more so I played in these videos even more so yeah so please make sure to leave a like um leave a comment on what I need do maybe improve on all you know what what you guys would like me to do I'm in the next episode and stuff like that so yeah please comment below to subscribe as I just said and I'll see you guys in the next video peace

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