Planning for Survival & Prepping Part 3

hi i'm mike with school of self-reliance this is a continuation of our survival and prepping series this one's kind of a short one what I want to talk to you about today is just something I call the rule of four and the rule of seven now there's a lot of people who have written books and stuff on this very subject and the rule of four and i'm going to read it to you the way it appears in my survival manual in an emergency when the lights are out when there is no food in almost no clean water when there is no cop on the corner when there is no 911 when there is no information about what is going on when there is no light at the end of the tunnel in four days your neighbors become dangerous people I want to talk to you about that I want you to think this through if you're prepping and planning and you're a survivalist or what have you and you you have the ability to provide for your kids that's great but I want you to think it through your neighbor doesn't even though he's a nice guy that you you know you talked to him you have a beer with him in the evening put yourself in his shoes if he has no clean water the only water for his crying baby to drink you know a child that hasn't had a simple water in two or three days the only water in his house it is the the contaminated water in the toilet that they've been urinating in if you were in that situation what would you do to get clean water for your child if your child hadn't eaten for a couple of days what would you do to get food for that baby your neighbors are no different than you so whatever horrible answer you just came up with apply it to your neighbors your neighbors are generally nice people but in their homes they only have about three days worth of food at most that's the average for most Americans so think it through they've only got three days worth of food over there when that food runs out the morning of the fourth day they're getting up hungry they're dirty they haven't taken baths they're uncomfortable what kind of people are they going to be on day 4 by the end a day for going to be very different than the friendly neighbors that you're nor your normally used to seeing and having a beer with or cutting the grass next door to you you know they're not going to be the same people the rule of 7 is another rule that's been well written about and it goes along with the rule of four and i'm going to read it to you the way it's written in my survival manual that we teach in classes rule of seven by day seven in an emergency with all the conditions of rule for having been met your neighbors become killers i don't mean that you for mystically i don't mean it that way at all your neighbors literally become killers because by day seven they're out of food they're out of clean water they don't have any light at the end of the tunnel they don't know when this is going to end but they are hungry their children are hungry they're thirsty they need things they've needed them for days most people will do a lot when their stomach starts to argue with them they'll do a lot more when it's the stomach of their child they're there you know their child's empty stomach arguing with them and the safety of their kid what if that kid is sick you know by now maybe that child needs medical care maybe you have antibiotics that they need by day seven your neighbors have either already made the decision to kill to get what they need or they have already done some don't deceive yourself with this it's absolutely true and you'll disregard this at your own peril I am as serious as a heart attack on this subject rural form you know bye-bye day for your neighbors become dangerous by day 7 they become killers either they've already done it or they plan to do it and if you're their neighbor and they know you have stuff you probably plan on doing it to you so remember some operational security in your planning keep your prep secret people don't need to know what you're putting back people don't need to know that you have things they don't need to know that that you have firearms food medical supplies they don't need to know you need to know the people that are in your circle need to know your neighbors don't the other people in town don't need to know you keep that secret and it'll keep you safe practice a lot of operational security on your planning your prepping and any of your survival stuff when you're moving through areas in a survival situation don't broadcast what you have d gray man when you're in the woods you'd be invisible you you don't let people see you don't show people that you meet along the way the things you have in your pack you know i'm not saying to be aggressive to them i'm not saying that saying avoid them you know when you deal with other people look just shovel don't don't look like you have things that they want and if you do store if you do have to then show a strong posture that makes them not want to try to take from you that it's less be more trouble than what it's worth but that's a word on operational security and on the rule of four and seven don't forget those rules again i'm mike from the school of self-reliance if you like what we do like us on facebook watch our video share our videos thanks for watching

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