NEW Lofty Wiseman Survival Skills DVD (inc survival tool knife use)

from the moment we bought we are in a survival course if we wish to put ourselves in extreme environments we need more knowledge to be able to survive these and there sees is that right now and I've been doing this since the early 80s but to work with somebody with Lofty's experience is still that the lessons to be learned every day basically lofty has such a wealth of experience Lofty's has hands-on practice in survival skills for more time than probably anyone else in the UK at the moment possibly in the world at genuine survival and wilderness living training I usually play P for protection elfin location 8 for acquisition or water and food and n for navigation you need to know yourself that you have it in you you know that you can light a fire you know that you might know five plants that could keep me going okay guys it's some solar yeah good example yeah you can use that salad but I'd always boil it first okay there's a good girl going up food a lot we'll be showing you how it set traps snares how to track looking at what plants are available around here picking some preparing them it's a fun going and this is called King Alfred's buns if you like this it will smolder not a no you got to go in so just having a basic knowledge placing some basic principles and carrying some real simple kit then ensure that we're going to be safe anywhere in the world you

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