Planning for Survival & Prepping Part 1


hi I’m Mike with the school of self-reliance and today we’re just out in the backyard and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about prepping and survival preparation most people think about survival and they think about prepping the two are different a survivalist and a prepper are two different creatures a survivalist is somebody who can go out and survive with a minimum amount of gear and they generally prepare with that concept in mind of a minimal amount of gear and go out and survive long term or indefinitely without a whole lot of anything a prepper is a person who believes in stocking the castle digging a moat and sheltering in place and that’s preparation maybe they have a bug-out location but it still involves I’ve got a prepped castle and I’m gonna go to the castle I’m going to defend the castle and I’m a living dying the castle a survivalist has a much more mobile philosophy now the two concepts can overlap there are people who are survivalist by nature who also prep and there are Preppers who also have survival skills and and you know approach it with an overlapping philosophy but for the most part I find that most people keep those concepts separate and that’s a real shame I personally am more of a survivalist my wife is more of a prepper as a matter of fact she’s nearly cut and dry a prepper and I’m nearly cut and dry as survival us I would rather you know bug out be mobile be away from everybody you know go on the move survive long-term wilderness or whatever urban you name it it doesn’t matter to me I’m very fluid in my strategies for survival my wife is very much of you know she doesn’t want a scratch cat hole in the woods to use as a latrine she wants to shelter in place and defend the castle now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with either one of those philosophies because there really isn’t but both have to be fluid enough and both have to be willing to change enough that you can’t overlap your philosophies the other thing that most people fail with with survival or prepping is they fail to prepare to prepare they don’t have the mindset nor do they think about it correctly when you’re prepping it seems like a simple answer go out buy a bunch of food buy a bunch of weapons so on and so forth fortify the homestead when you’re doing survival mentality people say well grab a bug-out bag and so on and so forth you know stock it up with supplies and and you’re ready to go well that really isn’t the case you need to think about your preps and think about your survival preparations whether you are a prepper or survivalist whether you’re bugging out or sheltering in place bugging in doesn’t matter you need to approach both philosophies from a right premise and that premise is that it doesn’t matter what the circumstance is basic human needs do not change okay if you’re in the zombie apocalypse a nuclear strike scenario it doesn’t matter situation X whatever it is that causes everything to go to hell in a handbasket the basic human needs don’t change so you need to keep those first in your mind when you’re thinking about either survival or prepping you need to think about those first and those basic human needs are food water fire because fire I’ve got this equal mark here so that you’ll know there’s something different about this fire provides us warmth it provides us a way to disinfect water it provides us the ability to cook our food fire also fits into security because it keeps us safe it Ward’s off predators and so on mosquitoes and whatnot so food water fire shelter security medicine and hygiene no matter what the circumstance is these basic needs will never change scenario to scenario the thing that will change is the order in which these become important it may be at some point much more important to have shelter than it is to have food if you’re in the high desert or low desert then shelter and water would take priorities over food at least immediately medical if nobody’s injured and there’s no chances of anybody being injured anytime soon it may be lower on the priority list fire in the desert may be lower on the priority list although it gets pretty damn cold in the desert at night but the only thing that will change is the order in which you need these things and the way in which you provide them in the with this with security in the zombie apocalypse you may need a walled fortress for security you may need a gun for security you may just need fire as your security efforts the way that you provide these things is really going to change scenario to scenario and level of importance will change the way you provide them and in what order you provide them that’s fluid it will change scenario to scenario and most people when they make their preps or they make their survival plans they really don’t think this through and they don’t keep these basic concepts in mind that you will always have to provide for every member of your group these basic needs you’ll have to provide them in a different fashion for each different scenario and level of importance will change depending on the scenario now one other thing about fire that that I put that equal sign therefore not only does fire equal like I said sanitized water cooking of food security it also equals warmth when it’s cold outside so that’s yet another key with the with the fire but under fire you should also start thinking about if you’re in a hot environment you also need the ability to keep cool so regulate your body temperature really is what that should be whether it’s keeping warm or keeping cool if it’s rainy outside certainly fire is going to help you so whatever preps you make no matter what you should approach them from this basic premise and think about the order of how you provide these things according to the scenario that you prep for me I don’t like to get hung up on scenarios I like to just say scenario X whatever that is I don’t know what it is I don’t care what it is all I know is that there’s not a cop on every corner there’s no ambulances there’s no hospital the grocery store isn’t open and the lights are out and there’s probably under those circumstances bad people looking to do bad things to me and my family so I just look at that generalised scenario with any preparations or survival mentality or or plans that I make but keeping these things in mind when you make your preps when you make your survival plans that’s first and foremost I actually teach this in my classes I have a general preference class and survival class called emergency scenarios and this is one of the things that you have to get through your head when you’re making your preps remember these things I don’t care if you have to put them on a flashcard you should commit them to memory and every action that you take in an emergency scenario should be centered around these things if you’ve got a small group of people and you’re gonna go out scouting for resources you need to be thinking about security is it safe to leave the people that are with you you know a small group of them behind while some of you go out to scout is it safer to take the whole group with you probably not is the area that you’re leaving them insecure are you risking yourself unnecessarily by going out think these things through think of each one of these center points whenever you’re making a survival or a prepper plan and as long as you’ve done that and you remain fluid in your mind on how you provide them and in what level of importance and be be fluid enough to change your thinking according to the scenario you usually be much better off but I promise you if you keep these things in your head and you always look at them change the order like I said change the level of importance and how you provide them but no human circumstance exists on earth that any of these things changes you will always need these things you will always need to be able to provide medical care somebody may twist an ankle have a mechanical injury or cut whatever will always need to be able to provide medical care a fever a cold anything like that will put you down and out of the game a little bit of cold medicine will solve that a little bit of pre thought and planning learning edible plants so that when if you’re a survivalist and you’re out in the woods learn the edible plants learn medicinal plants keep a book with you if you can’t remember them all so that you can provide medical some of those same plants will help you provide hygiene because without hygiene you’re going to get sick if you crap too close to your camp and don’t cover it up you’re gonna attract flies those flies are gonna crawl on your food they’re gonna make you sick if you don’t take a bath if you don’t smoke bathe if you don’t you know clean yourself and water brush your teeth regularly you’re going to get sick you’re gonna get an abscess and the abscess will kill you you know if left untreated long term so you’re thinking about the hygiene your shelter you know I see lots of people no thought in it you know I’ll shelter in the house I you know I’ll build a shelter when I get out there but they never practice building a shelter they never throw up a basha or bivy shelter they don’t own a tent but they say they’ll get one when they need one well that’s that’s not prepping at all the greatest prep that you can have is a prepared mind that is the greatest survival tool and prep that any human being can have the thing that caused us to climb to the top of the food chain is what’s lake they’ve located right here between our ears the knowledge that you put into your head is the thing that will save you more often than not as a matter of fact the more you put into your brain will save me more often than a gun the more you know the better off you are and the less things you need but the more you know the better off you are and more able you are to provide these things because like I said they never change you always need them you have to have them so commit those things to memory and base all your preps and everything off of them and you’ve got a lot better chances again a Mike school of self-reliance you like what we do watch our videos like us on Facebook share our videos thanks for watching


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