Off Grid Living season 1 esp 8 (A Day In The Life)

hey folks Robert here how's it going I'm going to show you my daily everyday activities up here so you guys stay tuned with me and I'll show you exactly what I do I just arrived here it's like it's like 8:30 or so at night it's like 24 degrees out or something is still pretty hot and the first thing I did tonight when I come up is I filled up the bucket with some pre-existing water to about half full so there's about two and a half gallon in it I've checked the solar and everything to make sure it's working now I'm going to take my two five-gallon cans and take them down to fill them up there's still lots of drinking water over there that's my drinking water stand so you check out what I did with the pool use forgetting water a couple of floaties in the top of it the water is real clean not stirring up hardly any sediment off the bottom or nothing because of the pool are you taking it I'll show it to you up close I got a hose running in there that's always filling the pool tank remember what I asked here a while ago but what I was going to do with the pool what I was going to do what the pool was grow vegetables up here right and I was hoping that grow bed or produce enough vegetables last me for the winter you know the reason I like aquaponics or stuff growing in water is because you really never have to forget – if you forget to water anything and ain't gonna hurt nothing and that's my problem I forget the water something things die well with this way and it's got a continual supply of nutrients too because the brook the brook is just full of them a-and you're not really taking anything away you're not hindering the flow of the brook or anything it's all running back in I mean you're hindering a little bit but not enough that would ever cause any damage to the ecosystem I'm telling if you guys can see how get off my tripod is anyway this is how we get the water to the camp so hey check out my foot got a bit of wound I stepped on the dirty old can that's what you get from where they're from what hello or I could drink a moonshine so you know what you just pour a bit of your drink on it clean it up like the best thing ever and it's topical it's like I don't know 35 percent and it relieves pain too because I'm drinking some figure right I'm going to drink some press topographical right there no maybe that's the [ __ ] map whatever anyway it makes me feel better when I drink the booze and port on my boat at the same time so hey check it out the first thing I did was put on the kettle this morning to boil some water coffee suck 9:00 a.m.

I've already made my made my coffee I've already took my morning constitutional and I'm gonna brush my teeth this is my water bucket for my good drinking water the drinking water bucket I'm going to leave I'm going to leave the drinking water bucket I'm going to leave white we're going to leave the drinking water bucket white so I know the difference and you don't want your drinking water to be hot anyway where we are that's done pick up my bucket sit back there keep walking song the buckets out getting hot don't waste the water I did a little bit cuz I'm trying to shoot because in one hand it's only like 10 o'clock and it's already hot here already hot well I'm gonna join my coffee I'll be back drinking waters down to here you checked all my solar cells they're working good so now I'm going to charge my cell phone everything is working good right now I doubt that 20 watt inverter I got a head I'm running a 175 now I don't like running them but I like to run the lower wattage ones but this one will have to do for now until I get another one heating up water to do dishes and check this out I made a which was the best right here probably I made a I needed a wedge for my I needed a wedge for my ax so I used a quarter of the cold fusion the axe head on an anvil right over here afternoon with this stuff right here now I got a wedge to put in my I just hope it's strong enough steel I used a quarter anyway so check it out there's the axe I'm installing the din I'm gonna put it right in there in the middle you can see I shortened the pipe a little bit to way it's a little bit wetter than doing them in a sink but on a warm day you don't care matter well as the dishes rule it actually keeps you cool over here in the shade the bugs I love the bugs so this is a day in the life of living off-grid a people say the stuff you're doing here is slower but when you're out here with nothing to do anyway Deepti matter how long it takes whether it takes you know ten minutes to do something or or to rest the time all you're going to be doing is sitting around bored anyway probably might be doing laundry or some stuff like that laundry your dishes or whatever keeps occupy keeps you can go crazy you

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