Payton’s World Outdoors for kids “Bug Out Bag”

well my name is Payton here's my assistant my sister Reese which is also my sister I wanted to talk about a few basics of a bug-out bag I wanted to talk about um what you would need to be out in the wild what you need so let's get started pushing my bug out bag and today I'm gonna take and I will let you take a peek of what's inside and I also take this with me almost everywhere I go and it's very helpful starting first I like to keep clips in my backpack they're very good for clipping stuff together hiking whatever you want to do with them and also they're good making tracks which is very good and you can get a lot of food from it if you said said it every day my knife and my other night this is a Mustang knife it's a very good pocket knife and I use it for daily things I need it for here's my name is Jo knife I use it for cutting wood and cutting other things like branches here's my scissors I use them for cutting off clothes if I need to very fast there's clips for a paracord bracelet and to keep you entertained here's my tip snakes and I haven't used these yet but I mean my wanting to see how good they were bear grylls survival kit and here there are some playing signals just like don't land here let me clear a path for you I here I am come and see me and so I'll have a separate video of all the details later on you want your sunscreen there you really want your sunscreen if you get sunburned it's serious people and then also a toothbrush and toothpaste which is also good and you want tweezers tweezers and also finger fingernail file okay a bandana slide a lake bird River whatever you want dampen it make it put water on it and sling it over your neck talk about these now okay so now these are used they're not recommended but they're used sometimes and they're used for water samples and plant samples like see me if it has bacteria in the water or not the plants not good for you just to just the basics and it saves a lot of room in your bug out bag so this is the best one you can have this one is kind of good too and if you open it up you can fit up in here and it won't leak and also you can also put some of your stuff in here to have less room have more room in your bug out bag I like to keep it simple I just have a few birthday kids this is the one I put together here's another one that I bought somewhere and then here's some something else that goes with it in an ace bandage Sabath let it Pete all right hey an animal tracking book and I'll give you some more details on it and maybe have another video for you may be out by next week and then I'm gonna show you what's at it and what helps and here's a pocket survival guide with like all the other stuff that you need to know you're liable you could buy these at Walmart you can and here's another one with it and these are very good when you're outside is also your light stick go around your neck turn it on very easily it's blue mine's blue and also some electric tape and then you your paracord what you can do endless amount of things with you can make bracelets you can make traps with this thing you can make a hammock all kinds of different stuff and so now I'm gonna talk about my flashlight it is very very very very bright and I like to keep one of these right what

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