Off Grid – 48v battery bank maintenance – Problem found ( 1 )

goodbye YouTube how you gon hold zombie battery maintenance the smaller when the walk will just sit me a text and batteries and I don't so got a gap where so that whole batteries out of the link now and while we were testing them we found that that battery that's missing which is now over there with a little bit different vaults and all the rest of them so talk it out taps it up with the second stage projector chapter there and then drop the light test on that's one of these that's a yeah protesting 12 volt six and 12 volt batteries and click the little Bosman held up for 10 seconds which is what you're supposed to do she went in the red she went into bad unfortunately that battery's no good no more whether it's a combination of cold weather or what it is I don't know it was but that battery I was just looking at it here and that battery was only at 12 point 5 volts when I put it in because I write the voltages of each battery down there and that battery was a 12.5 when I put it in so we'll see you that when you've got one battery that's bad that stresses two batteries on either side of it so I've just ordered another battery we're just gonna slide it straight in there put it all back together keep an eye on things and see how it works so what they would have been doing overnight was the night that would have slowly been draining the rest of the Bane's I think we didn't notice up here that's a pretty big big and when the short got too bad that would have eventually blown those fuses I got sitting on top there so when it reached 50 ants the food infused would have blown up took taken the battery the whole floor out but right now we've got the whole floor out got a gap in it got another one on water these were old we're gonna put them in there like I said a 4.5 volts there we put them in 2000 and well it is have them 13 I think but you know there are a couple years I'll there aren't about I'd say they're about 4 years old counting the amount of time they spent on the shelf as well I expected more out of them out of it than four years but while it looks as a mess on the top of the battery here these two cells at the top see that bill gank they're in a bit of a gang there well it's a ladies cells at the top here we've got a short in them oh there's an update a little bit about that you might let's get it done okay so even though we've dropped it out of the bank we've dropped one battery out guess what let's still up weed we're still fully off-grid 25 minutes coming off this one let's speak the lights though they've idle back a fair bit 11 amps coming off this one this one's island back a little bit to 0.1 this one's the pet shop down and this one's this feeding to the green the batteries anymore it's got across there at the batteries so yeah and tonight we will still be upgraded you know if it had been I to vault banker we would have been baguette right now we would have been buggered ha you to Capeside walking out

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