My top 5 Bushcraft & Survival books

everybody my five favorite bushcraft survival outdoor box ago and so one number five but this which build the perfect survival kit then it's really good really it's got chapters at the front on different things as in group water and head soldiers Russians violating and at the back it's got examples of their kits large kits moving kits small kits and each or got pictures that's my number 50 number four is this book called hiking them back at him buck like a jealous side guide yeah again this is got a lot of information but this one with us that will tell you what survival kits it's just a lot more information on travelin light and packing your books are an actual medicinal plant it's got as well and snakes poisonous plants yep look your bag up food over the tree branches of the Bears all that type of stuff so I nothing number four number three is ray mears of dorsal humble well this one I thought says outlaw survival handbook else with covers a lot more and in the way of bushcraft techniques as you prepared in skins yeah bed in harvesting food making a flower for this inner fish not making pots pottery basketry as well a type of stuff sweet good planner good good boy and but I say that's more on the bus left side me number two is the mountain skills training humble and this is from the association of mountain instructors and basically what this applause is this is a lot of safety as in we have a cross in and being lame methods nope different types of ropes it's a lot more to do with safety when you're out in the hills I think it's a good read what to do when walking on snow etc so that's my normal flora book and the number one book is the SAS survival guide by John lofty Wiseman now this is actually the face for i got and look at the inside page edit little focus it's actually first edition from 1986 and the price was 995 pretty much a tea panna yeah it's been updated several times but the when it came out I asking you waited about six months for this with bated breath to come out and I never put the thing down for about two years it was just breathe covers everything food plants emergency childbirth believe it or not poisonous snakes ya body signals using Helia graphs shocks doing the sea creatures it covers everything even at the bar has filled chocolate on hygiene Evans arm a nuclear explosion radiation right the way through q can't it's preserving food know everything that was snow buddy is netting you you name it's in here although it was out what to say that this was 86 that's what six 2006 over 26 years ago it's still I think the best boof of its type on the market alright so that's my top 5 books a push back with your favorite five and oh you got any suggestions that think no I've got that both but I think this one's better let us know always interesting to find out your information thanks for watching

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