Money / Barter Items (Building a Bug Out Bag) by TheUrbanPrepper

hey guys this is another video for my building of bug-out bag video series there's a lot you know I'm doing a redesign of my current bug-out bag and from a new one I have everything organized into different compartments so today I'd like to talk over the money and barter items that I'm going to be including in my new bug-out bag so the first thing to discuss is cash so in an emergency situation I'm going to want to have a fair amount of cash on me I'm not going to want to be able to rely just on Visa or MasterCard or debit or credit cards I'm going to want to have cash to purchase things to barter with so for the past couple years my wife and I have been following Dave Ramsey's the Total Money Makeover book and it's all about saving paying off debt and one of the first items that he discusses is saving $1,000 cash for an emergency situation so we a couple years ago we did that and you know we saved up a thousand dollars and we keep this in a safe for an emergency situation so if we have car problems and we can't go to a bank something like that so for now we're instead of having it in the safe I'm going to include this in my bug-out bag so I don't just have $100 bills in here I wanted to have a variety of different bills so I'll show you what I have i vacuum-sealed it to kind of discourage me from breaking into it every once in a while okay so in this out there's $1,000 here so I have twenty one dollar bills I should have six five dollar bills I have five ten dollar bills there should be ten twenty dollar bills for fifty dollar bills and five $100 bills so I think in muck like this could give me by for a little bit I can do a lot of different things with that amount of cash so that is something I want to have included in my bug-out bag instead of having it in my safe so now let's talk about the scenario if there is an economic collapse so in that case I'm going to want this you know this is going to be toilet paper it's going to be tender you know it won't be worth anything so I want to be prepared for that scenario so I want to have something that's going to have some kind of value after economic collapse that I could use for trading so in that scenario I want to have some cup some precious metals the analytical survival he has five silver coins in his leg so I'm thinking of having the same in mine I have still haven't decided whether I want to go with five or four just due to weight issues because you know these about an ounce each so in this scenario I have three different American Eagle coins and I have two Canadians so I just want to have some kind of silver on me I didn't want to include any kind of gold because you know gold a lot more expensive than any of this right now and you know in an emergency situation I imagine most people are going to know what the spot price of gold is for that particular moment so this is a little bit lesser value but it might be a little bit easier to trade I would think so I have five included over here so next you know if someone doesn't want to have money if they don't want to have precious metals what are they going to want to have so I'm going to try to capitalize on people's obsessions or in and addictions so first thing I thought of was to include cigarettes you know they don't waive anything and a lot of people are addicted to them I don't smoke there I've never smoked a cigarette in my life so this is actually the first time I purchased some but I want to include these because they're lightweight and you know people are addicted to them so I think I might be able to trade these in an emergency situation lastly another thing that people have an addiction to that I might be able to use for barter is booze now I don't want to have you know these large sized bottles of booze they're way too heavy you know I wouldn't want to be lugging this around in my bug-out Bay so I had to figure out an alternative for that so instead I wanted to go with something small and something plastic because the glass is going to be the liquid itself is going to be heavy enough so I didn't want to have a glass bottle so what I did is I went to the liquor store and I picked up so these little small bottles of this is makers Markham I might as well get something good so so these are how many ounces then 50 mil amounts of milliliters so I bought I got three of these for my bug-out bag so those are another item that I could possibly use for bartering for trading with and then that the lastly I'm not sure if I'm going to include this was just having some quarters with me I don't even know if they have payphones anymore but I imagine some public you know parts of town there might be some so I'm debating whether to have this is our two dollars worth of quarters so for this since a lot of this is you know kind of what-if scenarios I don't know if I'm going to trade this in these kind of items I guess I could also use this for you know for teething with my with my baby or maybe if I want to have some too but I don't imagine I'm not going to be drinking too much so I want to make sure everything is in a particular weight so let's put some of this on the scale and see what we're looking at so first let's push to put all the cash on there you start this over okay so for cash what are we looking at okay so we got about Alana 1.8 ounces all right let's add said the cigarettes these are so light it's probably not going to increase it too much all right so three point seven three point five next let's add the maker's mark okay so 10.10 point four that those are you know fairly heavy so I imagine it's going to increase it a little bit I'm going to put these five silver coins up there so now we're looking at right at one pound and I imagine I put this it's going to put it up a couple ounces yeah so one pound one point eight ounce is so I'm not sure maybe I want to not have maybe I want to go with four and try to keep it up to a pound let's see yeah so that's about right at one pound so I'm not sure but these are the basic items that I've kind of been thinking about having for my money and barter items as usual if you have any other ideas for what I could do as far as having money currency you know things for trade I'd like to hear any any of that in the comments so that's about it that's what I have so thanks for supporting the channel please feel free to leave constructive comments and again this is the money and barter items for my new bug out bag have a good day

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