Our 7 Acre Off Grid Property Tour

In today's video we're going to give you a
tour of our seven acre off-grid property in North Idaho that we're going to be moving
to in just a few months. Hey! Good morning guys. Welcome back to the vlog. This is a seven acre piece just a little bit
north out of town and it is heavily wooded. [Music] I'm going to show you the street first so you can see kind of the street area. It starts right about here and then it goes
down let's see right about to here. And then it goes that way. When We come out here we've got a little bit
of a clearing here and let's see.

Right now I am facing south and so what’s
cool as, no mountains of any kind right there for the whole south side of the property. So take out a bunch of trees and you should
have pretty good exposure to the sunlight in the winter time. There’s a lot of nice sized trees that's
for sure. You got all these guys in here and of course
you got more down there. There's lots of different types of trees there's
fir and cottonwood and pine. Lots of different kinds of trees on this property. Also as we've been walking around we've been
seeing different kinds of scat which that is like animal poop. And what kinds have we seen? We’ve seen rabbit and elk and we've actually
seen some rabbit on the property. Actually one rabbit, that’s one rabbit,
and deer and deer poop. Oh yeah, lots of deer poop – so is there's
a lot of wildlife that wanders around in here.

So it's pretty pretty pretty pretty Jules
is pacing it off from the street here. Looking at building location septic system
location. 35 paces. 105. 105 feet to here. Right here okay. Let's go 50 feet more. All right so we're trying to get down to 150
feet from the road. Perfect huh. All right so is that far enough away from
the road.

What do you think. Yeah. There is only one neighbor that lives back
that way. It is a nice big front yard. iI's a huge front yard. So this right here is 150 feet from the road. Jules is thinking that this right here is
elk poo. This is dry. Yeah it’s much bigger than deer. Yeah what about moose? No moose? These look like really big jellybeans.

So, if a house went here in this area. The property starts to slope downhill from
here very gently but it would provide much more of a view from here if I went down this
way. What? Whoa that's a whole pile. There's a pile right there. Yep you think that's elk or deer? That's for sure. For sure it'd be a monster deer. All right, so we come down here and then it
kind of slopes down sum then there's a old road that goes right through right through
here. It keeps going down. Listen you can hear the train? It's not too loud though. What do you think? Not overly loud. There is hardly anywhere in this area that
you can't hear the train. There's a lot of trains that go through. All right we didn't walk down to the end because
it’s really far, like really far and super thick woods, super thick.

It needs to be, definitely need to be thinned
out cleared out. It's kind of like this right here. Like that. Difficult to walk through. You can do it but it's not very fun. So then
we keep walking over here. This will have to be cleaned up hopefully
the owner of the property, if we buy this one, will take
care of it. That car's got to go. That trailer should go. But if it stays well then I guess we can utilize
that. What’s this right here? That’s like a gas tank. Looks like a old gas tank maybe. I don't know. It bolted to the side of something it looks
like yeah, some kind of old gas tank. And this was an RV shed that fell over in
the snow or something. That’s, that's not good but this is still

You can use it up for a shed or something. That’s roofing. Yeah. Old flatbed trailer here. Looks like a homemade one. It's pretty cool though. And then the road, the road goes down this
way again. there's like another road coming from the
main street up there and goes down this way. And you can walk down probably about 3/4 of
the way to the end of the property, if you follow down this road here. And then the property line is like probably
30 feet in that forest in there, but that’s really thick too.

Yeah, we've been looking for a property that
is south sloping that way there's more sun in the winter and this actually is pretty
flat. Still walking down that road here and saw
this little cool area right here. I thought we'd just come in and check it out. Pretty thick wooded area and some good-sized
trees in there for sure. Yeah like, what kind of tree is this? I don’t know what kind that is. What kind of tree is this, guys, right here. Still cruising on another road that goes through
the property. And right now we’re looking for like a spring
or pond. A pond fed by a spring. That's what we’re looking for. Should be right up here somewhere. I think that Sarah might have saw it. She's running off. Here it is right. Yeah. Whoa that's an old mattress. We walked on that last time. Springy, walk on it and see. Feel it. That's weird, huh. all right cruising down
here to this guy, it's a pond right here.

like they just dug it. And it turned into a pond. There's a pile of dirt right there. That's cool. Yeah, a little pond area. I mean, it's tiny but it's a water source. When you're trying to find the property corners
there's a really cool app. It’s called Land Glide. See, it looks like this right here, Land Glad. When you open it up, then it'll have a map
and the property outlines for it right. And so we're close to the corner right here. And so you just walk around in that general
area and look around for the corner marker. Which there should be one right over here
somewhere. Usually there's like some orange survey tape. Oh yeah right here. All right so we come over here and we find
that this tee post right here. And then you're looking for this guy, this
piece of rebar stuck in the ground right there. Yeah, this is a corner marker but there's
also this one over here that was stuck here by somebody, just a wood one, and it says
property boundary.

But from what I'm told the metal one, the
rebar, is the official one. All right there you go guys just a quick little
tour of our pretty that we're gonna be moving to here in a few months. If you want to follow along on our journey
make sure you click my face right down there and subscribe to the channel. Also you’re going to want to make sure you
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we go live. We'll hope you guys have a really great day
and keep smiling! [Music]

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