Poor Quality Crimping on Power Bright 1/0 Cables

hey everybody so I ordered a power bright 20 300 watt power inverter off of Amazon the reviews are really good on it and when I ordered it I went ahead and ordered the power bright one off cables to go with it they're the six of the long ones and some of the reviews said that there was a problem with the crimping and while I just had it sitting on the couch I ran over to Home Depot and when I got back I don't know if the kids had bumped it or something I don't actually think they touched it at all but um just from being moved around onto the couch one of the cables was free from the ring terminal so this is the last one the other ones you can see here then of these cables the quality controls pretty bad they're not even cut to the same length I'm significantly longer than mother and if you look carefully I don't know how much you can see on the camera but let's see get it in frame there a whole bunch of these strands of wire cut so you spend all this money these are almost $50 for these cables and then a lot of the strands are cut so I'm going to show you on this last one right here how weak these connections are so watch this one Matt come on so I know it's a little bit of bisa the other ones came off much easier of course there you go that shouldn't happen and if you solder them on there you won't have that other ones as soon as you pulled it they just slid right off like I said the one was just sitting there so I'll be making a video showing you how to put new ring terminals on and how to properly solder them and crimp them so anyway just want to show you guys that something that watch out for thanks for watching

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