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last chance prepping election chaos violence civil 
unrest new shut downs covid19 coronavirus pandemic   Gov Newsom California thanksgiving rules hi 
it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper if you've   been reading the news maybe you're 
shocked to read that certain cities   are worried about there being chaos and violence 
after the election different cities buildings   within cities and even counties across America are 
concerned that there's going to be some violence   some eruptions some discontent and it's something 
to pay attention to other parts of the world are   also locking down their citizens again Ireland 
Wales France Germany are being asked to stay at   home covid 19 coronavirus pandemic stay at home 
quarantine orders they're being very restricted   where they're allowed to go when they can go 
outside the documentation they need to have   and maybe you even read that in California 
governor Newsom has put out extra special   rules about Thanksgiving holidays how many people 
you can be with on your Thanksgiving holiday how   long you can be together where you're allowed to 
be eat and what activities you're allowed to do   it's a little concerning the restrictions 
that they're government trying to put on   private citizens whether it's our 
safety from violence from civil   unrest from presidential election disputes 
and from a covid 19 coronavirus pandemic   if you don't have all the prepping 
supplies that you need it's not too late   I'll give you a quick list of some top preps must 
have prepping supplies that you can still buy   stockpile for your family so that you 
have the food supplies things you need   then if it becomes unsafe or you're required to 
stay home pandemic surges second waves or there is   a rush at the stores food shortages food toilet 
paper prepping supplies become in short supply   again you'll have things that you need that your 
family depends on and you don't have to worry then   that you won't have what you need the first thing 
you should look for are canned goods food stock up   on chili soup ravioli beef stew all the kinds of 
short term food storage foods that you could open   and eat that wouldn't require any cooking that you 
could make meals for your family get some packaged   foods pick up pasta and sauces packages of noodle 
mixes any kind of foods that you enjoy eating get   some of those get a wide variety of food canned 
entrees meats fruits and vegetables all kinds   of pantry stockpile foods foods that you can make 
meals for your family right out of your pantry for   quite a long time stock up if you can find PPE or 
personal protective equipment maybe you still need   some masks or gloves get the soaps and cleaners 
you need disinfectants if you can find them   laundry detergent dishwashing soap stock up on the 
cleaners and disinfectants the items that you like   to clean your home so that you can maintain the 
cleanliness the holiday season is coming stock up   on flour sugar yeast the supplies you need to 
make the foods that you enjoy stock up on the   ingredients that you count on using during your 
holiday baking do you have enough paper products   everything from toilet paper to paper towels paper 
napkins paper plates kleenex the ability to buy   those items comes and goes sometimes they're 
in short supplies sometimes you can find them   if you remember back to the beginning of 2020 
you couldn't get a lot of the paper products   that you wanted if you find them now and you need 
them stock up so that you have them going forward   winter is here make sure that you have flashlights 
and fresh batteries and include batteries for all   the things that your kids use if they have lots of 
toys that require batteries get extras of those we   have been spending so much time at home and we may 
be going through things like batteries and you may   not have thought about stocking up on them make 
sure you also have a fire extinguisher just to be   safe and then if you have not bought long-term 
food storage if you don't have a bunch of rice   and beans and you can still find them in the store 
pick some up get a great big bag of rice a great   big bag of beans or get small bags rice beans 
just so that you have a bountiful supply of food   dry foods like rice beans pasta oatmeal 
go a long way to making cheap meals out   of foods that can last in your long term food 
storage stockpile pantry for a long long time   go through your personal hygiene items the soaps 
toothpaste cleaners lotions that you use from   the time you get up in the morning until you go 
to bed at night make sure that you have enough   of those things to last for a month or two 
or more and then stock up now while you can   then if we have unrest and violence from the 
upcoming election or if the pandemic surges and   we're required to stay home food shortages if the 
government decides to try to tell us how we can   celebrate and who we can gather with then we don't 
have to worry about having the things that we need   if we're restricted to stay home no one likes the 
way the events in the world are unfolding right   now but we have to deal with what it is we can 
look forward with a positive outlook that things   are going to get better this too shall pass but 
in the meantime make sure that you're providing   the things that you need no matter what the future 
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